How Katie Maloney Is a True Ride or Die Friend

Katie Maloney
Photo Credit: Rich Polk/Bravo via Getty Images

Vanderpump Rules viewers seem torn about Katie Maloney. Throughout Season 11, I’ve noticed followers call out Katie for being Ariana Madix’s sidekick. To some, the Something About Her owner couldn’t win and was seen as the angry divorcee. However, I argue that Katie is the friend that literally everyone in the series could benefit from. A true friend never sugarcoats the issues and doesn’t insult, get jealous, or try to gaslight you. This is how Katie presents herself, and I don’t think she should change anytime soon. 

Katie is real

For years, Vanderpump Rules viewers have only really seen a shadow of who Katie was. She was too busy defending herself against Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval most of the time to get a word in edgewise. But Season 11 was able to showcase Katie’s ability to call out a bullshitter when she saw one. And while that brazen attitude may have come off as mean, she was, in fact, being authentic.

A prime example of this was during Part 3 of the reunion when Lala Kent seemingly kept coming for her. The mother of one did her best to try to catch Katie out in a lie, but she couldn’t. After the third attempt, Katie shut her down by raising her voice to match Lala’s volume. You can say a lot about Katie, but few stand up to Lala’s bark.

Katie respects boundaries

 I feel like I need to break this down in a non-reality TV way. Think of your amazing friend group. Your best friend is dating one of the guys, and everyone comes to find out that he had a secret affair for months. The rest of your friends rally around the girl, with some even riding her coattails. I mean, Scheana Shay and Lala, we remember that Uber Eats commercial. But the moment your best friend asks everyone else not to include the cheater in her life, the alliance shifts. Suddenly, these simple boundaries are too much.

That isn’t a friend to me. But somehow, while Schwartz, Scheana, Lala, and Lisa Vanderpump all fail to respect Ariana, Katie passes with shining colors. Katie made sure to stick up for Ariana multiple times, even in the face of adversity. So whatever villain edit people were trying to give Katie, it isn’t working. She is the damn hero. 

Katie is tolerable

In a Vanderpump Rules season full of a “pick me” energy cast, there was something to be said for how Katie just didn’t beat around the bush. She picked her side, and she firmly planted her feet in the grass, never wavering. When you’re true and authentic, it will make others insecure. We saw this play out as Sandy tried to state that he didn’t actually hate Katie. Instead, he stumbled over his words and gaslit her again, arguing that he didn’t ever really talk that badly about her to Schwartzy. 

Instead of being kind and understanding (like most girls are taught to do from a young age), Katie told Tom to “choke.” She wasn’t about to play into his crooked narrative or delusion. He was a bad friend to her, and she made it perfectly clear that she didn’t have to accept that treatment. 

The queen never bows

Katie is the queen of Vanderpump Rules, and she isn’t about to hand over her crown anytime soon. I will admit Katie is more like the Queen of Hearts than a humble servant. I like her attitude of cutting heads off now and asking questions later. While this approach doesn’t always win her points amongst the group, she is very much staying true to herself. Her idea of protection also encompasses her close friends. It was rare to see Katie on her high horse. 

The OG star can listen to what others have to say but not be swayed from what is right. I love her ability to be truthful, even if it hurts. In my opinion, Katie is a damn delight. I would ride for her at dawn anytime. Now, if only more of her cast members could take a page out of her book. But that is a horse of another color.