Following the season seven finale of Real Housewives of New York tonight, Bethenny Frankel stopped by Watch What Happens Live to dish on some of this season’s drama.

A caller asked Bethenny who she sided with over Naked Man Drama in Turks and CaicosCarole Radziwill or Luann de Lesseps?

“I was sort of waffling on this,” shared Bethenny. “I do understand that Luann felt like, because of her behavior in St Barts, she was ambushed and that the girls were expecting to find something in the room and kinda wanted to catch her in something. I do think that is the case, but I don’t think any of it is a big deal. I do in that case agree, be cool. I don’t know that I agree with Carole that you shouldn’t bang random guys on vacation. Isn’t that where you should bang random guys?” Thoughts?


About Heather Thomson‘s reaction to the Naked Man Drama, Bethenny said, “It was very Scarlett O’Hara. It was very dramatic.”

Bethenny added, “I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. It wasn’t like they woke up and there was a naked guy in the bed. I didn’t think it was as big of a deal – just a little bit of a deal.”

Christina Hendricks chimed in to say that she enjoyed the “new” Luann.

Bethenny  said, “Luann used to paint herself into the Countess corner – all, be appropriate, but she doesn’t always act appropriately. Now she’s painting herself into the girl code corner – and she doesn’t live by the girl code. When you say you have class, you probably don’t. When you say you’re so cool… you gotta just not say things like that.”

In tonight’s required lame game, Bethenny offered “drive by therapy” to…

Luann de Lesseps – “When you say be cool, is that a menopausal thing? Are you going through the change? Is that why you suggest cool?”

Tamra Judge – “So you’ve now found Jesus, but how come you haven’t been able to find your right cup size?”

Kelly Bensimon – “When you told me that you were up here and I was down here, was that you projecting? And you really meant that I’m up here and you’re down here?”

Ramona Singer – “This whole toddler stage you’re going through… when are we ever going to get into the adult stage?”

Kenya Moore – “All these props – these fans, blow horns, and things like that – do you not get enough props?”

From behind the bar, Anthony Atamanuik commented on Heather Thomson talking about Bethenny behind her back, “Watching it back, I felt like some of the stuff she said about you in the beginning of the season was really hostile.”

Andy asked Bethenny if she was offended by her co-star’s comments. “I was,” she said. “I had a difficult time when they were all talking about my childhood and my past behind my back in that way. Ramona was like, ‘Bethenny doesn’t really have a lot of friends.’ I have a couple of very good best friends. I am not the type of person that surrounds myself with 15 different people that talk behind each other’s back. Like, I could murder someone like Ramona, and my friends would never tell anybody.”

Bethenny‘s least favorite moment from this season of RHONY?

“I was wound up – like, I always am, but I was really bitchy sometimes,” shared Bethenny. “I don’t know, I liked the whole thing. I had a different perspective this season. I do thank the women for embracing me and wanting me to come back. We can be hard on each other, and I like that the girls are tough. As hard as I am on Ramona, I really appreciate that she can take it. We dish it out but we can take it too. You have to be that type of person. I don’t really regret that much. I’m not a person who believes in regretting.”

When a caller asked Bethenny to spill the REAL tea on her relationship with Eric Stonestreet, she said, “Eric Stonestreet and I are friends. He’s an awesome guy. I don’t confirm or deny dating rumors and that’s what I’m saying. Eric’s awesome. He’s a great actor.”

Joking, she continued, “We’re sleeping together tonight. He’s at my apartment right now.”  

Poll: When it comes to Carole and Adam, should Luann let it go?

Yes – 83%

No – 17%

To promote the Real Housewives awards, Andy showed the latest masterpiece by Amy Phillips:


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