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Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright Vanderpump Rules

We will finally be put out of our misery tonight! We finally get to see Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright get married on Vanderpump Rules tonight! This whole season has been leading up to this wedding and it’s finally here. Praise Mamaw.

Of course, their wedding will have some drama. Kristen Doute and her non-boyfriend [Brian] Carter get into a heated exchange at the reception and most likely end up hooking up after anyway. Stassi Schroeder starts to wonder if she and Beau Clark will ever get engaged. Spoiler alert: they will.

Stassi Schroeder Says She “Doesn’t Have What It Takes” To Be On Real Housewives; Lala Kent Would “Love” To Be On Real Housewives In The Future

There are lots of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers holding out hope that Lisa Vanderpump will return to the series. In my opinion, she cannot return on her own. She needs to come back with some very loyal cast members by her side.

Aside from LVP’s fans and her husband Ken Todd, there is no one more loyal to her than the Vanderpump Rules crew, except for Kristen Doute. And you know what, they’re not as young as they used to be. Referring to them as the “Vanderpump Rules kids” isn’t gonna make sense sooner rather than later. Many of them are getting married and planning to start a family. They’re starting empires of their own. In other words, they’re building up the perfect resumés to become Real Housewives. This possibility is something that both Lala Kent and Stassi Schroeder discussed in recent interviews. Just imagine Lisa going toe to toe with Erika Jayne with Lala backing her up. It would make for some very interesting TV.

Vanderpump Rules Tom Sandoval

Vanderpump Rules fans and West Hollywood residents know that Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd own a bar called Tom Tom, which was named in honor of Vanderpump Rules cast members Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. The two Toms also own a small percentage of the bar.

Aside from Tom Tom, Schwartz and Sandoval recently announced their plans to open up another establishment, a “dive bar” in California. In December, Sandoval and his longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix, released their first book togetherFancy AF Cocktails, a book full of drink recipes (that you can purchase by clicking here) along with some personal stories thrown in. Recently, the reality star shared another business venture he hopes to take on.

Jax Taylor Goes On Twitter Rant Over Tom Sandoval & Wedding Pastor Controversy

Star of Vanderpump Rules and avoider of all things dramatic, Jax Taylor, had a moment. Viewers are currently enjoying Jax and Brittany Cartwright’s journey to their first divorce marital bliss. On the last episode, the main topic of conversation was the controversial social media posts Brittany and Jax’s chosen wedding officiant had written. Lisa Vanderpump was horrified and made it her duty to “inform” the happy couple their pastor was not exactly accepting of a homosexual lifestyle. And what would Pump Rules be without every other cast member talking about it as well?

While most disagree with the pastor’s negative statements towards the gay community, Brittany and Jax took a lot of heat for not replacing him sooner. Tom Sandoval was particularly vocal, as he has long been a supporter of LGBTQ rights. Recently, the general manager of Tom Tom and Sandoval’s buddy Max Boyens found himself in the hot seat for sketchy sentiments as well. Yet Tom’s reaction to Max’s past indiscretions were written off as “youthful mistakes”. Jax took to Twitter to share his frustrations, and he did not hold back.

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz Opening Another Bar

There is no Vanderpump Rules without the Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz friendship. Since the very beginning, these two have always just worked. When every other cast member on VPR was fighting, Tom and Tom were the friendship stability we all aspired to have and quite frankly, needed to ground the show. They reminded us that the cast actually are friends. At least that’s how I’ve always looked it at.

Now this season might not be the best display of Sandoval and Schwartz’s relationship but what friends don’t have some squabbles? Also, I blame Katie Maloney for that and well, everything else so there’s that. Don’t try and change my mind, ok?

Lisa Vanderpump Vanderpump Rules

First, Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd get sued by a disgruntled employee for allegedly failing to pay servers’ wages at their bars and restaurants. Now, there’s even more legal drama.

Their foundation Vanderpump Dogs has been hit with a lawsuit for sexual harassment and wrongful termination from a former employee.

Lisa Vanderpump & Ken Todd Fight Back After Claims They Refuse To Pay Employees In Class Action Lawsuit

When it rains it pours, right? Last weekend, a Ferrari crashed into Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd’s restaurant Pump in the middle of brunch. A couple days later, video footage surfaced of Ken admitting that he wants to maximize the publicity from the incident.

Now, the couple is being sued by a disgruntled employee who claims they refused to pay wages. And all of this is happening on the same week that Vanderpump Rules returned for Season 8. Damn.

Ken Todd

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured when a Ferrari crashed into Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd’s restaurant Pump on Sunday, January 5. On the bright side, it does bring some extra attention to their restaurant and the new Vanderpump Rules season that is about to start. I hate saying it, but it’s true. Anyway, moving on.

Whoever was driving the car ditched the scene, prompting plenty of memes accusing Lisa’s former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars of crashing into her restaurant for revenge. That’s not the only content making the rounds on social media though. Video has surfaced of Ken admitting that he wants to get publicity from the car crash. All publicity is good publicity, right?