Erika Girardi Explains Why It Was Better To Explode At Eileen Davidson Instead Of The Other RHOBH Cast Members

I waited for months to see what Erika Girardi was mad about when she declared “you don’t know what I go through every night” and it ended up being both anticlimactic and disappointing. When it finally happened and it was directed at Eileen Davidson, I was thrown off. Of all people in this cast, Eileen is the one who worships Erika and her Erika Jayne alter ego. It made no sense to me.

Obviously, this was a case of misdirecting anger, but still, Erika admitted that she’s happy that her breakdown was aimed at Eileen instead of another cast member. That seems like a weird sentiment to have after flipping out on your most loyal follower, but if you are going to mess up, it might as well be with the person who supports you most. They did recover from that meltdown quickly, so I get it.


If I was a betting woman, I would have put down money that Erika’s rant was aimed at Dorit Kemsley. I still cannot believe Eileen is the one she ended up snapping at.

In an interview with E! News, Erika admitted, “It’s great that it’s Eileen that I exploded on, quite honestly, because the others would’ve held it over my head and used it. Seriously.” Honestly, I’m a little surprised that Eileen didn’t drag that out for a story line. She brought up Lisa Vanderpump’s “affair” comment for two seasons.

But anyway, Erika shared, “Fortunately for me, we have that kind of friendship where she said, ‘Listen, I understand it was not directed towards me. You were frustrated.’ And I took it out on her.”

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Even though Erika knows things would have gone worse if she yelled at any other cast member, she did admit, “When it happened, I was very disappointed, not only in myself because I snapped at Eileen, who’s been nothing but a good friend, and it was very hard for me to watch all of that back. It’s kind of opening up old wounds. I am human, what can I say? And I was pushed to a point where, unfortunately, I exploded.”

I completely understand that Erika had to let her emotions out eventually, but she completely skewed Eileen‘s words. I felt vicariously embarrassed while watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, so I can only imagine how awkward Erika felt.

Erika continued, “I would never hurt Eileen Davidson. I did the wrong thing and I’ve taken accountability for it and I’ve apologized a million times.”

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Everyone makes mistakes. Most of just don’t do so on a popular reality TV show. Still, I feel like I was very misled by every single trailer for this season with that infamous “you don’t know what I go through every night” line. I wanted it to be in the middle of an actual fight, but unfortunately (for me…and Eileen) it was just some misdirected anger.

Obviously Erika’s major issues this year are with Dorit and her overly involved husband PK Kemsley. I wish she has exploded on him – there’s the finale and some reunion episodes left, so maybe there’s still a chance that will happen.

In regard to the troublesome twosome, Erika said, “They’ve made it very clear this year that I was their favorite thing to talk about. You have to take people’s opinions of you and consider the source. They don’t know me.” I have no idea if they are instructed to discuss Erika and it just gets a lot of air time or if they really do just talk about her all the time, but they pretty much have no story line other than shitting on Erika when they barely know her.


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