I know a lot of Vanderpump Rules viewers love to hate on Jax Taylor, but I really feel like his antics make the show.  He is certainly not a beacon of morality – but who would want to watch a reality TV show about someone who makes the right decisions all the time? I definitely wouldn’t. That’s why I absolutely loved the ridiculous things Jax said in a recent interview about all of the key players and plot points on Vanderpump Rules.

Jax could not be politically correct even if he tried, so I’m happy that he didn’t hold back when he was asked about the girl that he supposedly impregnated from Season 1, why he cheated on Stassi Schroeder, and his relationship with Brittany Cartwright. He even talked about how he would hook up with his boss Lisa Vanderpump. Say what you want about Jax, but the man constantly delivers entertainment. Jax delivered gem after gem after gem. If you are easily offended, do not read past this point.


The interview Jax did with the Barstool Sports podcast “Swipe Drunk Love” and had to be one of the most interesting ones I’ve seen in a while. I wish that more reality stars were this honest with the media instead of just trying to say the right thing and I absolutely love it.

The interview got right to the point with a man telling Jax point blank, “A lot of women hate you.” Jax didn’t seem to give one f–k though. He just admitted, “Yeah a lot of women dislike me. It’s when they stop talking about you that you should be worried.”

I don’t know if that’s true in life, but when it comes to being a reality star, that mantra definitely makes sense. Personally, I don’t see how anyone could date Jax. He’s the one person who can manage to do the worst shit on the planet, yet he is so endearing that everyone in the Pump Rules cast manages to forgive him. And I always forgive him as a viewer, so I’m sure I’m not the only one. Right?

I’m not surprised that Jax wasn’t upset that he failed the sociopath test that Stassi gave him during her podcast. Jax channeled his inner Lisa Rinna when he said, “I’m not mad about it at all. Just gotta own it.” Side note: I am half surprised that Rinna hasn’t attempted to trademark the phrase “own it” yet. Jax also declared, “All successful people in America are sociopaths.”

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In a not-so-shocking turn of events, the conversation topic on a sex and dating podcast led to discussion of Brittany‘s newly acquired rack that Jax famously gloated about paying for. He was infamously vocal about the size he wanted her to get during that same episode where he declared that he was the “number one guy in this group” of friends.

Jax explained, “I’m very fortunate. I have a lot of friends in this town that do a lot of different things. One of my friends is a plastic surgeon.” This is making me think that this boob job was comped or heavily discounted. I mean, it would explain a lot, but then again every time I try to make sense out of this cast’s finances, I really cannot.

Jax added, “He’s a plastic surgeon. Brittany was thinking about enhancing her chest so I was like ‘Hey, let me introduce you to my friend’ and that’s how that started.”

When one of the listeners called in to ask for advice about an impending marriage, the conversation obviously turned to Jax and his stance on the topic. The SUR bartender mused, “If you could sell me on marriage – I’m against it – but sell me on it. Find me a guy that’s like ‘Yeah, I’m so excited to get married! I’m pumped!’ Sell me on the idea and I’ll be on board.”

Ah yes, what every girl loves to hear. I’m sure sweet Brittany and her mama (who questioned Jax about marriage in the last episode) are happy to hear that take on the subject of marriage.

Another amazing part of that episode was when Brittany instantly recognized a photo of Jax’s d–k that was on display during Kristen Doute‘s comedy show. Who would actually recognize someone’s penis? No matter how familiar you are with said penis, that’s a pretty amazing feat. Maybe she has photographic memory?

One of the interviewers was also thrown by Brittany recognizing it and questioned Jax on the incident. She asked, “Is there something wrong with it? Like do you have a mark, or a piercing? Or is your d–k gigantic?” Jax nodded his head vigorously at the notion that he had a large penis – of course.

Jax explained the story behind the photo in question and how it become so publicly recognizable. He admitted, “There was a person that I must have sent it to who did not care for the way I treated her so she decided to tweet it out.”

Jax continued, “She tweeted it out and she tagged a bunch of people. A bunch of those people are people in my cast. So it was pretty descriptive. It was the same photo.” So she recognized the same photo more than the dick itself. I also don’t feel like the word “descriptive” is the adjective that makes the most sense here, but I’m going to skip over that part. Yes, I rewound that part of the interview several times, he did say “descriptive.”

And of course Jax made an effort to throw in this side note: “Well, you could recognize my d–k. I’m pretty proud of it. I’m not gonna lie.” Oh God. Brittany is an angel on earth. I absolutely love Jax as a reality TV character, but I have no idea how she puts up with him as her boyfriend. Bless her.

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I will never get over how epic the show’s first season was and a big part of that was the season-long plot line about whether or not Jax cheated on Stassi and got a girl pregnant in Vegas. It was absolutely iconic and I live for it every single time it comes up.

Jax shared some insight into where his relationship was with Stassi at the time of the incident. He admitted, “We were not intimate anymore. We were just kind of living separately. I was in Vegas and I did what I did, but it wasn’t because I was like, ‘Oh my god that girl’s so hot.’ It had nothing to do with that. I was just trying to fix something that I needed to with myself.”

Jax probably should have cut himself off at that point in the conversation, but I am so happy he did not. Get ready for this one. Jax said, “I’ll tell you what, I would have f–ked a hole if it was there.” Wow. What an insightful metaphor.

And even though Jax eventually did admit to that he cheated on Stassi behind her back, he did say that this random chick was not actually pregnant. Jax recalled, “I had a really bad situation with that. She decided to call and pretend that she was ‘pregnant’ and she really wasn’t because her roommate called me and said she needed money so she could pay her rent.”

Later, someone called in and asked a random (yet relevant) question: Who’s crazier when it comes to James Kennedy or Kristen? I figured that Jax would say James since he absolutely hates James, but that wasn’t the case. Jax declared, “Kristen is 120% more crazy. James is a very immature, very weak, weak person. He’s not good.”

Jax explained that Kristen is crazier by using three adjectives that are basically synonymous to explain her intelligence: “Kristen is extremely intelligent. She’s really smart. She’s witty.” He added, “We call her like MacGyver. She can figure anything out. She will track you down. And it’s crazy to be all that.”

That’s for sure. I will never forget Kristen finding out that James cheated her by looking through his Uber receipts and I will never get over the great lengths she went to when she contacted Miami girl and brought her into SUR. I would not mess with Kristen.

One of the podcast hosts pointed out, “Her image this season is so much better” – something I didn’t even realize because I was too absorbed in the LaLa Kent bashing and Katie Maloney bridezilla antics – but yeah, this woman is so right. Kristen is really getting a favorable edit this season.

Jax had an explanation for that: “Well, she’s got a good boyfriend now. He’s cool. He’s a pretty laid back guy, totally opposite her – which I don’t know how that works, but yes, Kristen is absolutely crazy.” He was also asked if he and Kristen have a close bond since they are both from Michigan and he has the best answer: “Do I have a bond with her? Yes,” and then his voice got a little lower and he added, “I slept with her.”

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The question and answer portion got really interesting when a fan asked Jax: “If you were single and you had the opportunity to hook up with Lisa without Ken [Todd] knowing, would you?” Without hesitation, Jax said, “Yeah. Most definitely. Who wouldn’t? She’s hot. Of course.” Instead of quitting while he was ahead (kind of), Jax randomly added, “She can be bitchy, but she’s from England. That’s her nature. She’s cold.” Yikes.

And then Jax changed the hypothetical question about if he was single and said, “But absolutely. One hundred percent. I think Brittany would let me. She’d be okay with that.” The podcast host said, “I think Brittany would get in on that,” and being the boyfriend that he is, Jax agreed and said, “She probably would get in on that.” And maybe Jax realized that he might have said some things he shouldn’t have because he randomly added, “Lisa‘s awesome.”

The interview was truly stellar. Jax says the best shit and I love him for it. Every single offensive and inappropriate comment justify my claim that he was made for reality TV and that Vanderpump Rules would be shit without him.

Tonight is an all new episode of Vanderpump Rules.  Tom Sandoval decides to celebrate his birthday with a “Fund-Rager” to raise money for a good cause, but things go south when Scheana Marie accuses James Kennedy of cheating. Kristen Doute hosts a roast for Jax, but Jax isn’t too thrilled when Brittany‘s mom reacts to a rumor from his past. Later, Scheana reveals that her marriage isn’t perfect, Lisa chastises Katie and Tom Schwartz for constantly fighting, and Katie decides to get a medical marijuana card in an attempt to mellow out. The shenanigans kick off at 9/8CST.


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