The Most Compatible Vanderpump Rules Couples

(Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Over the years, the Vanderpump Rules cast often partnered off into various couplings. Not shockingly, most of these toxic relationships ended poorly. I mean, this series is stacked with attractive people, and, at least in the beginning, they were all working in the same drama-filled setting. Pair this with liquor, late nights spent filming, and unchecked hormones, and you’ll see why things pretty much always failed.

As far as longevity and monogamy goes, these Bravo stars have struggled. Let’s be honest; several of the personalities within this series lack self control. Many have even cheated on their partners with their own cast members, or even with their costars exes. This has caused fighting, jealousy, and broken friendships, all in the name of love ratings lust.

Despite these lowered love odds, a few genuine romances have been seen. Whether or not we’ve liked all of these pairings is a different story… Either way, these are the most compatible Vanderpump Rules couples, who have all managed to stay together, no matter what. For now.

Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark


Stassi Schroeder kissed several frogs before finding her true love. Following a string of crappy men, Jax included, Stassi’s former costars, Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney, finally introduced her to a man named Beau Clark. The two were a match. Beau proposed to Stassi during Season 8, which was when Stassi was fired from VPR, as racially insensitive comments and behaviors surfaced.

Stassi’s past actions sucked. There’s way to sugarcoat this, nor do we ever wish to do so. Even still, Beau stuck by her side. Currently, they, and their small two children, live in a gorgeous multilevel home in Los Angeles, and their online behaviors show that they are still very much in love.

Throughout their history, Beau’s support has been solid. We believe that this is one compatible Vanderpump Rules couple that will stay the course indefinitely.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright


Former VPR stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright didn’t seem like they would make it to the altar. Yet, every time Jax cheated or raged, Brittany chose to stay. “He has a good heart, and it sucks, whenever the whole world cannot really see that, because I see that,” Brittany explained on-air. Call her a doormat, or, just call her in love, but either way, Jax and Brittany have defied the odds, as they’ve been together since 2015.

In 2019, Jax and Brittany tied the knot in Brittany’s home state of Kentucky. Just two years later, the pair welcomed a little boy named Cruz to the world. Soon, Jax will be taking a break from this new dadding-so-hard, lawn mowing lifestyle, as he is set to reappear on Vanderpump Rules Season 11.

Since we haven’t seen him on this series in several years, it’ll be interesting to learn how he and Brittany are doing these days, while also checking to see if Jax has truly changed, or, if Brittany just feels too compatible with the fame him to walk away.

James Kennedy and Ally Lewber


James Kennedy and Ally Lewber are the newest couple on this list, but already, we see their compatibility. Ally has encouraged James to drink less, and she has stood by his side during several cast conflicts. She has a certain way to her, where she doesn’t threaten or push ultimatums. Instead, Ally takes a quieter route, rooting James on, while talking him out of his head as needed.

Many people have speculated that these two are moving too quickly, but James and Ally don’t care. They are compatible, and in VPR Season 11, we will hopefully see nothing coming in between their love. Famous last words? We hope not.

Scheana Shay and Brock Davies

Scheana Shay/YouTube

Just like Stassi, it took Scheana Shay several years to find her soulmate. While every guy that she’s either dated or married was “the one” for Scheana, we believe her when she says that her second husband, Brock Davies, is her perfect fit. The pair first met at a music festival in 2019. Just two months later, they went on a vacation to Australia and Bali together, where they declared their love for each other for the very first time.

Now happily married, Brock and Scheana have endured a lot of obstacles since their first meeting. Throughout their shared highs and lows, this couple has held on to each other, as they are both clearly devoted to their marriage. From loosing a child, to welcoming their little girl Summer to the world shortly after, and even in their facing of Brock’s public scrutiny received, they’ve stayed the course. We think that Scheana and Brock are endgame, as these two are definitely a very compatible VPR couple.

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd


Lisa Vanderpump is the matriarch of VPR. She’s also the queen of her marriage, and her home, with Ken Todd. These two have been married for over 40 years, and through everything, they’ve fully supported the other. Ken even helped Lisa back when she was starring over on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as his “Goodbye, Kyle,” line showed his allegiance to his wife, not her gossipy costar, Kyle Richards.

Likewise, on VPR, Ken also inserted himself into the Scandoval storyline. “I can’t believe that Tom Sandoval had Rachel Leviss over when Ariana Madix is away. And she stayed all night,” he said randomly, while Katie and a not-so-innocent Lisa stood in Lisa’s kitchen. A king supports his queen in her storylines for the long-haul, which is why the very compatible Lisa and Ken are currently our favorite couple on Vanderpump Rules.