Kyle Richards

Did you hear? Season five is the best season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ever ever ever ever according to Kyle Richards. She promises fabulous glamour and real life drama every chance she gets. Even though a lot of the drama surrounds Brandi Glanville – of course – and Brandi trashes Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump in the media every chance she gets, it’s still the best ever. 

Last week, Brandi said Kyle is a “horrible bitch” who is “obsessed with fame” and “fake, transparent, and desperate for popularity.”

Kyle opened up about Brandi‘s insults in a recent interview. “I honestly don’t listen to one thing she says anymore,” she insisted. “If she had said something like this a few years ago, I would have been upset, hurt, and so offended, but now I feel like I don’t pay attention to one thing that comes out of her mouth.” 


Kyle added, “She goes after everybody. She attacks everyone. I always knew that eventually everyone would have their turn with her, because that’s how she works. You can say a lot of things about me, but she said I didn’t care about my family? Give me a break. I think anyone who knows me knows that’s the farthest from the truth.” Brandi needs to take her own STFU advice where Kyle‘s family is concerned. To each their own, but Kyle seems like a great mother – which is something you know who should not even begin to judge – and wife to me. Now, the Richards sisters drama, that’s another story. 😉

Obviously something happened during filming that put an end to Brandi and Kyle‘s friendship. “I can’t say exactly what happened, but I was shocked,” Kyle told AllThingsRH. “Like I said, we were never close but we were trying to get to know each other and we were getting along. It was a lot more peaceful to be getting along with her than not. [laughs] We actually went to this event together and rode together in the car and everything was fine and all of the sudden she just kind of turned… something happened where she turned… and I was really shocked and she was very aggressive.”

In addition to the insults listed above, Brandi also said Kyle “changes friends depending on which way the wind blows” recently. I can’t disagree with Brandi there. Kyle is a flip flopper.

“That is exactly what she does,” said Kyle. “She’s done this with every single person. She’s tried to hurt Adrienne and her family, she tried to hurt Lisa, she tried to hurt me, she’s hurt my sister in the past with comments she has made, she talked rude about Adrienne, Camille, and Taylor on Watch What Happens Live. She’s literally done this to every single person in the cast except Yolanda and probably the only reason she won’t speak against Yolanda is because she wouldn’t have one person left. She’ll say anything about anyone and doesn’t care how it affects someone’s life. Brandi will say something and if I’m asked in an interview what my reaction is to what she said, she will go off again on me.”

Kyle concluded, “I know that anytime anyone dares to say something truthful about Brandi she will come after you even if it’s a lie. But I’m not scared of her anymore. I know she’s going to attack me.”


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

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