Last night’s third segment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion began with Taylor, threw in some PamDana, and ended with Kyle and Kim rebuilding their relationship. It was nice to see some real positivity on the show after a season of nonsense and unpredictability. I, for one, hope Kim is able to move forward with peace and positivity.

Things began with Taylor opening up about her gut feeling that foul play may have been involved in Russell‘s death. Perhaps it was. Who knows what to believe at this point. I do know that Camille‘s face when Taylor was talking about this was priceless and amazing and I need a meme of that immediately.

Taylor regales the audience with tales of Russell surveying her in their home, claiming she found a tape recorder under the desk of her office when she was checking the printer. Is she sure the FBI didn’t install those to catch some griftin’ in action? Taylor also describes how Russell made her take a polygraph test to prove she was faithful to him. When she passed, he accused her of knowing how to cheat a polygraph. That, I believe is a very good possibility! Finally, a story of her’s I wholeheartedly believe!


Then, Taylor recounts the dramatic events of the night Russell nearly drowned her in a friend’s pool. Here’s the short version. Taylor and Russell were visiting a friend’s house. Russell pretended to leave early, but actually hid in the bushes, spying on her. As Taylor was leaving, with the friends walking her to the car, they offered to help her leave her abusive marriage by telling her pretty much what Camille did – they would help her find a place to live, etc.

Apparently at that point in time, Russell leaped from the bushes and began attacking everyone in sight – even the dog. Throwing it and several others in the pool, where he held Taylor‘s head under the water until she almost drown. He also punched her friend’s husband in the face, resulting in $10,000 in dental work. NO POLICE CHARGES were pressed because she asked her friends not to. Were the police called? Again, Camille‘s face.

Andy wonders about Taylor‘s accusations that Camille exaggerated her abuse claims. It was really the semantics of the matter that allegedly caused problems. Dislocated vs. broke vs. moved out of alignment. Camille’s face AGAIN! Seriously – a meme, someone, please a meme! Camille does not comment, but her expression says it all.

Brandi discusses her concern that many of Taylor‘s statements do not make sense and following the party in Malibu, Brandi has kept her distance from Taylor and the situation. She finds it creepy and disturbing that Taylor is making these claims when Russell has no voice. Camille seconds that she is creeped out. Taylor retaliates by biting Brandi’s head off, but says nothing to the almighty high priestess of Beverly Hills, one Ms. Camille Donatacci Grammer. All hail!

Andy, asking the tough questions tonight, then wonders why after all the atrocities Taylor was subjected to, she seemed to file for divorce only when she was banned from the Hawaii vay-cay? Taylor disputes that losing her friends had anything to do with her decision to leave Russell, despite what she told Dr. Sophy in a previous episode. Taylor filed for divorce after MRI results stated she needed two massive reconstructive surgeries on her eye – NOT because the other ladies did not want to associate with her. She feels remorse for dragging friends into situation and for placing her child in danger and is over what people think of her. Yeah-to-the-right!

And now it’s Grifter Jr., Dana‘s turn! She looks cute, actually, but is wearing F-you shoes. Everyone calls her out on her price dropping. Dana says her tackiness is due to being proud of herself for building her own life and for coming from a really dysfunctional upbringing. It was actually kind of a sad story, but when did she become a “guy”? Odd choice of words! Kyle does some aces impersonations of DAN-a. DAN-a was laughing, but I can tell it kinda hurt that guy’s feelings. Well, at least she can laugh at herself. ahem… Kyle!

Pam feels Brandi was haranguing Kim for going into the bathroom incessantly during Game Night and thinks Brandi wasn’t taking Kyle‘s concern for Kim into consideration. Brandi is flummoxed, advising Pam to watch the episode. Pam calls kissing ass, giving compliments and she would do it all over again! O-K, Missoua, MA (sp)!

The househusbands take the stage. Awww… Paul – I still love ya most of all. Ken defends his therapy comments by saying he can’t see himself sitting in a little room talking about his problems, but instead would rather sit in a room with a little dog letting Lisa tell him what to do! Brandi is apparently for realz hot for Ken.

An ‘Andy loves Mauricio‘ segment is replayed – featuring Mo-Mo’s naked butt!! Whoa! Are we sure this isn’t The Naked Detective? Juuust Kidding! Mauricio claims his relationship with Kim is still at odds, with no apology being issued by her. He is hopeful for a sit down when Kim is better to work things out.

And finally – Kim (and her clutch) takes the stage! Kim looks really nice. Kim admits sobriety has been a struggle for years and she has sought treatment three times. She explains she would drink, feel guilty and ashamed, and drink more to deal with those emotions.

Previous trips to rehab weren’t successful because Kim didn’t feel ready, however, her most recent treatment was the right place and she feels confident.

A family intervention took place the day after Thanksgiving and was prompted by Kim‘s daughter. Kim says her anxiety medication combined with alcohol made her feel “off” and she still suffers from high anxiety, for which she is still on medication for. She was prescribed the medication in treatment and tried to discontinue taking it, but realized she needed it. Kim has a slurry voice, but she is articulate despite her warbling.

Kim talks about her alcohol use throughout the season. At the beginning of the season she was sober and confident – making her level headed and charismatic with her castmates. Somewhere along the lines she lost that confidence and started drinking. She was unable to watch the show after learning of her behavior because it wasn’t her. Her lateness and disappearing acts were also a sign she was using.

On Game Night Kim denies mixing medication with alcohol, stating she was simply on medication. However, at many points throughout the season she was mixing the two. Is anyone else wondering about the omnipresent clutch? Why would you bring a purse to an interview?

Kim‘s behavior at Game Night was a result of just leaving a two-hour doctor appointment related to her anxiety and panic disorder when she accidentally took nighttime medication that caused her to be drowsy and disoriented. What about mean and obnoxious?

She confronts Brandi‘s accusations that she was using meth and she is still upset over the comment. Kim feels Brandi owes her a huge apology for accusing her of meth use publicly. Her daughters were very upset and embarrassed that was said and it hurt her entire family. Kim cannot forgive Brandi, but she does apologize for hiding her crutches and will be civil towards her. That seems a little ridiculous, Kim!

Andy wonders if Kim is willing to watch some clips from the SUR party, which she is hesitant to view. I think Andy should have refrained from showing her that footage without consulting her doctor and/or sober team. Kim is visibly uncomfortable watching the footage and seems truly appalled by her own behavior, finally asking Andy to turn it off. She says she feels bad for the girl in the video.

She is not together with Ken and has not seen him since leaving rehab. Apparently Kyle was right that he was the wrong man for her. And Kim is currently in a hotel and getting ready to move this weekend. Boy, Kim loves moving!

Kim is truly excited talking about her relationship with her children, describing it as “awesome!” Her children couldn’t bear to be around and witness where she was at when she was using. They basically stopped talking to her and visiting. Now that she is sober she is with her children almost constantly and is communication with them all the time.

When Kyle is brought up, Kim does not seem so thrilled. Haha! You and me both, Kim! Kyle says this sober Kim is the real Kim. Kyle believes the show helped their relationship by getting some of the passive aggressiveness out of the equation. Kim jokes that Kyle loves to have issues in the back of a limo, citing her meltdown and then Taylor‘s from this season. I say Kyle just loves the drama!

Kyle still feels bad for outing Kim as an alcoholic in the Season One finale. Kim is still hurt by the circumstances, feeling there was a different way to address the situation, however, she has moved past things and is now able to talk about it openly. Kim rightfully tells Andy she is not here to talk about her argument with Kyle, but instead to address her issues with substance abuse. Good for you, Kim!

Kyle is supportive of Kim opening up about her issues. I hope this is a new direction for them and a fresh start. Kyle says she felt stressed doing the show with Kim because she was nervous and also protective of Kim’s issues coming to light, citing Game Night as a prime example. Kim still thinks Kyle needs to mind hers.

Hawaii is brought up and Kyle is twitching. Kim was not sober during that time and her behavior was that of an alcoholic. I can definitely sympathize with Kyle’s frustration during that trip and her reactions. Kyle is still upset by Kim’s behavior and Kim is still defensive. Kyle feels by not traveling together Kim missed a big part of the trip and Kim apologizes for not being there.

These two are still on edge with each other. Kyle explains anyone who has a family member with substance abuse issues can sympathize with the pain the entire family goes through. Kim makes Kyle upset and then she lashes out, which then makes Kim even more upset.

Kim admits her drinking triggers Kyle and it is a vicious cycle of reactionary behavior and arguing. Kim would sometimes do things drunk that would make Kyle mad, but she wouldn’t remember doing them. Unfortunately, Kyle did remember and stayed angry, while Kim had no idea what took place. And that answers a lot of questions about situations viewers have seen on the show.

Kyle believes treatment will be successful for Kim because she chose to go to treatment this time. Kyle felt she was a different Kim the day she left for treatment; that was ready and positive about getting healthy. Kyle is letting go of her anger, knowing the real Kim is coming back. These two love each other so much and I so hope their relationship can become stronger.

Kim feels really good about her new life and she also feels a change going forward. Kim is ready to work really hard for her sobriety everyday because she wants this. Best of luck Kim, we are all pulling for you!

Next Week: DOOOOM… RHOBH Lost Footage airs on Thursday. You know, I’ll be watching! Only because it doesn’t conflict with Ben and Courtney’s impending break up.

Watch What Happens Live: The guests are Busy Phillips and David Arquette. What do they have in common? Why, Cougar Town, of course! Busy wonders about Kim clutching her clutch. Andy thinks it was a little bit of a safety blanky for Kim. What is David on? He is mumbling and incoherent.

Since Busy has a hidden talent of cake decorating, Andy debuts a WWHL Maurico‘s crack cake. Crack cake sounds wrong in soooo many ways! Andy shows a clip of David infiltrating a Westboro Baptist Church rally.

Busy is up first for Plead The Fifth, and pleads on who doesn’t deserve to win an Academy Award, but she does want to jump out of a cake for Matt Damon. Busy talks Katie Holmes, apparently their children are NOT in the same social circles and do not have play dates. She doesn’t believe Katie has changed much since becoming Mrs. Cruise.

David is up next for Plead The Fifth! He says Nancy Grace was the worst loser on DWTS! He pleads on answering what he doesn’t like about working with Courtney! The game is Guess Who-gar? Busy and David must guess some cougars! They win stuffed cougars with Mazel T-Shirts. Actually a pretty awesome prize! Sandrology is up next, which yuck. Skipping that nonsense. Sorry, babes!

The Poll Question: What Do You Think Of Mauricio‘s Crack? Hot or Not? 72% of you think it’s hot! What does David think? It’s a little bit Finding Bigfoot. Hehe. Kyle is soooo sending him hate mail!


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