Vanderpump Rules stars Ariana Madix and Lala Kent are hanging on the East Coast this week (and may be stuck there for a few days as Stella dumps a ton of snow on NYC). They stopped by the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse last night to spill the tea on their co-stars. Lala shared some thoughts on James Kennedy, the Katie Maloney mean girl squad and her relationship status. Ariana shared her thoughts on Katie’s possible insecurity, her friendship status with Stassi Schroeder and more.

Andy asks if Lala should come back to SUR and Ariana says, “yes! She’s so fun.” Andy asks Lala if she would come back? “I would. I feel like I’m in a good place right with everybody right now, well, for the most part. They may have a different opinion.”

Lala says that James Kennedy has changed since dating Raquel and that she’s so easy going and makes him want to be a good boy. Ariana says she’s always in James’ corner, wanting good things for him.

They’re asked a few questions about Stassi, Katie and Kristen, the “SUR-lem Witches”.

Who is the biggest drama queen? “Stassi”

Who is the meanest when they’re drunk? “Katie”

Who has the worst style? Neither wants to answer but then they both agree that it’s “all of them.”

Who’s the prettiest? “Stassi”

Who was/is the worst server at SUR? “Stassi”

Who would you let style you for an event? “None of them.”

Who has the highest freak number? “Katie.”

Caller asked Lala to shed some light on the boyfriend situation. “I’ve never dated a married man.” Andy asked if the boyfriend bought her the Range Rover and she admitted he did. Lala says that the only person ever given an NDA (from her not the boyfriend) was James because he’s “reckless at the mouth.”

Does Lala think she and Stassi would’ve been friends if she hadn’t trash talked Katie? “No, absolutely not.”

A reader asks if Katie, Kristen and Stassi have shunned Scheana Marie since she’s been posting videos with Lala on Snapchat. “I mean we were buddies last year and then things kind of went south. I love and adore her so much, I think she has a great heart. That’s my friend. I never want anyone to feel like they can’t hang out with me because they may lose friends. I don’t really know if they’re not down for the cause.”

Are Ariana and Stassi actually friends now? “No.” Is there still tension between Ariana and Katie’s squad? “Tension? No, I wouldn’t say tension. I think that I know how I feel and I don’t really know what they’re doing. I don’t really pay attention to what they’re doing.”

A viewer asks Ariana if Katie is insecure since she was blaming so many issues between her and Schwartz on Ariana. “I think everybody’s insecure. I know I’m insecure a lot of times. I think that I was just a scapegoat for their problems. I don’t think that I’ve actually done anything to try to break them up. I mean Kristen actually tried to break them up at one point, so, I don’t know. I do the best I can, that’s all I can say.”

On Raquel and whether James cheated on her, Lala says “I think she’s sweet. Do we have intellectual conversations with each other? Absolutely not. What James does with his peepee I have no idea and I don’t want to know, but he’s not my man, so whatever you want to do.”

Did it make Ariana‘s skin crawl when Kristen Doute talked about slitting Sandoval’s throat in New Orleans? “A little bit, yeah. I just thought it was a little weird that she was saying that one day and the next day she talks about how she’s a reformed person. I don’t know, if I talk about her I’m “obsessed” with her, so I don’t talk about her.”

What’s Lala’s dating status? She says she’s with the same guy and very happy.

Poll questions of the night:

Stassi’s professional Tinder photos: hot or not? 63% said hot. (Ariana and Lala both agreed.)

Should Lala come back to SUR? 80% said no.

Has James changed for the better? 80% said no.

Should Ariana marry Sandoval? 64% said yes.


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