Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14, Episode 9 Recap: A Wedding and a War

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14, Episode 9 recap
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Welcome back to the city that knows how to hold a grudge like a champ, unless someone’s swayed to change alliances, because the taking down of Margaret is hard, people! That said, this week on Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14, Episode 9, “Behind Frenemy Lines,” Jennifer and Danielle share some conflicting narratives over their physical altercation. Don’t they know the cameras were rolling? Meanwhile, Danielle’s Boujie Kidz relaunch party brings in even more drama, which shocked me zero. Catch what I mean now via this RHONJ Season 14, Episode 9 recap.

Love is love, and hate is hate

Teresa and Luis have a lot to clean up, since their Tulum party wrecked havoc in New Jersey. As for the physical altercation between Tre’s two friends though, Tre remembers very little.

Across town, Margaret’s anxiety is ramping up. Joe B’s numbers have shot up, so tests for prostrate cancer are underway. He won’t let her “fondle away” her concerns on him though. Sads.

Down another road, Danielle’s still ticked off at Jennifer. “She’s out to destroy,” Danielle notes, adding that she went into “complete self-defense mode” once Jennifer threw that first hit. Danielle thinks that overall, Jennifer “has no use for her” now, since Danielle’s refusing to play dirty anymore. So guess what Jennifer, you can’t come to Danielle’s party now.

As for Dolores, she is starting her new company with Paulie. She’s “emotionally drained,” but not enough to hide her curiosity, wondering if the uninvited guests have heard about the physical altercation yet. Right on cue, Rachel calls, saying that she knows, because the bloggers are talking. But Rachel cares little, because she’s volunteering with a juvenile arthritis group, mentoring children who might feel less-than, simply because of their joint troubles.

The rain then arrives in New Jersey, right in time for “Father Joe’s” turn at the pulpit. Melissa’s cousin is walking the aisle, and he asked for Joe to officiate. As this cousin came out to Joe, and his partner “doesn’t have a family,” Joe feels close to these two grooms.

He explains this in his confessional, saying “She [Teresa] won’t be at my kid’s weddings. My nieces will be getting married, and I’m not gonna be there.” Joe then praises Melissa’s clan for filling in this family-sized hole within his heart.

The wedding itself provides a gorgeous scene, and a great way to bring Pride Month to a close.

Jennifer’s side

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14, Episode 9
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Teresa and Jenn Fessler arrive at Jennifer’s mansion, starving. Jenn asks Jennifer how she’s doing, and Jennifer responds that Danielle “crushed her freakin’ drink on me, girl.” Unable to understand how this happened, Teresa asks Jennifer to “show her.” They stand, and Jennifer acts out how Danielle got into her face, explaining that this is why she simply pushed her away, because Danielle needed to back up.

Jennifer then explains the “red flags” between Danielle and her hairdresser, which Teresa understands. Yet, she hates that she’s now stuck in the middle between Danielle and Jennifer. Even still, Teresa is going to attend Danielle’s party, which saddens Jennifer. She “would never” befriend someone who had hit one of her friends.

Bad news

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14, Episode 9 recap
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Margaret calls Joe’s doctor for his test results. They are ordering an MRI, because “it was abnormal.” There’s a chance that it’s prostate cancer, but if so, it’s very early, so, in Joe’s words, “it’s not the end of the world.” It is to Margaret though, who weeps, overcome with anxiety.

Cancer and I have a longstanding hatred. Sending you hugs, Marge and Joe. This was a tough watch, but the pair have done some great work in raising awareness. Get your checks, men! The big C doesn’t discriminate.

A Boujie Kidz blow-up

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14, Episode 9 recap
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Finally, Danielle’s Boujie Kidz relaunch arrives. Cue Messy Fessy, telling Danielle about how Jennifer described their fight. Danielle disagrees, saying she wasn’t pushed, as instead, “she [Jennifer] yoked” her. And Danielle “couldn’t punch her,” because she “had a drink in” her hand.

Jenn then tries to bring peace to Teresa and Gia Giudice, explaining that John didn’t bring up Gia’s name to start a fight. Jenn then heads to the other side, retelling her costars about this latter conversation. Rachel exclaims “You’re obsessed with me,” and walks away.

In her confessional, Rachel explains that she has asked Jenn multiple times “to not get involved,” asking “what part of don’t defend my husband are you not understanding?” Margaret also tells Jenn that she’s “gotta stop campaigning for her [Rachel].” Likewise, a fully frustrated Melissa asks, “Why are you talking to a child about adult conversations?”

Jenn heads over to Dolores, who stands confused. Jenn was only trying to bring the peace, right? Margaret walks over to explain, reminding Jenn to not “talk about John Fuda and Gia in the same sentence.” Mad, Jenn strongly stresses that “they said it,” so don’t hate on her.

Melissa and Rachel are over it. Rachel thinks Jennifer is “up Teresa’s ass.” Jenn then hysterically mocks Rachel in her confessional.

To the window (from a wedding), to the wall (to this war). ‘Til the sweat drop down my balls everything (Sup, Florida). ‘Til all these b*tches crawl (back into their places of Namaste), I’ll be here, recapping this mess as it airs.

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