Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Is Afraid Of Dr. Drew After He Threatened “Violent Strangle Actioning”

Farrah Abraham responds to Dr. Drew

After Dr. Drew revealed Farrah Abraham is so crazy he [jokingly] wants to strangle her, she is responding by acting crazy. Obviously! Completely misconstruing Dr. Drew’s comments as both negative and sexual, Farrah is firing back by attacking his ethics and mental stability, and accusing him of violence. Reading comprehension and listening skills are your friend, Madame! 

“OK, Dr. Drew, it sounds like you want to strangle me and f**k me,” Farrah accused. “Gross!” Farrah also wonders, caustically, how Dr. Drew’s marriage is doing? (In said interview, Dr. Drew actually scoffed at the idea that he had ever felt anything other than “paternal” towards the 16 And Pregnant and Teen Mom stars, but not-a-porn-star Farrah seems to think everyone is desperate to get in her moulded cooch). 


Dr. Drew clearly is frustrated by me as I don’t let him in my life,” Farrah’s rant continues, “and he has just proven why as he’s a wacko!” 

Farrah goes on to claim Dr. Drew violated her trust by calling her a porn star and also threatened her safety. “It’s disgusting when a Doctor who you think can empathize and understand you for many years says they want to strangle you & then call me beautiful & a women but then again acts like all I do is Porn [sic].”

“I will no longer have him around me for my health and safety due to his violent ‘strangle’ actioning [sic],” Farrah complains to Radar Online. I guess this means no more Teen Mom OG reunions for Farrah, right?! Which means – gasp – no more TV time attention! (Moralizing Maci will be sooooo upset!)

Question: Is “actioning” a word from Farrah’s “Portfolio Of Literacy”, or possibly from her Christian Parenting guidebook? Or maybe something which happens in her erotica trilogy?

Farrah dispels Dr. Drew calling her a porn star, because like “reality check” she is like mega-successful. “I have a restaurant now. I’ve had two degrees. Opening two more businesses this year. I’m successful in many things beyond a celebrity sex tape that you probably still watch daily. Like, New York times best selling author, the top reality star, and much more.”

Had two degrees? A) From where? B) Did the degrees get taken away? Degree like the time Farrah became a plastic surgeon by appearing on an episode of Botched

In case you’ve forgotten, Farrah is a crusader for women, so she issues this warning, “To the women out there: Never let any doctor or know-it-all man speak horribly about you or your future.” 

Of course, Farrah no longer considers Dr. Drew a “professional ethical doctor.” Because he was ever considered professional? Or ethical? The man who does televised non-therapy? Mmmmkay. 

“I only feel horrible for people like Dr. Drew who have to lie about hard working positive and prospering people like myself to make them feel better and get attention from media since he’s so desperate for it,” Farrah concludes. 


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