Most Surprising Moments From the Season 11 Vanderpump Rules After Show

Vanderpump Rules
Photo by Nicole Weingart/Bravo via Getty Images

The cast of Vanderpump Rules has been sharing behind-the-scenes tea with fans all season via the VPR After Show. The series provides the cast with a platform to explain the reasoning behind their actions this season. Now that the season has wrapped, let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the After Show.

Lala says Ariana is ‘not a great friend’ (Episode 15)

In the breakdown of the finale, Lala Kent weighed in on the “Who is a better friend to Scheana Shay?” debate. The 33-year-old suggested that Tom Sandoval was a better friend to Scheana than Ariana Madix

“Ariana [is] not a great friend,” she said. “If you’re looking for someone to ask you how you’re doing, make sure you’re breathing still, she’s not the one.”

Lala said Sandoval has shown up more for Scheana. 

“Sandoval, for many years, has made sure Scheana’s good,” she said. 

Katie calls Scheana a ‘male sympathizer’ (Episode 6)

Katie Maloney labeled Scheana a “male sympathizer” for giving grace to Sandoval in Episode 6. In the discussion about the episode, Katie criticized Scheana for not having more loyalty to Ariana, calling her behavior, “ridiculous.” 

“I understand that [she and Sandoval] were close at a certain point.. but also, you’ve been very, very close with Ariana,” she said. “If you’re having a hard time making a choice, [Sandoval] made it very easy on you because they’ve been an a*shole to you.” 

“She is a male sympathizer,” she continued. “When Tom and I were going through a divorce, suddenly, Tom Schwartz was one of her very, very good friends who really needed her support.” 

Brock reveals shocking information about Something About Her (Episode 14)

During the Episode 14 breakdown, Brock Davies revealed a surprising bit of information about Katie and Ariana’s sandwich shop Something About Her. He shared that he looked up the trademark for the business and discovered that it was owned by Chef Penny Davidi’s husband. 

“The trademark is owned by her husband, ladies and gentlemen, which means the sandwich brand is owned by Penny and her husband, who is an attorney, a litigator, and I know for a fact that they’re having issues trying to get a contract with this woman,” he told fans.

Ariana and Katie have not responded to Brock’s claim. However, Katie did reveal that she and Ariana had parted ways with Chef Penny during an appearance on the Popping Off podcast.

“We’re not working with Penny any longer,” she shared. “We loved working with Penny, and Penny was great…But ultimately it wasn’t the right fit.” 

Lala says ‘no one ever spoke’ about Ariana before Scandoval (Episode 15)

In Episode 15 After Show, Lala throws some shade at Ariana, suggesting she was a nobody before Scandoval

“I’ve never seen someone go from the entire world being indifferent to this person…It was like no one ever spoke about her and now, what she says, f*cking goes,” she said. Damn. Shots fired. 

She also claimed Ariana did not pull her weight in Season 11.

“She coasts through every single f*cking season,” she said. “We’re asking you to have one conversation with Tom Sandoval…And you can’t do that? Every single person on this show has the tough conversations.”

Ariana says Sandoval never reached out to her off-camera (Episode 15)

In the final After Show of the season, Ariana spoke about her decision to walk away from the conversation with Sandoval. She explained that she saw her ex’s move as calculated because he never tried to reconcile with her off-camera.

“He could have written a letter and left it on the counter. He clearly knows how to email me,” she said. “There are so many different ways to try and say something that is so important to be said…For him, it needed to be said on camera because it needed to be in the zeitgeist or in the the collective conscious of the people watching the show. It actually had nothing to do with me.”

Sandoval thinks Ariana’s anger is ‘performative’ (Episode 1)

In the first After Show of the season, Sandoval called out his ex, calling her anger about the situation “performative.”

“I feel like [Ariana] really went out of her way to try and dehumanize me. It feels more performative than anything because at the end of the day, if she thinks I’m this serial killer, why is she ok living with me?”