Brandi Glanville Unfiltered With Lynette Carolla: The Good And Bad Of RHOBH, Hypocrites, And Casting Details!

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Adam Carolla‘s wife Lynette was the most recent guest on Brandi Glanville‘s Unfiltered podcast. The long-time acquaintances (and fellow podcasters) talked the good and bad of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, the reunion, season finale, and the Amsterdam trip, plus behind-the-scenes casting details, and vented about Brandi’s hypocritical co-stars and online “bullies.” They also chatted Celebrity Apprentice, which Adam also participated in. Brandi weighed in on how reality TV affects marriages, and the ladies gabbed about dating JR and divorce!

Immediately they start discussing the the season finale partyLynette is unequivocally Team Brandi and was a fan from day 1. Lynette believes Brandi was “thrown under the bus” by Lisa Rinna during the whole Kim Richards needs an intervention conversation. “I never would have said it,” Brandi insists, blaming Rinna for twisting her words. “It’s like, that’s not what I said, you said it first! They even played it over [on the finale] but it’s like it never happened!”


“I don’t think she [Rinna] remembered what she told Kyle,” Brandi continued. “Lisa Rinna’s craziness… cracks are startin’ to show… and if you watch the reunion, the cracks come out! I was just looking around the room at the reunion, like, ‘What?! Is this seriously happening?!'” Brandi says the first part of the reunion was “really bad” but tonight the drama is all about the twisted sisters Richards. 

“Generally I can handle my own, but I lose my temper and I say mean things. But I don’t say mean things unless I’m provoked.” Brandi feels she was ganged-up on by the other women and compares it to a “firing squad.”

Brandi also defends herself against critics who accused her of using her dad’s health for sympathy. He’s doing much better (she can tell because “he’s being an asshole again.”). Brandi sat by her father’s “unconscious side for two weeks” before returning to film the finale. “I missed my kids,” she adds. “There’s no kids allowed in the ICU… So Eddie had the kids. I had to go home to my family and to my job.” 

“I got all these tweets like, ‘Why’d you go to a party?!’ Contractually I had to be there!” Brandi explains. “People don’t quite understand and you can’t break that wall [and tell people] I had to go, it was our last filming of the season. So, I was there not wanting to be there.” 

Lynette Carolla appeared as a guest on Brandi Glanville's Podcast

Lynette & Adam

Taking a break from Housewives, Brandi and Lynette discussed wine – Adam has his own brand and Lynette runs the company. And as we know Brandi just released her own chardonnay called Unfiltered Blonde. Lynette also has a podcast called “For Crying Out Loud” – which she’s had for 5-years. 

Brandi waxes poetic about ditching Housewives to podcast full-time, but grumbles that she needs the money to raise her kids. “I would love to do this for a living and then you wouldn’t have to watch me on Housewives,” she laughed wryly. Lynette encouraged her to “stick with it,” among other tidbits, then apologizes for giving Brandi so much advice. 

“I love advice, honestly,” Brandi lied insisted. “Unless it’s unsolicited about the way I look – like Donald Trump told me not to wear red lipstick. I love him, but he was like, ‘Trust me – don’t ever wear red lipstick again.'” Lynette reminds Brandi that Adam once competed on Celebrity Apprentice but didn’t enjoy it. “He couldn’t get out of there fast enough,” she disclosed. “He’s very laid-back and he doesn’t like asking people for money.” Apparently he also had issues with Janice Dickinson, who competed alongside him.

Brandi concurred, “it’s so uncomfortable” to ask people for money. “I had a panic attack – straight up – it was the first one I’ve ever had. They had to call the doctors in, I couldn’t breathe – I thought I was having a heart attack.” 

Compared to CA Brandi calls Housewives “a cakewalk.” Really? “There’s no time limit and there’s no ‘make something happen and you have this long to do it.’ And I really wanted to show people that I had another side to me, so I felt a tremendous amount of pressure to do well.” Brandi predicted she would only make it a week, but actually lasted six weeks. “I met some great people – I met Leeza Gibbons, who will be my friend for my life.” She also shares that Johnny Damon was her most downloaded podcast episode ever. 

Switching gears again, they talked marriage. Lynette discloses that being with Adam hasn’t always been easy and in their 20 year relationship, which included a previous failed engagement, Adam broke her heart when they split up for 9 months just after he “hit it big” in the 90s. “It was the best thing that ever happened,” according to Lynette, because he realized how important she was. Now they “truly are happy.” Lynette jokes about how she wants a boyfriend on the side and Brandi quips, “Extra D on the weekend!” 

Brandi asked Lynette if she got “shagged a lot” during her break from Adam. Lynette denies it and explains she was too heartbroken to think about another man. That concept is completely foreign to Brandi, however, who celebrated her divorce with a new vagina. Literally. 

Lynette predicts their break-up happened because she pushed him to get married. Brandi offers some advice to us ladies to never to talk about marriage, engagement, biological clocks, or commitment. “It is the most unattractive thing!” she preaches. “He has to believe it is his idea.” Taking relationship advice from Brandi = never going to happen ever. 

Brandi confesses to missing the “mundane” everyday marriage and admits she doesn’t love current boyfriend JR. “I’m dating someone right now that I have been with on and off for a couple years. I don’t know if love is different the second time around, or I’m so madly in love with my children I don’t have room for anyone else in that way,” she muses. Apparently JR accused her of not being able to say “I love you” to him.

Brandi complains guys don’t understand that her children come first – it’s because she’s dating TWENTY-TWO-year-olds, not adults! – and describes her children as “the best kind of baggage I’ve ever had in my life” but with dating it’s a “delicate balancing act” between scaring the guy off and being up front. 

Brandi then goes on a long-winded diatribe about how she has to raise her children herself and do everything with herself – work, put them through college, take care of them all on her own – as if Eddie died or disappeared.

Moving on, the ladies discussed dealing with online haters.  Brandi refers to her haters as “cowards” because they aren’t brave enough to call in to her show to tell her “face to face.” She explains, “I get a lot of hate tweets; a lot of hate Facebook posts. But when it comes down to it, to call me and say it on the phone, let alone to my face, that’s when you can tell they’re bullies hiding behind a computer screen. I encourage people who have an issue with me to call and have a proper discussion.” 

Her strategy for dealing with twitter bullies is to “mute them” because then they “still count as a number.” Brandi declares, “I used to like to engage and fight, but now I’m over it.”

As for hypocrites, it’s not just online bullies who are hypocrites, but Brandi’s RHOBH castmates, which was glaringly obvious in Amsterdam. “You just want to scream. It’s so crazy – they can talk about Kim not being sober, me drinking too much, but God forbid someone tell their truth!” Brandi seethes. “If you talk about them, you’re below the belt. But anything about me or Kim is on limits. It’s hypocritical! It’s ridiculous. I had just gotten to my wits ends, honestly.”

Lynette likens Brandi’s attitude during the Amsterdam trip to being forced to go out with girlfriends, when you’re just not feeling it. “A lot of us weren’t feeling it,” Brandi confesses. “Coming off all of the drama, then going on that trip together. You kinda almost need a break between the drama that happened and then traveling together. You should only travel with people you really, really like!” 

Surprisingly, Lynette revealed she had been contacted by a RHOBH casting director last season, but knew Adam would never go for it. “I didn’t even tell him,” she admits. However she was curious, so she emailed the casting lady back and was asked to send “pictures of the exterior” of her house, but then didn’t receive a response. “I don’t even live in Beverly Hills,” she laughed. Brandi acknowledged, “I think only one person does.” 

Dishing on how casting works, Brandi explained, “they never tell you if you’re coming back” after the season wraps, but producers ask the existing cast to turn in a list of their friends. “Most of my friends’ husbands say absolutely not. Especially if they have money – they like their anonymity – they like to party, they like to get drunk in public, do whatever they want without people watching. I have a couple girlfriends who would probably like to do it and would fit the bill, but their husbands are basically like it’s me or the show.”

“It’s not the greatest thing for marriages, if you look at it,” Brandi declares. Lynette cites Yolanda and David as happy. “They’re solid,” Brandi agrees. Adding, “I don’t think Ken and Lisa are ever gonna part ways either.” She mentions the other cities in the franchises as examples of what Real Housewives has done for marriages. “People’s marriages do not last this television show. If I were married and I had money, I don’t think I’d be doing this show.” Lynette admits she’s still curious, so Brandi promises to bring her to a RHOBH party to see for herself what it’s like. Describing the parties as “odd” she dishes that there’s no music or anything else to distract from the talking.

Brandi also describes attending cast events as being completely on your own. “The producers, the cameraman – they don’t exist. Even if you’re getting in a fight – doesn’t matter.” She realized that her first season while attending a pool party at Kyle’s house when her son needed a towel and she had a cast on her foot and no one would help her. “It was like a huge wake-up call.” 

Lynette reminds Brandi the show has been positive for her, and Brandi agrees, but doesn’t sound convinced. “I think it’s been a great platform. Had I not done it, who knows if any of this [meaning her books, podcast, and wine] ever would have happened,” she concedes. “So I definitely take the good that comes along with it. It’s tough to do, but it’s a blessing.”

All in all, I thought Lynette was pretty interesting. She’s a big Brandi fan, which sort of jaded her perspective, and honestly the entire podcast was more or less Lynette interviewing/counseling Brandi, but she asked some interesting questions and hearing about the casting process was intriguing. 

You can listen to the full interview here

Speaking of the RHOBH Reunion: Part 3 airs tonight and we’ll be live-Tweeting, so tune in!


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