Brandi Glanville On RHOBH Reunion Drama, Lisa Vanderpump’s Lips, Lisa Rinna, Getting Married Again, Motherhood, And Her New Book!

brandi glanville on Access Hollywood Live

Brandi Glanville appeared on Access Hollywood Live where she opened-up about everything from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills drama and misbehavior, possibly getting married to boyfriend JR, Housewives plastic surgery, Lisa Rinna‘s craziness, the reunion, and her kids learning about how she acts on RHOBH. 

Hilariously, hostess Kit Hoover actually asks Brandi if her dress was lingerie. She denies it, explaining it’s a vintage dress she bought while she was still married to Eddie Cibrian and she has worn it on the red carpet before.

That spirals right into Lipsa basing the look of her CSI ‘trashy mom’ character on Brandi’s look. Brandi is still offended. “Speaking about me as a mother is off limits. And coming from someone whose had the same hair do for 20 years – you might wanna hold your roll!” Brandi quips. “I was just making a point. Generally I would never attack anyone’s looks – attack my character, but don’t attack looks. It triggered me, because she doesn’t know me as a mother. I just… snapped.” 


Brandi says her 11-year-old son Mason occasionally asks her about things that happened on RHOBH because his friends tell him about it. “I just tell them I’m acting. I think one day they will understand that I’m a single-mom: I pay the rent, we have nice things, they go to a nice school, and I do it all myself. If I didn’t misbehave on television, I’m not sure how I would be paying those bills. Eddie gives me child support, but he’s not working, and when he’s not working… [it goes down.] We’re on good terms and it’s fine.” 

Brandi reveals Eddie will not be relenting about having her sons appear on RHOBH but she’s fine with that. “In the beginning I did want the kids on the show, so people could see that side of me, and understand there’s more to me than what you see.” But now that her kids are older, her perspective has changed. “I’m actually happy they’re not on the show with me because they’re a reflection of the parent, and they’re learning. They’ll ask questions that are highly inappropriate and you’ll think, ‘Thank God that’s not on TV!'” 

Speaking of things that were unfortunately on TV, Brandi admits to some regrets, like throwing wine in Eileen Davidson‘s face and slapping LVP. “I wouldn’t have smacked Lisa Vanderpump because we were getting along!” she laughed. Brandi can’t really explain what possessed her. “I was like, ‘Whaaaat did I just do?!’ Immediately I started crying – I was like, ‘Hit me back! We have to make this right!’ but it just wasn’t though.” 

Switching gears the hosts ask Brandi about next season and who may be returning. “I think we’re all coming back because they had the best ratings ever,” she admits wryly. I wouldn’t be so sure about Kim Richards staging another return. I mean – Lord I hope not!!! 

Which segues into a discussion about Yolanda Foster and how she was very low-key this season has she dealt with health issues. Brandi dishes that Yolanda is “no BS” on the show, but off camera she likes to gossip and often says things that “would not go well on camera.”

“She’s really funny and she definitely has a strong opinion. Right now, unfortunately, she’s just extremely ill.” Updating us on Yolanda’s Lyme disease, Brandi reveals, “It’s getting worse right now. I just saw her on Thursday and she’s struggling.” 

Brandi will be making an appearance on Terry Dubrow and RuPaul‘s new E! show ‘Good Work‘ where she will discuss her vaginal rejuvenation and other procedures. Admitting she’s done “way too much” when it comes to fillers, Brandi insists she hasn’t done them in “over a year” and has no plans to “reload” her face again. “It’s hard to watch yourself age on TV. I’ve learned my lesson and I’ve had to watch it on TV – I thought I was cute in the moment, but then you watch it and I’m like, ‘Aaaarrrrgh! What did I do?!'” Brandi says that a lot doesn’t she? I’m sensing a theme here… 

Of RHOBH plastic surgery, Yolanda is the only one who doesn’t partake! “We all do a little something-something,” Brandi shares. “I don’t think Yolanda has done anything.” Brandi also accuses LVP of trying to have a “lip-off” with Rinna. “When Rinna joined, then all of the sudden Lisa Vanderpump’s lips got bigger! All of the girls do their lips, except for possibly Yolanda,” Brandi adds. 

Switching gears, Brandi opens-up about her relationship with her boyfriend JR and declares him “the one.” Haven’t they broken up 400 times?! Brandi acknowledges JR has a hard time watching her hook-up with various men on RHOBH, even though she was single during filming. Brandi assures us JR has nothing to be jealous of because he can “keep up” just fine with the 23-year-olds. 

“We care about each other. I don’t want to get married again, and he knows that. And I don’t think he wants to get married either, but he thinks he wants to have a child. And I don’t think that’s gonna happen with me,” she laughs. OH GAWD. Brandi plans to stall JR until “hopefully my eggs have dried up!” You mean, she wants to become a menopause mama?! No… 

As for JR working with Mauricio, Brandi agrees that it’s “difficult,” but they don’t let it interfere with business. “They pretty much stay out of it – they don’t want to be involved in the women’s drama. I actually really like Mauricio a lot, and I feel bad that they get dragged in to this because they’re friends.” 

Moving on to the reunionBrandi declares there’s no way to prepare. “You have to be ‘on’ – it is frightening. I do believe that the women that are friends sit down and make notes, like bullet points.” Brandi doesn’t even drink wine before a reunion. “You can’t. You have to be on point.”

During filming breaks Brandi says the hair and makeup people keep the Housewives occupied with touch-ups to prevent them from speaking to each other. “We’re not supposed to talk when the cameras are off because they don’t want to miss anything. It’s crazy – it’s 12 hours on a couch with people going after each other. And people lose their minds – especially Rinna. But to say that you’re gonna physically harm someone…” WAIT! Brandi has threatened to knock Kyle’s teeth out, among other threats she’s made to attack people, and she actually HAS attacked people. Good lord  – and she’s the one ranting about hypocrisy and double-standards.

Brandi says that Lisa’s reactions in Amsterdam (when she threw the glass) was genuine. “I was in shock, actually. Cause usually I’m doing the bad stuff, so I was like ‘Thank God somebody else…'” she laughs. “I understand… I think things are heightened when there’s a camera on us and we act out. But there was glass everywhere – it was too much.” 

“I actually really got along with Lisa Rinna the whole time. I really liked her! Then you watch it back and you see what she says in her interviews,” Brandi says. “It’s difficult. I still like her. I think her likability is a 10, but her crazy is a 12.” Brandi concedes this makes Lipsa “perfect” for the show.

When asked who Brandi considers her friend on the show, besides Kim, Brandi cites, “Yolanda’s my friend.” But she doesn’t foresee ever reconciling with Kyle Richards. Discussing the pot allegation that erupted during the reunion Brandi maintains her intention was to “make a point” about Kyle’s double-standards. 

“You can’t talk about anything that she does but everything that anyone else does is on limits. We all have kids.” According to Brandi, Kyle puts on a lot of pretenses for the show. “It’s an act. She’s fine with it until we’re on TV and then God forbid, she’s not perfect. I was just trying to point out that it’s OK for her – and everyone else – to talk about Kim and how she’s doing, and me and my drinking, but we can’t talk about anything they do. There’s a hypocrisy that’s driving me absolutely crazy.” 

Brandi also denies having a drinking problem and cites her accomplishments as proof of this. “If I had a drinking problem I wouldn’t have everything that I have going on: I’m working on my third book, I have a new wine, I have two children… “

Billy Bush says that Brandi’s unfiltered drunkeness “drives the show” and Brandi agrees, “I think that if nothing else is happening at least we can talk about me being tipsy. When you have a secret – it’s gonna come out. So it might as well come from me.” (She was talking about plastic surgery when she said this, but it applies to everything Bandi does on RHOBH). 


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