Pump Rules Season 11 Is Katie Maloney’s Best Season to Date, Here’s Why

Katie Maloney
Photo by Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules is Katie Maloney’s season. Ariana Madix might be the people’s princess but in our eyes, Katie is the new Queen B. After years of being treated like an afterthought by her ex-husband, Tom Schwartz, she has stepped into her power and cut out the toxicity in her life. She’s in a new era and it looks great on her.

Here are all the reasons Season 11 is Katie’s best season to date:

She looks hotter than ever

Katie has that post-divorce glow going on this season. We seriously cannot get over how stunning she looks in each episode. The short haircut and her new emo-inspired wardrobe fit her perfectly. She’s inspired me to buy some chains and an oversized jean jacket.

It’s satisfying to see Kaite have a glow-up after her breakup with Schwartz. He never appreciated his hot-as-hell wife and we know it must be killing him to see her turn so many heads this season.

She’s standing up for herself

Long gone are the days of Katie allowing Schwartz to belittle her. Thank god. For years, viewers had to endure scenes of Schwartz telling Katie he doesn’t like the sound of her voice, he doesn’t find her attractive, and he doesn’t want to be with her. It was brutal.

Thankfully, Katie said “boy bye” and knows her worth now. Her ex’s words also don’t seem to hurt her the way they used to. She brushed it off when he tried to diss her look during Lala Kent’s water event because she knew she looked amazing. Schwartz could never rock a bikini t-shirt. He wishes!

She’s a businesswoman

The best part of being a longtime VPR fan is seeing how the cast evolved over the last decade. Katie has come a long way since waitressing at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant. She is now prioritizing her career after years of supporting Schwartz’s business endeavors. From opening a sandwich shop with Ariana to launching a podcast with her bestie Dayna Kathan, she has officially entered boss babe mode. I have no doubt she’ll be a killer businesswoman and I can’t wait to get my hands on a Greek salad sandwich when Something About Her opens.

Her loyalty is finally being rewarded

Katie is ride-or-die for her friends and she expects the same in return. In the past, some fans were put off by the expectations she sets in a relationship but now, they’ve changed their tune. Additionally, many viewers were disappointed seeing how fast Lala and Scheana Shay jumped from Team Ariana to Team Forgive Tom Sandoval. As a result, they’ve gained a new respect for Katie’s emphasis on loyalty. She’s proven to be a great friend to Ariana after Sandoval blew up her life last year. She’s stuck up for her whenever her castmates have tried to shift blame and has been a source of support for the Chicago star all season. I’ve always loved that Katie has an unshakable moral compass and it’s been great watching her tell-off Sandoval in Season 11.

She’s making us laugh

Katie hasn’t had as many iconic moments as some of her castmates but she’s catching up to them this season. She’s made me laugh a lot in Season 11. From dissing Schwartz’s sweater to rejecting a man for not knowing what penne pasta is, this might be her funniest season to date. It’s fun seeing Katie be a little less serious and have more fun. She deserves it.

She has less rage

Katie got a lot of heat for her rage texts in the early seasons of VPR. She loved to send an out-of-pocket text at 3 a.m., which was relatable, but ultimately, not a great look. While we’ll always love tequila Katie, we’re happy to see she’s adopted a chilled persona in Season 11. She seems unbothered by the drama. When her hookup with Max Boyens was exposed she was just like, “Okay, and?” That is icon behavior! We hope chill Katie is here to stay.