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Real Housewives Of New York is off to a deeeeellllllllusional start; from Bethenny Frankel whining about being homeless, to Sonja Morgan helming an invisible international luxury lifestyle brand, to Carole Radziwill thinking she’s just a girl, falling in love and learning about life. Kristen Taekman promises that all the delusion reaches its peak and viewers will be shocked by the drama that erupts later in these season.

However in Kristen’s personal life, things are much calmer! She insists RHONY has helped her marriage to Josh Taekman, who turned over a new leaf.”He’s very supportive in every way,” she describes. “It was really kind of therapy for us. How often can you sit in an argument and watch it with your spouse, and be like ‘Alright – you’re right, I really do do that when we have an argument. Or I was a little aggressive; I’m sorry.’ And he did the same thing.” 


Kristen denies recent reports that she asked the show to stop filming her marital issues to give her a different storyline. “If we’re gonna argue, we’re gonna argue,” she shrugs. “Josh and I are arguing about him being late for dinner,” she reminds. “We’re not arguing about anything big.” 

Moving on to Bethenny’s return, Kristen promises the the issues between Bethenny and the group get “a lot juicier” in the upcoming episodes. “The dynamic has really changed, which you can see right off the bat. It’s interesting how she pulls different energy out from all of the OGs … and there’s definitely lots of tension. But it’s good; it’s been great that the ‘B’s back,'” Kristen snarkily tells Access Hollywood

She has no idea why Bethenny didn’t invite her to the birthday party and was so distant, especially since Kristen made an effort to reach-out. “In the beginning, I invited her to a bunch of things but for whatever reason she was busy…. Stay tuned – it gets a lot juicier, that’s for sure,” she teases.  

Kristen also jokes that she was “thinking of swapping” Housewives cities with Brandi Glanville. “Should Brandi go to New York and I could go out to Beverly Hills for a minute? I was thinking about asking…” she jokes, laughing about the idea of Brandi vs. Bethenny. I do not have the stomach for that…. 

Reacting to last night’s episode, Kristen wonders why she’s always the victim of overly-aggressive creepsters. “Why do people always get frisky with me?” Kristen wonders, referring to John, The Dirty Drycleaner who also happens to be Dorinda Medley‘s man. “My husband was a foot away – he was right there! Stay tuned – next week,” she teases. “It was all fun and games… until it wasn’t. It was a little too handsy,” Kristen laments. 

Moving on to her blog, Kristen does commend Bethenny for being brave enough to tackle Sonja’s business adventures. “Bethenny is finally getting what all of us ladies were trying to tell her when we were in the Hamptons,” she writes. “I am watching this thinking, awesome, a new set of eyes and new person taking on the Miss Morgan roller coaster.”

“I LOVE Sonja, but nine times out of 10, when Sonja is talking about business, well she just doesn’t make any damn sense at all. The worst part is she believes her own hype!,” Kristen explains. “Every time her mouth opens to do with business, she fabricates a new one!”

“Folks, you honestly don’t believe it or her (Sonja) until you experience it with your own eyes and ears,” warns Kristen. “Is she that naïve to think that we can’t do some basic sleuthing and discover that these new business ventures aren’t real, more like some figment of her imagination, and call her bluff?” 

Describing Bethenny at Sonja’s business meeting as “so uncomfortable,” Kristen has no idea how Bethenny was so calm. “Poor Bethenny is trying to be nice, even for her…,” she observes. “Is it me our do all of [Sonja’s] ‘partners’ seem like paid actors?  No one has answers, there is not an article of clothing anywhere to be found, only lots of pretty sketches. ‘We are in talks with retailers, but we can’t confirm any.’ And the line launches in like two months, but they aren’t allowed to disclose any other information? ‘But know we have the best relationships in the industry.’ What does that even mean? Is this normal? I don’t know a ton about fashion retail distribution, but my instincts tell me they have a lot of work ahead of them.” 

“At this point we have all tried to be supportive and better understand her businesses and help wherever we can,” Kristen says. “I think we need to just let Sonja be Sonja and emotionally support her. I am just not sure what’s so secretive? Hmm…” 

Speaking of which, Kristen can’t believe Sonja wanted to ice them from Ramona Singer’s birthday trip to Atlantic City because the group hasn’t been supportive of Sonja Morgan Fantasy Industries. “It seems like Sonja has turned over a new leaf and is being more sensitive and supportive of Ramona. Thank goodness!,” Kristen writes. “Ramona, did you say that ‘all the girls have not been supportive of Sonja’?! PLEASE! You feel the exact same way we do: concerned for Sonja and confused.” 

Kristen also praises Dorinda for being so relaxed – maybe too relaxed about John’s groping. “I love Dorinda’s attitude. She doesn’t care that John was out without her. Dorinda has been through so much in her life, she knows not to sweat the small stuff. “Who cares?” as my nanny would say, LOL,” Kristen reacts. “It’s interesting that Dorinda points out that John can be inappropriate at times …hmmm…wish I had gotten that memo!” 

Finally Kristen weighs in on Luann de Lesseps issues with Carole. “I am happy to see that Lu and Carole spoke about the whole ‘Adam’ thing. I say good for her, they are both single, and Lu’s niece had been broken up with him for a while, so what’s the big deal? It’s really no one’s business.Even if the new person is a friend of the ex’s aunt? Why not?” 


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