Questions We Have About Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules
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Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules will premiere on Bravo in January 2024. Fans have been waiting with bated breath for the new season, which will follow the cast as they recover from the aftermath of Scandoval. Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix returned to the show after the scandal, but Rachel Leviss decided to clock out at SUR and take a break from reality television.

We have so many questions about Season 11. The internet has been flooded with news about the VPR cast in the months following Season 10, and we’re hoping to get some answers in the new season. Here’s everything we want to know about the upcoming season.

Will Sandoval Be Redeemed?

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Sandoval was considered public enemy number one after news of his affair with Rachel broke in March 2023, but according to a few VPR cast members, the cover band star might get a redemption arc in Season 11. We can’t help but wonder if Season 11 will change fans’ minds about Sandoval.

In November, Ariana responded to an Instagram comment that read, “Mark my words, everyone’s gonna hate Ariana this season, and develop a soft spot for Tom.” Ariana replied, “Certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the audience swings that way.”

At BravoCon, Lala Kent predicted fans would feel “torn” about their feelings for Sandoval after watching the upcoming season. “I can’t give you too much…I think it’s going to be interesting,” she said at a BravoCon event on November 4. “Y’all are going to be torn. Yes, I told you all to go insane on Tom Sandoval, and now I’m telling you to kind of disengage.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if fans soften towards Sandoval. The teaser trailer looked brutal and we couldn’t help but feel some sympathy for the fallen Bravo star.

In the trailer, James Kennedy is seen drawing a literal line in the sand to separate Sandoval from the rest of the group. “Don’t go over the line,” James shouted as Sandoval stood isolated from the group.

We also saw Lisa Vanderpump express empathy for Sandoval’s situation in the trailer. “He lost his best friend, his business is up the creek, everything has gone wrong in his life,” she said.

It’s true that the affair ruined many aspects of Sandoval’s life. Fans left one star reviews on his businesses, he lost friends and supporters, and had to deal with never ending negative press. In addition, his only ally, Rachel, left the show. Actions have consequences, of course, but maybe the new season will make us look at Sandoval in a whole new way.

Will Ariana Become the Villain?

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Ariana was the people’s princess this year. She was everywhere and everyone seemed to love her. There was no question about whether she “won” the breakup.

The proof was in the pudding. From brand deals to killing it on Dancing With the Stars, it seemed like Ariana’s reign would never end. While we would love for Ariana to stay a hero, the teaser trailer has us worried. How will Vanderpump Rules Season 11 impact Ariana’s reputation? We think the audience may turn on her.

How Did Schwartz & Sandoval Reconnect?

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Tom Schwartz stuck by his friend’s side at the Season 10 reunion but after the reunion aired, Schwartz revealed he was distancing himself from Sandoval.

Schwartz made an appearance on the June 7 episode of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s podcast, When Reality Hits, where he opened up about the affair and his relationship with Sandoval.

“That was the last thing I said to him, before we left the reunion. I said, ‘Dude, after all the sh*t you put me through and everyone else around you through,’ I was like, ‘You better f*cking marry this girl,'” he told Jax and Brittany. “He made a big mess,” Schwartz continued. “And then, you know, he left it for us to clean up back at the businesses. And it’s hard for me not to be resentful of him.”

During the episode, Schwartz revealed he wasn’t talking to Sandoval at the moment. However, the two seem to be on better terms now. Schwartz recently made an appearance on Sandoval’s new podcast, Everybody Loves Tom. But according to Sandoval, the relationship is still a work in progress.

“I feel like it’s definitely gotten better,” he said during an interview at BravoCon. “Obviously, we went through tough times because of me, and he dealt with a lot of residual negativity, and I really appreciate [him] sticking by.”

We’re wondering how the two repaired their friendship. How did they go from completely not speaking to recording a podcast episode together? We need all the details on Season 11.

Will They Talk About Rachel?

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Rachel caused alllll kinds of drama and then dipped to be one with nature, according to her Instagram. Honestly, good for her. While the beauty queen will be missing from Season 11, we imagine her name will still be a topic of conversation. We’re wondering how much the cast will talk about her now that she is no longer on the show.