Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 9 Recap: Who Did Katie Hook Up With?

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 9 recap
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Welcome back to the Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 9 recap. Last time, Sandoval tried to apologize to Katie, and Ariana attended the same function as Sandoval. This week’s episode, titled “Kiss Kiss, Revenge Bang” features Schwartz dishing to Lala about a past hookup. Here’s everything that you need to know about Pump Rules, Season 11, Episode 9!

Sandoval wants the house

Billie Lee visited Sandoval as Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 9 got underway. She is bringing her friend, Tii, to Hotel Ziggy to see James DJ. Tii and Sandoval met at his pool party.

Sandoval jokingly called Ariana his “roommate.” Billie pointed out that living with your ex-girlfriend is worse than bunking with your mother. Ouch!

In his confessional, Sandoval explained that a couple of months ago, his attorneys sent a letter of intent to Ariana. Sandoval wanted to buy her out of the house, and “for top market value.” He was surprised that he hadn’t heard back from her.

Meanwhile, Ariana was in her room. She called Ann Maddox, Sandoval’s then-assistant because she wanted to find her own assistant.

Much to Ariana’s surprise, Ann would like to be considered for the job. “Ann is just so sweet and she deserves so much more than putting up with my ex-boyfriend,” Ariana said. She questioned whether she was the answer to Ann’s prayers, but she hoped that someone would rescue her.

Kiss and tell

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 9
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Lala and Schwartz met up at a juice bar. Lala informed Schwartz that when she feels “awkward” she talks about her vagina, and Schwartz’s face lit up. Just like a kid at Christmas!

Schwartz pointed out that everyone in this friend group has cheated. “I’ve cheated. I was a make-out slut. I made out with Scheana like 12 years ago in Vegas,” Schwartz said. “No one even knows that.”

The look of shock on Lala’s face was priceless. You could see Lala trying to put the timeline together. She asked when this happened. According to Schwartz, he and Katie were dating, “but it was a rocky moment.” That’s right, Schwartz was embracing this “summer of forgiveness” to help lessen Sandoval’s sins. That is … an interesting choice.

Lala was feeling like this was sus because she was besties with Scheana. So, why would Scheana never have mentioned playing tonsil hockey with Schwartz? Then, Schwartz added that he didn’t know if he ever told Katie.

So, when Katie came over to visit Lala, she told her about Schwartz and Scheana. In her confessional, Katie said what we are all thinking. “What the actual f*ck?” she said. “Are you kidding me?” Back in 2013, Schwartz admitted that he made out with one of Scheana’s friends in Vegas. But was it Scheana?

Katie asked if Lala talked to Scheana. Lala knew if she talked to Scheana first, then she would have time to “make this a pretty picture.” The ladies weren’t happy because the duo kept this secret under wraps for years.

Jo Wenberg says she’s been bullied

Brock and Scheana arrived at Hotel Ziggy right after Schwartz and Jo Wenberg. Then Sandoval and Kyle Chan rolled up. Ariana strolled in, looking hot in a skin-tight dress.

“Ariana looks great,” Sandoval observed from a safe distance. Then he told Brock that he wanted to talk to Ariana about the house. Meanwhile, Schwartz and Jo said hello to James at his turntables. James may have been happy to see Jo, but Scheana wasn’t.

“Right now, I really don’t have a reason to like Jo,” Scheana said in her confessional. “She literally drove with [Rachel Leviss] to go meet the Toms in Big Bear and then left [Rachel] with Sandoval in Big Bear,” Scheana said. “Like, come on, b*tch. You knew.”

Scheana then became obsessed with Jo removing her hat. She wanted Jo’s braids to show. “I’m gonna bully you. Take the f*cking hat off!” Scheana exclaimed. In her confessional, Jo felt uncomfortable about Scheana’s actions. Jo said her hat was “comfortable.”

The fact that it was a TomTom hat didn’t help. “I’ve gotten a lot of hate from the girls. It’s a hundred percent bullying and … it’s not fun,” Jo said in her confessional. “It’s horrible.”

Tears are falling

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 9 recap
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Katie and Lala hit the club next. Sandoval trotted over to see Billie and Tii. Jo was with them. The rest of the Pump Rules ladies were shooting the group dirty looks.

This past year, the ladies made some upsetting allegations about Jo. Katie wrote on social media, “Jo is spooky. Her energy is on par with a crackhead.” Jo added in her confessional, “That is hurtful and harmful to anyone who has ADD.”

Jo knew that Lala, Scheana, Ariana, Ally, and Katie were talking about her. Ally tried to stand up for Jo, saying that she was coming with a peaceful energy. But Katie shot that notion down.

Ariana was the next to slam Jo as “a full-blown mean girl bully” who didn’t “give a flying f*ck about spending Thanksgiving with me in my home while knowing that our mutual friend was f*cking my boyfriend in my house.” Jo walked by and remarked that she felt uncomfortable, which gave Katie a win. Finally, Jo started to cry and wanted to leave.

Scheana comes clean

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 9
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Meanwhile, Lala and Katie filled Ariana in on Schwartz’s story about locking lips with Scheana. Ariana admitted that she made out with Scheana in Vegas. But Schwartz and Scheana were joking about it during the holidays, which rubbed the trio the wrong way.

Sandoval picked this moment to approach Ariana. He asked if she received the letter. She answered that her lawyer had it and looked away. Sandoval continued to ramble on while she ignored him. Ariana was channeling an iceberg.

Afterward, Scheana, who had been drinking, sat down for a chat with Katie. Katie told Scheana what Schwartz said about kissing her.

“What happened was, me and Ariana were there with my mom and my sister for her cheer competition in like f*cking high school. And Schwartz pulls me in the corner and kisses me,” Scheana explained. When Katie asked when this happened, Scheana said she was newly engaged to Mike Shay. So that dates this make-out sesh to 2013.

Still, Scheana denied it was a make-out. But she copped to making out with Ariana. Pretty soon I’m going to need charts and graphs to keep up with this group.

“I wanted to pretend like this never happened,” Scheana said. She never told a soul. Katie explained that she trusted Scheana, so why wouldn’t she ever tell her? But Scheana countered that she wanted the couple to work out. It blows Katie’s mind that her bridesmaid kept a secret like this from her. How can she continue to trust Scheana?

Sandoval was careless

Katie and Ariana went to Something About Her, where Penny, their chef consultant, was prepping. While permits are holding up the shop’s opening, they have forged ahead with their sandwich menu.

The group, minus Sandoval, arrived for a tasting. Lala was bored since she already did this last summer. But when Schwartz advocated for a manly sandwich, James quipped, “We all know Tom likes a sloppy Jo, right?” Oof.

The gang then headed to SUR. Lala told Ariana that she was at her house and that she had a deep conversation with Sandoval. Ariana wasn’t buying it, and she had other problems on her mind.

“The reason I wasn’t at my house was because I was at the emergency vet because he was so insanely irresponsible with my dog, she had to have an endoscopy,” Ariana stated. She explained that Sandoval shut Mya in Ariana’s room with her take-out from the night before. She ate wooden skewers, and after all the testing, the bill was $6,000. Mya will be okay, but this wasn’t the first time he was careless with Ariana’s dogs.

In Sandoval’s version of events, he had to close some vents in the main bedroom because of an air conditioning problem. The door was somehow left open, and their dog, Mya, “ate some weird stuff.” Of course, Ariana was furious. But Sandoval believed it was an accident. I’m with Ariana, dude. Not cool, no matter how it happened.

Brock spills a secret

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 9 recap
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Brock has some news for Schwartz. Remember Max Boyens? He was the former manager at TomTom and Schwartz’s good friend. Well, Max and Katie apparently hooked up. Schwartz called it “a revenge bang.”

Then Sandoval and Tii stopped by after bowling. When Sandoval stepped away, Scheana and Ariana approached the bar. Brock introduced them, and Ariana asked Tii’s age. Upon hearing that she was 25, Ariana responded, “That makes sense.” Then Ariana advised Tii, “Don’t waste your time with a 41-year-old narcissist.”

Then Scheana dragged Brock for telling Schwartz about Katie and Max. Back at the table, Brock informed Katie that he told Schwartz.

Katie seemed confused, then said that Max came over and they hung out. But Scheana checked Max’s location the next morning, and he was still at Katie’s house. Everyone was floored that Katie would sleep with Schwartz’s best buddy. But did she, or didn’t she?

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