Kandi Burruss On NeNe Leakes Reunion Meltdown, Her Spinoff, Undergoing IVF, And Kim Richards’ Arrest!

Kandi Burruss RHOA Season 7 Reunion

Tonight the THREE-Part Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion begins – meaning the drama between NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss will finally explode! Actually it seems like the entire reunion is NeNe-central (sorry NoNeensters!) because as Kandi explains, “She had a break-through.” 

“She was bringing up some things in her past that really struck a nerve with her. Like talking about things in her childhood.” says Kandi of NeNe’s sobbing meltdown. “It brought about a different emotion.”

Apparently NeNe’s meltdown was a bonding moment for the group as all the women comforted her. “It was better than last year’s [reunion]. There was no hair pulling, so I guess that was progress,” Kandi laughs. “But, how do you have all this arguing and then skip off?” 


Kandi also discussed her upcoming spinoff, Kandi’s Ski Trip which premieres May 17th. Serving as Executive Producers, Kandi and Todd Tucker together came up with the idea to finally unify their families by inviting them, along with Kandi’s team, on a luxury ski trip to literally break the ice.

“After Todd’s mother passed, everyone was like, ‘All this craziness has got to stop,'” admits Kandi to NBCNewYork. “We’re trying to mend some of the broken relationships and get things back on track. And we’re skiing – so it’s funny!” 

Kandi insists Todd and Mama Joyce are finally on solid ground – and he gets another, more sincere apology (but not without tons of drama preceding it). “During RHOA everything that happened between him and my mom … that was still kinda fresh and they hadn’t talked.” However when Sharon passed away (after filming wrapped) that was a serious wake-up call for Mama Joyce. “They have another conversation,” Kandi tells “She gave him a more heart-felt [apology].” 

Moving on Kandi is dealing with other issues as well – infertility! She is currently undergoing IVF! “We have started the process of in-vitro. So just pray for us that everything is great and we get a healthy baby! My family definitely, they definitely want a baby for me and Todd,” she shares with E! News

Kandi believes part of their fertility issues stem from lack of time to make a baby because of their busy careers, “I’m off from the cameras, but not off,” explains Kandi. (Uhhhhh… are they going to be able to take time off to raise the baby?!). 

And switching gears, Kandi expresses her empathy for Kim Richards in the wake of her very public arrest for public intoxication. “I feel for her,” sympathizes Kandi. “It’s extremely hard to go through something serious in front of the public eye. A lot of people that will come at you and just say the craziest negative stuff, it’s just like, I don’t need that. It’s just hard to do.”

“People feel so connected to our personal lives that they feel like they can say whatever they want to say to us. They feel like they know everything just because they watch that little piece of the show that you were on,” Kandi continues. “But you don’t know the whole story! You don’t know everything about me. You don’t know why I am this way or why I react this way so please, sometimes, just keep your negative thoughts to yourself.”

Well, tonight is part-one of the RHOA reunion, and the drama goes down between Kandi, NeNe, and Phaedra. Meanwhile Phaedra opens-up more about her marriage to Apollo and reveals some surprisingly alarming details. And Clawdia tries to assert herself into the drama resulting in an argument with Porsha

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