Vanderpump Rules - Season 3

Vanderpump Rules loves a to dismantle a good (OK, horrible, no good, very bad) relationship, and this season will finally give Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz the opportunity to let their love be called into question. Oh goody! But first Katie questions whether or not James Kennedy is with Kristen for the right reasons… is it TV he loves, or Kristen Doute?!

Katie is hoping Tom 2 will propose, but Tom 2 seems to have a different agenda! And lucky for them, they’re not escaping the rumor mill that is Kristen SUR! 

“There are some pretty scandalous rumors that begin to surface surrounding Tom and myself so that really sends us on a bit of a roller coaster,” Katie admits. “Our relationship was really, really tested this summer.”


Unfortunately, Katie isn’t thrilled that all the negativity has made the show the addictive pleasure that it is – and given the cast quite a platform. “We didn’t know how our explosive fights and everything would translate. But as sad as it is, people love to see people cheat and lie because it gives people a break from their reality and get lost in someone else’s,” she complains. 

Katie adds that all the relationships on the show will go through tumult this season, and friendships, as always, will really change throughout the season. For instance her relationship with Scheana Marie Almost Famous, never good, improves. “She and I definitely have ups and downs,” Katie recounts. 

Katie is also curious about Kristen’s new boyfriend James, and the peculiarity that is their relationship. (ahem… storyline! fake!). “When I first met him I thought he was a cool young kid and he talked about the show a lot,” Katie recalls.

“And I don’t want to say he went after Kristen for a particular reason but it seems a little weird,” Katie told “I don’t know how he deals with her being so obsessed with the [Tom Sandoval/Arianna Madix cheating] rumor.” 

Katie says she still works at SUR, but “very part time” and we might just see her throw some more drinks this season. She also says Lisa Vanderpump is a total inspiration to young women in terms of confidence and dealing with people. “She has such an amazing confidence. Like when she walks into a room she just commands it.”

“I don’t if you can learn that but I hope it can rub off on me. She is a real no bull shit person,” Katie says of Lisa. “She knows what she wants and is adamant and I respect that. She also just has great style. She’s a smart, smart woman.”

Hmmm… if everyone on Vanderpump Rules is quitting or very part-time, seems like next season they may need to get a different cast!

Tonight, however, is a new episode and with Tom 1 and Kristen suspended, she has plenty of time to stop by his apartment to cry about how he dumped her and that Ariana is no good for him. Meanwhile, James is very upset that he was fired and shows up unannounced to SUR to beg for his job back, only to be banished by our Peter

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[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]