Eileen Davidson Blasts Taylor Armstrong; Gushes Over New Housewife, Erika Girardi


Come on, Eileen! Tell us how you really feel. In this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, brokedown Taylor Armstrong reappeared on the scene. And it wasn’t only big hats and big lips she brought with her! Taylor also had some big opinions about sick-selfie-healthy-selfie Yolanda Foster. Eileen Davidson didn’t take too kindly to Taylor’s comments about her ailing friend, though. Eileen opens up in her blog about her feelings on the shenanigans at Ken Todd’s 70th birthday party, Lisa Vanderpump’s little horse debacle, newcomer Erika Girardi, and much more.

Bemoaning her fate as the lone female in her home, Eileen reflects, “I was laughing (crying on the inside) seeing Vince, Jesse, and me in the A.M. trying to get ready for the day. In a house full of boys, I am the lone female voice that calls (screams), ‘Do your dishes! Empty the trash!’ Maybe our house is haunted. I’m the ghost; nobody seems to see or hear me!”


Eileen shares, “At our leopard-ladies dinner, it’s great to catch up with Lisa R. and Kyle [Richards]. I’m glad Kyle didn’t miss her niece’s wedding, but it’s obvious it’s still not an easy subject. At the time of the dinner, I wasn’t aware of everything else she was experiencing with her family. I wish I’d been more sensitive where Kim [Richards] is concerned. Kim and I had our issues last year, but I sincerely only want the best for her and continue to hope that she has put the worst behind her and is doing well.”

Laughing over Lisa V’s PonyGate, Eileen jokes, “It’s hard enough shopping for husbands’ birthdays, but what do you get the man who has everything? A miniature pony, of course! I’d love to see Vincent’s face if I gave him one for his birthday. Haha! He’d want to get a whole bunch of little horses…so he could race them and lay some bets, I’m sure.”

Eileen continues, “The state of Ohio must not have known what hit it with the Lisas flying into town (Fully ready to go to the farm with their cowboy hats? It’s Ohio, NOT Texas!) I’m going to call Lisa V. the little horsey whisperer from now on. It seems like she can’t catch a break planning Ken’s birthday. From beginning to end, there are weather issues and horsey issues. When we get to the day of the birthday lunch, it rains again!”

Calling Ken’s soiree a “so magical,” Eileen blogs, “All I can say is I’m happy Ken (and his expensive shoes) is OK after he got tossed in. He didn’t get a little pony for his birthday, but he did get a bunch of CRAZY housewives using him as a pool toy.”

But weather conditions and getting tossed into pools weren’t the only dodgy factors in Ken’s Big Day! Ghosts of Housewives Past were present and, at least in Taylor’s case, were ready to drop the proverbial turd in the pool: the turd in question being whether or not Yolanda’s super sketchy Lyme disease symptoms are, in fact, legit.

Yolanda’s health continues to be a big topic,” admits Eileen. But she scolds, “Taylor is discussing the validity of her illness because of Instagram? Are you kidding me? Taylor, are you a doctor? Because I’m not, so I will trust the professionals in making assertions about Yolanda’s health.” 

Eileen has nothing but kind words for newcomer, Erika Girardi (Erika Jayne), though: “Erika is so interesting! I love that she has an alter ego. As an actress, I have alter egos, too, you know. But none of mine are half as fun as Erika’s. Wait, the one that drugged and raped the priest was pretty fun. Evil, perhaps, but definitely fun, however, Kristen doesn’t have Erika Jayne’s moves. That we’ve seen, anyway. But I’m pretty sure Kristen has one or two of Erika’s dance outfits hanging in a closet somewhere.”

Eileen concludes, “Watching this episode, how can I not be excited to see what happens as Erika is added to the mix with the rest of the ladies? Do I see us all being back up dancers in the near future? Now THAT would be CRAZY!”


Photo Credit: Twitter