Sonja Morgan Says She Dated Jack Nicholson & Dorinda Medley Is “Always Drunk”

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 14070 -- Pictured: Sonja Morgan -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

It feels like Andy Cohen has a night off as the host whenever Sonja Morgan appears on Watch What Happens Live. He doesn’t have to push her to say much, yet Sonja delivers with amazing information that he wasn’t even asking for. She always comes through.

And last night’s episode was even crazier because Real Housewives enthusiast Michael Rapaport was also in the clubhouse. Sonja revealed a tryst with an A-list actor, accused Dorinda Medley of “always being drunk,”and clarified those racy photos of her on the floor with that stripper. If you missed the episode, you need to look for it online. It was just that good, but if you’re already reading this, then I got you covered with the show’s essential moments.


I didn’t think much of it when Andy had Sonja play a game where Sonja had to answer questions about who she would hypothetically date. Nevertheless, it got really interesting when Andy asks if she would date Jack Nicholson and and turned the tables by rhetorically asking, “Have I?” And then she was beyond chill about the whole thing when she nonchalantly declared, “He’s so much fun” while she reached out to high five Andy.

Andy and Michael were in total shock, but they were living for it. Sonja continued, “Who hasn’t [dated Jack Nicholson]? Don’t forget how old I am and don’t forget those days before cell phones with the old answering machines.”

When Andy asked if Sonja would ever go for Prince Charles she declared, “Too high profile. Don’t do that. That’s why I didn’t marry Prince Albert.” Is that really why? I don’t even care at this point. I stopped fact checking Sonja a long time ago and I don’t really care if her anecdotes from thirty years ago add up or not. I’m just here for the humorous stories.

After Sonja said that she wouldn’t date someone “too high profile,” Andy countered, “Jack Nicholson is pretty high profile.” Sonja dismissed it by saying, “That’s on the down low.” So of course, Andy couldn’t help stating the obvious: “Not anymore. Not really.” Definitely not.

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Sonja was so hilarious that I (almost) forgot about Real Housewives of New York….. until a viewer asked Sonja about that photo Dorinda showed during the last episode. Sonja continued her crusade against Dorinda by declaring, “I’m impervious to all that and we party all the time. Dorinda is always drunk at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Her acting that way at dinner parties – I’m used to that too.”

Sonja addressed the photo: “The thing about the strippers is I like to be a good guest. It was a bachelorette party and the stripper wasn’t actually turning me on or anything. All the other girls went first. Luann [de Lesseps] was with this whip like ‘Sonja. Sonja. Sonja.'” Why wasn’t this filmed for the show? It sounds like a meme-worthy scene to me.

Sonja continued, “I wasn’t drinking and I didn’t really want to, but I said, ‘Let me do a little doggy style.'” A few seconds later she added, “I had my clothes on.”

Because every single Real Housewives of New York interview comes back to Luann and Tom D’Agostino, a viewer called in and asked Sonja how likely it is that the couple will last and Sonja had surprising restraint when she answered. She redirected the question to Michael by saying, “I’ll leave that up to you because you don’t have to see her right away.”And I’m sure Luann is going to peeved about his answer: “If I was a betting man, I wouldn’t go further than mid-2018.” Yikes.

When the conversation moved to Sonja’s dating life, she revealed, “This season I’m dating Frenchie, but I’m also dating Rocco [Ancarola], but I’m intimate with Frenchie. One at a time.” I have no idea who Frenchie is, but I am all for watching a Sonja love triangle play out.


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo