Tom Sandoval’s Biggest Diva Moments

Tom Sandoval
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Tom Sandoval loves the spotlight. The cover band star enjoys putting on a performance both onstage and in his personal life. From his fixation on his appearance to his many blowups on Vanderpump Rules, he’s had no shortage of diva situations.

Let’s take a look back at some of Sandoval’s best drama queen moments.

When He Shaved His Forehead

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In the pilot of VPR, fans got an inside look at Sandoval’s extensive beauty routine, which included shaving his forehead, flat ironing his hair, and applying some seriously heavy-duty hairspray.

His then-girlfriend, Kristen Doute, joked about her boyfriend’s vanity, sharing that he takes way longer to get ready than she does. Lol.

His ‘Battered Wife’ Speech

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In Season 5 of VPR, Sandoval took on the role of Tom Schwartz’s lawyer after Kristen brought up a rumor that Schwartz slept with a girl in Vegas. Sandoval became defensive of his friend and started throwing jabs at Katie Maloney, suggesting she was emotionally abusive.

At one point, Sandoval yelled that Schwartz was a “battered wife.” The whole thing was so dramatic. Sandoval inserted himself right in the middle of drama that honestly, did not concern him at all.

His TomTom Grand Entrance

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In Season 7, Sandoval and Schwartz invited their friends to celebrate the opening of TomTom. Naturally, Sandoval went all out for the event. He spent $18,000 on a motorcycle with a sidecar so he and Schwartz could ride up to the bar in style. He also bought custom TomTom helmets. It was cute but sooo over-the-top.

Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix, summed up his opening night splurge perfectly, telling producers, “I love Tom’s enthusiasm about stuff but it’s really hard for me to understand the excitement about buying a motorcycle sidecar that’s nicer than our apartment.”

Stassi’s Book Party From Hell

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In Season 8, Sandoval went full drama queen mode during Stassi Schroeder’s book party at TomTom. He was upset Stassi only cleared the event with Schwartz and Lisa Vanderpump, so he decided to blow up her phone the night before her big event.

“Hey, so I found out TODAY about [your] book party at TomTom [with] no word from you??” one of his late-night texts read. “Truth, we have no bartenders…I’m not bartending and neither is Schwartz…so idk what is actually going to happen.”

In a separate text, he threatened to throw her and her guests out of the bar if she tried to blame him for the event not working out.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he showed up to the event and complained about Stassi, which led to a huge public fight.

It seemed like Sandoval was just jealous of Stassi’s success, which was not a good look.

All of His Sandoval & The Most Extras Performances

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This one is pretty self-explanatory. Need we say more? Clips of Sandoval’s cover band flooded our TikTok pages for months after Scandoval.

While it’s up for debate if his band is “good,” there is no question he is a diva on that stage. From performing shirtless to adding Schwartz and Rachel Leviss’ names into songs (yikes), he definitely brings the drama.

When He Showed Up 45 Minutes Late to Nick Viall’s Podcast

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If you haven’t listened to his episode on The Viall Files, you need to immediately. It is a character study into the mind of Tom Sandoval.

The 40-year-old showed up 45 minutes late to the podcast taping. And when he did arrive, he barely apologized and wore his sunglasses for the entire interview. It was definitely a top five diva moment for him. He also tried to justify his lateness by saying Nick Viall showed up an hour late to his podcast but Nick’s fiancé quickly found text receipts proving he was on time. Awkwardddd.

In addition to his lateness, he had an attitude the whole time and snapped at his Special Forces co-star multiple times. We can’t lie, it’s a pretty iconic interview.