Dorit accuses Erika of being cold

Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi seem poised for a face off that The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills has been prepping us for all season. But Dorit swears she’s got nothing against the XXXpen$ive singer! She just thinks Erika doesn’t understand her humor…or her incessant prying, or her strange hugs.

Dorit breaks down last week’s episode, admitting that seeing Erika in her Georgia hometown gave her some fresh insight into her cast mate. However, she continues to struggle with exactly who the “real” Erika is.


In her blog, Dorit begins by reflecting on Kyle Richards’ angsty cheesecake party, at which Lisa Rinna came clean about her comments. “Interesting episode this week. It started out the day after the eventful night at Kyle’s house with the group, and it was great to see that Lisa R and Kim [Richards] have started to heal and move on. It’s difficult to trust someone who’s called you an enabler and said that your sister is near death, but leave it to forgiving Kyle. She has such a big heart and can let things go.”

Well, she can let it go until the reunion…at which all of this trite, tiresome sh*t shall be picked right back up!

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Dorit says she enjoyed Kyle’s party at her store, though, and was thrilled to get an invite to Lisa Vanderpump’s Hong Kong trip. “I was really excited to go to Kyle’s store and support her with the Fat Jewish, who I had been wanting to meet. He is as hilarious in person as he is on Instagram. I mean, the lap dance he gave Kyle was the best.”

“I knew that Lisa V really wanted to make an impact on her trip in Hong Kong, and it was so sweet of her to invite me along. I can’t wait to really help with her passion. How funny was the moment when Erika invited Eileen [Davidson]? Ha!” jokes Dorit. (Wait – that was a joke…right?)

It wasn’t all lighthearted banter at Kyle’s party, though. When Dorit sniped at Erika for never complimenting her, Erika took offense. Dorit explains her thought process: “Regarding the small little remark I made to Erika, it was meant to be a joke. Erika can be nice and does compliment me. As I said, I like to banter with people as I do with Lisa V and Kyle and my darling PK, of course. At Lisa V’s house the next day, I really wanted to connect with Erika, and get to know the side of her that I hadn’t experienced much with her- the fun, joking, softer side of her, which I know she has!”

This “softer side” of Erika came to light during the footage of her visit back home. Dorit shares, “I definitely got to see a different side of her that I haven’t seen before when I saw her go back to her hometown. I was really touched to see the moments with Erika and her beautiful mom. I know we all love and cherish those special family moments.”

These moments likely dissolve into smog as the ladies head to Hong Kong. Previews suggest Erika and Dorit finally go head to head, which is perhaps what leads to Erika to break down in full blown sobs – something we haven’t seen from her yet. Interesting times ahead! Tune in at 9/8CST and joins us in the comments!


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