Vanderpump Rules - Season 3

Kristen Doute is unable to let go of her relationship to Tom Sandoval, no matter how many times he blocks her on twitter! Kristen says at the root of her frustration is that Tom 1 has changed and she doesn’t like the fakery that she sees. 

“It’s fair for me to say that he isn’t the same guy I knew before. The way he acts and his relationship with Ariana seem very contrived,” the Vanderpumop Rules star argues. “For someone who says I’m not worth a thought, she certainly spends a lot of time talking about me.” Uhhhh… seriously, Kristen?!


SIIIIIIGH… Kristen (hereby known as “Feralten”, from now on), of course Tom 1 has changed! He went from being in toxic relationship with someone who cheated, to one where he is happy. People change in life through their experiences – everyone but Feralten, of course, who instead treated her pathological immaturity with dating a 22-year-old. I.e. the only type of person who would put up with her stalking and obsessing over her ex-boyfriend and chronically crying over him.

Also, what I think is contrived is Kristen’s sudden bestie status with Scheana – she’s probably just trying to get information about Ariana and Tom

Kristen also defends herself for bringing up the taboo subject of Jax Taylor to Stassi Schroeder at the world’s most unfun party ever! “It was incredibly strange to have Stassi come over to our table. . .Sarcasm is my defense mechanism. We had all just had a discussion about Jax’s surgery and how I did not go and obviously knew that she wouldn’t either.” 

“I find it rich for Tom to defend Scheana being friends with me for the sole purpose of justifying the fact that he is still friends with Jax. Yet he constantly complains to Scheana about our friendship,” Kristen adds. “For Tom to joke with Jax about ‘banging another guy’s girlfriend’ is the most awkward moment of this entire episode.”  

Kristen also laments that Lisa Vanderpump clearly has her favorites at SUR and she, clearly, doesn’t make that list! “Lisa is inside Jax’s apartment alongside a good amount of her stolen inventory? I rest my case when it comes to favoritism at SUR. I just love Max though. He’s my favorite Vanderpump-Todd.”

It is interesting that Lisa fired James for stealing drinks, yet there in Jax’s apartment are enough candles to survive a week-long electrical storm! Maybe Lisa was trying to teach Baby Beamer Schemer a lesson? Or maybe the producers planted the stolen merch for a storyline? However, Kristen’s bitterness is giving credence to the rumor that you have definitely been FIRED! Although, yes, Jax is just as much unprofessional workplace drama as Kristen, but strangely he seems easier to get along with. 


[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]