Shep Rose Discusses His Hook Up With Kathryn Dennis, His Love Triangle With Austen Kroll, & His Tension With Craig Conover

After such an epic saga of drama between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, it’s easy to forget that she also got with Shep Rose during the first season of Southern Charm. One person who didn’t forget was Shep himself who remembers that era pretty fondly and has no issue discussing it. Not that Shep really has an issue discussing anything. The man is an open book. He was really made for reality TV.

Shep discussed his upcoming love triangle with new cast members Austen Kroll and Chelsea Meissner– which I cannot wait for since Austen is the only formidable opponent that Shep has faced when it comes to wooing the ladies. He attempted to explain the odd dynamic between him and Craig Conover. And he even reminded us all that there was a person named Jenna in Season 1 of the show.


Shep appeared on the very first episode of Bachelor alum Olivia Caridi’s Mouthing Off podcast. As reality TV star herself, she knew exactly what to ask and Shep had no qualms answering everything she threw his way.

Olivia asked about Jenna King from the show’s first season- you know, the girl with the mohawk, but zero story line. Shep said, “I like her tremendously” and I thought he was going to stop at the polite answer, but he had more to add: “Unfortunately, she was outrageous in life, but she sort of dialed it back when the cameras were on for whatever reason.” Lame. He also shared, “And then she started dating the lead singer of a band and now she’s in LA. She lives a fabulous lifestyle.”

The conversation really got interesting when the two of them discussed Shep’s hookup with Kathryn– which seems like it happened a whole life time ago. Shep recalled, “Kathryn was quite sprightly. It was a lot of fun.” He described it as “wild, fun, and memorable in all the right ways.” Olivia asked where Kathryn ranked among Shep’s sexual conquests, and it was tough for him to narrow down such a long list, but he admitted, “she’s up there” and got a little more specific when he said, “top ten percent experiences. I remember it quite fondly.” I really need to watch that first season again. That was quite the era.

Onto some new stuff, Shep admitted, “I get involved in a love triangle like an idiot.” He kept it real and added, “It’s my fault. I’m the bad guy in this one.” I can’t really believe that. I feel like even when Shep does something wrong (which happens quite often), he’s still such an endearing character. It would take a lot for the viewers to turn on him.

It got even juicier though. Shep teased what we should expect to see in this love triangle with him, Austen, and Chelsea: “I tried to kiss a girl and he was sort of seeing her, but he refused to say he was seeing her. It was sort of like having your cake and eating it too.” That doesn’t make Shep sound totally villainous, but I guess we have to see how it’s all edited.

Shep recalled, “Cameran [Eubanks] was like ‘She likes you maybe’ and I just sort of fell into the trap and I tried to make out with her when they were sort of seeing each other, which is uncool.” Thanks, Cameran. Shep owned up to his mistake, but he also explained that Austen wasn’t exactly angelic in the scenario: “He kind of heard about it and spread some rumors about how it all went down that weren’t true. And I’m like ‘Listen, I’ll admit I was wrong, but you can’t embellish it to make me some kind of monster.”  He admitted, “I can’t believe I got involved.” Poor Shep, but I’m definitely excited to watch this all unfold.

Olivia questioned Shep about his strange relationship with Craig. She asked, “Why are you and Craig not into each other?” Shep declared, “We are nothing alike. He’s like a girl. He takes an hour to get ready. He’s sort of sensitive and I’m just like a big ape walking through life, grunting, and more like a man’s man.” I actually thought that they didn’t get along because they were so similar, but then again I don’t actually know these guys. Shep clarified, “We get along. I give him a hard time. He’s like my little brother or something. It’s weird.”

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