Lala Kent Thinks Brittany And Jax Owe Her A Huge Apology; Says Jax Is The Laziest Worker At SUR

Andy Cohen went back on his vow to ban Lala Kent and James Kennedy from ever gracing the Clubhouse chairs again.  After filming the Vanderpump Rules reunion this week, Andy found it in his heart to forgive over-eager James and Lala for their god-awful first appearance on Watch What Happens Live, and he allowed Lala to come back as a guest tonight – along with Housewives Superfan Jerry O’Connell

Andy opened the show by sharing that he thinks James and Lala were just overtired and super excited to be on the show and then added in alcohol and anxiety and it was a disaster for the censors (and an annoyance for us viewers).  So, Andy’s giving Lala another shot and is also allowing a cardboard version of James be the bartender for the night (photo below).


Andy asks what the biggest misconception about Lala is, “that I’m a tough cookie because I’m not.  I’m a nice girl. I’m a girl’s girl and people think that I’m not because I take my top off. ”  Andy tells her, “we like it when you take your top off.  It doesn’t mean you’re the whore of Babylon.”  She agrees, “it’s not like I’m spreading my legs all over town so what’s the issue?” 

Jerry and Lala participate in a little Clubhouse Playhouse reenactment of the confrontation between James and Lala over tossed salad and I have to say that Jerry does an amazing impersonation of James – accent and all.   Jerry stays in his posh accent to say that he thinks Lisa Vanderpump is way too easy on James and he should’ve been fired, not demoted. 

What does Lala think about James saying he’s the white Kanye West? She’s speechless for a minute and says that everyone knows she is the white Kanye West.  Jerry chimes, “he’s more of a white MC Hammer.”

Lala gives James an 8.5 on a scale of 1-10 on his DJing skills.  She says he is good at it. 

Does Lala think Brittany Cartwright owes her an apology? “Very much so. I think she owes me a giant apology. I’m a girl’s girl and what she saw… I mean, I ran out crying. I went home to mom. I think she owes me a huge apology. They both owe me one.” 

A caller wants to know James and Lala’s status, when the last time she made out with him was AND what does she SEE in him?  Lala responds, “the status is we are very much just friends.  I cannot even remember the last time we made out, which is a good thing.”  And as for what she sees in him, “I just think he’s really funny.”  Jerry agrees, saying James is a cute guy.  Lala adds that she doesn’t take James seriously and everyone else does.

The next caller wants to know who the laziest worker at SUR is. Lala quickly answers, “Jax Taylor.”

Was David Spade a good kisser?  She admits after some hem-hawing about whether she “dated” him, “yeah.”

A caller asks Jerry what he thinks of Kim Fields fitting in on Real Housewives of Atlanta.  “I think Kim didn’t realize how crazy some of these ladies were.  I don’t think Kim knew exactly what Kim was getting into. I’m a fan of Kim’s, but I don’t think she can handle those ladies.” 

A viewer wants to know who Lala thinks will be the last person to still be working at SUR years from now. She says, “everybody but me.”

Lala was very well behaved (almost too much so) and only drank one shot of whiskey from the shotski.  Jerry was hilarious and Andy needs to get Jerry on at the same time as the other Housewives Superfan, actor Michael Rapaport. 

Updated: Scheana Marie responds to Lala on Twitter:




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