Why Longer Wait Times at Something About Her Is Normal After Recent Opening

Katie Maloney And Ariana Madix Celebrate The Opening Of Their New Sandwich Shop "Something About Her"
Photo Credit: Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

So even though it feels like we have been waiting a long time for Something About Her, the famed sandwich shop is now open. Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix are not the first Bravo stars to open up their own off-shoot business. Plenty have gone before her. Like the Toms and their bars, Lala Kent and Give Them Lala Beauty, and Craig Conover’s Sewing Down South. 

But there is something about (pun intended) wanting to see Ariana and Katie succeed after a few hellish years on Vanderpump Rules. The store front in WeHo opened on May 22 not a moment too soon. Fans were starting to lose faith, but the ladies were more than ready to let their meat speak for itself. So, waiting a few extra moments isn’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

Meet all the Bravolebs

Waiting around for food is no big deal in Los Angeles. I mean, people will wait for three hours in traffic to get from Burbank to LAX if it means they don’t have to carpool. So when a new eatery opens, wait times are pretty standard. The plus side of waiting in front of Something About Her is the fact that you will most likely spot a Bravoleb or two. For the opening weekend, the ladies hosted Andy Cohen, Stassi Schroder, and Lindsay Hubbard. So, odds are good that the sandwich shop will be a hot spot for any out-of-town Bravo personality who needs a quick bite to eat.  

Support small business 

Ariana and Katie might be big-time reality TV stars, but they are still first-time business owners, especially when it comes to owning their brick-and-mortar. Not only is it a small business, but it is an establishment that is women-owned. There is a lot going on in the country when it comes to women’s rights. So it is great to see two women thriving and making their own rules (unless it’s dealing with the WeHo permit department.) Being a small business owner means that Ariana and Katie are completely responsible for owning, managing, and operating their shop. 

Waiting in line helps Ariana and Katie get back at VPR cast

Ariana and Katie were not treated well this entire season. Not only were their feelings disregarded by most of the cast, but they were also, at times, gaslit. Nothing would shut the Vanderpump Rules cast up like seeing business soar. Even though the girls didn’t want Lisa Vanderpump to invest, it still surprised me when the SUR owner noted on Watch What Happens Live that she wouldn’t put money into someone who worked for her again. Especially because the Toms had such issues with gaslighting the women in their lives, it didn’t seem fair. I’ll wait in any length of line if it ensures the rest of the cast eats crow. 

Loverboy meet Lovergirl

Waiting in line is also worth it to me because Loverboy recently shared that their drinks will be served in Something About Her. So, not only can I get The Dianne (SAH speech for tuna sandwich), but I can also get a hard tea. Okay, I’m not sure how to politely put this. But making sure fans wait the four hours is crucial to their success.

Honestly, waiting more than half an hour for food seems unreasonable but I do love a sandwich. There were complaints that hungry patrons were waiting and waiting with little communication. And while this sucks, it is pretty normal to have opening kinks on the first day. However, Ariana and Katie did make sure to come out and take selfies with as many fans as they could. In hopes of easing the pain. So, will I be waiting in line for the foreseeable future to get my hands on a $15 sandwich with a pickle spear? You bet your bottom dollar I will be. See you there.

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