Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Reunion: Most Surprising Moments

Vanderpump Rules-Season 11
Photo Credit: Griffin Nagel/Bravo via Getty Images

Part II of the Season 11 Vanderpump Rules reunion aired on Bravo on Tuesday, May 21. The one-hour special got intense as the cast members aired out their grievances with their longtime castmates. Lala Kent questioned Ariana Madix’s boundaries, Jo Wenberg opened up about her relationship with Tom Schwartz, and Ally Lewber dissed the group’s romantic history. 

Here are the most surprising moments from the Season 11 Vanderpump Rules reunion:

Sandoval calls Rachel ‘a coward’ – Part I

During Part I of the reunion, Tom Sandoval shared how he felt about his former affair buddy Rachel Leviss not returning to the show. 

“Looking back, I think she’s a f*cking coward,” he said. “Preaching to everybody that she’s moving on but still talking relentlessly about me and everybody is just f*cking ridiculous.”

He also shared his thoughts on Rachel shifting the blame onto him. She has stated on her podcast that she felt “love-bombed” and “manipulated” by Sandoval.

“We both did this,” he said. “We both chose to do it. We’re both responsible.” 

Sandoval stands up for Ariana – Part I

In Part I, host Andy Cohen asked Ariana and Sandoval about their ongoing lawsuit with Rachel. In February, Rachel filed a lawsuit against her former friends. According to NBC News, she accused Ariana of distributing revenge porn. Ariana has maintained that she never distributed the video of Rachel she found on Sandoval’s phone back in March 2023. 

Sandoval responded to the suit at the reunion and in a surprising twist of events, he defended his ex-girlfriend, Ariana. 

“It’s one thing for her to come after me but to come after Ariana, I’m questioning if she has a f*cking soul,” he said. 

Ariana didn’t watch the season – Part I

Towards the end of Part I, Ariana confessed that she hadn’t watched Season 11. The reveal came as a shock to both fans and her castmates. The Chicago star said she didn’t want to get “dragged back” to the headspace she was in after news of the affair broke. I can respect that but she is missing some vital information.

Lala says Katie was not ‘authentic’ this season – Part I

Lala and Katie were thick as thieves in Season 10 but by Season 11, their friendship was showing some cracks. At the reunion, Lala shared that Katie had sent her a text calling her “a clown” for becoming closer to Scheana. In addition to the fiery DM, she claimed Katie was not honest about her issues with Ariana this season, suggesting she was more willing to be critical of her business partner off-camera. 

Brock disses Schwartz – Part II

In Part II of the reunion, Brock Davies threw a jab at Schwartz that had fans’ jaws on the floor. The Australian native accused Schwartz of diminishing Katie’s self-confidence throughout their relationship. Scheana agreed with her man’s take, stating, “You were a sh*tty husband.” The call-out seemed to take Schwartz by surprise. He dismissed the claim, telling Brock and Scheana, “No, I was not.” Yikes.

Scheana says Sandoval hit on her – Part II

It turns out, Schwartz isn’t the only Tom who has made a move on Scheana. At the reunion, Scheana revealed that Sandoval made a pass at her during a trip to New York in the early years of VPR. She said he commented how he and his then-girlfriend Kristen Doute were rarely intimate while they were in a hotel room together. Sandoval denied that the comment was meant in a flirtatious way.

Ally moved out for a few days – Part II

At the end of the May 21 episode, Ally shared that she and James Kennedy took a few days apart due to his drinking. The 28-year-old said she spent two nights at a friend’s house and admitted she doesn’t like who James is when he’s drinking. She even went as far as to say she would leave him if he started drinking again. Despite the hiccup, the couple is still growing strong. Ally said she would say yes to an engagement if James proposed.

The cast watched the finale together – Part III

In Part III of the reunion, Andy dropped a bomb on the cast when he revealed they would be watching the last few minutes of the reunion together. It was brutal. Ariana watched Sandoval, Lala, and Scheana complain about her boundaries behind her back for three minutes straight. Ariana got emotional and admitted her castmates’ comments really hurt her.

Sandoval and Ariana face-off – Part III

Ariana stayed cleared of Sandoval all season but at the reunion, there was nowhere to hide. In Part III, Ariana got emotional after Sandoval urged her to have a conversation with him. It was heartbreaking watching Ariana get emotional over her ex and the pain he caused her. She told her ex, “I just want you away from me,” as she fought back tears.