Lisa Vanderpump raises awareness for animals with a march against the Yulin Dog Festival

Lisa Vanderpump is an expert reality star. Gearing up for her sixth season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and her fourth as Head Mistress of Vanderpump Rules, she’s seen and heard it all – without losing her sense of humor and love of life! But more importantly reality TV has given Lisa exposure to raise awareness for causes that matter, like LGTB and animal rights. 

Somehow Lisa manages to juggle marriage and motherhood, famous friends, charity endeavors, three restaurants, and two reality shows alongside many high maintenance friends (and enemies) – without so much as wrinkling a satiny, bedazzled blouse! Can she bottle this and sell at SUR?

“I’ve had such a wonderful experience with it,” admits Lisa. “It’s given me so many chances to stand up for things.”


Of course Housewives is more than just a “wonderful platform” to promote good works! Lisa’s restaurants have become feted by superstar celebrities. Most recently Lady Gaga has admitted to dining regularly at SUR and PUMP. 

On Gaga: “We are friendly. I adore her – I think she’s absolutely an incredible woman. But I don’t talk about that too much,” Lisa laughs. “I admire what she stands up for as well.” 

The fourth season of Vanderpump Rules returns November 2nd, and Lisa tells LA’s KTLA the drama is extremely intense, albeit organic. “I have many crispy chickens that hit the table with that one! There are many well-behaved ones, but you flip the channel,” she jokes. 

Lisa believes Pump Rules works because the staff has known each other forever – inside and outside of SUR. “They’re naughty, they’re young Hollywood and it’s all incestuous, but it’s a lot of fun.” 

Defending her personal involvement in the lives of her staff, Lisa explains, “When someone has worked for you for years, it just kind of spills over. But this year there’s certainly a lot of real, kind of sensitive issues, that went on in the group and me dealing with them. But also giving them advice – they’re young, sometimes they’re away from their homes and their parents – so I suppose I do get actively involved.”

Lisa also jokes the cast of Pump Rules is “way more mature” than the ladies of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Onto more serious issues, Lisa and Ken have been campaigning to raise awareness about China’s Yulin Dog Festival. “It’s so barbaric,” stresses Lisa. Each year 10,000 dogs are tortured before being eaten. Tortured because the perpetrators believe it makes their meat “more tender” according to Lisa. Beyond disgusting. BEYOND.

On October 4th, World Animal Day, Lisa will be hosting a protest and march against the Yulin Dog Festival – which will be filmed for RHOBH and attended by her co-stars. 

Despite the sometimes difficult drama of reality TV, the ability to raise awareness makes it worth while. Lisa explains that her “celebrity (and she uses that word “loosely”), has allowed her the opportunity to draw attention to such important causes

If you’re in LA the October 4th march begins at 10am in MacArthur Park. More information can be found at “It’s so important,” Lisa expresses.

Will Kingsley be there?


[Photo Credit: Instagram]