Dorinda Medley Thinks Sonja Morgan Is More Intelligent Than She Seems; Teases A “Gangster Lunch” Coming Up On RHONY

It’s hard for me to remember Real Housewives of New York before Dorinda Medley joined the cast and I never want to go back to that era. She manages to keep it real, deliver hilarious one-liners, and check anyone who goes against her – all while managing to be extremely lovable.

Dorinda is someone who has an opinion on everything and everyone and this even includes reality stars who are on other Bravo shows. I have no idea how Dorinda wasn’t a Real Housewife sooner, but I (naively) hope she stays on this show forever, especially since she and Sonja Morgan seem to be cool again.


Dorinda stopped by my new favorite morning show/podcast The Morning Breath to discuss RHONY and other Bravolebrities. Dorinda told the hosts (and sisters) Claudia and Jackie Oshry, “The thing that I love about Real Housewives of New York is the way you see the women on TV is the way they are in real life. I think that’s very unique [compared] to a lot of the other Housewives.”

Cough, cough, Phaedra Parks. Actually, Dorinda wasn’t alluding to Phaedra at all, but that is just the first person who came to my mind when it comes to lying on reality TV.

Dorinda continued, “You can’t make it your vocation – the Housewives – it’s got to be real and seamless. I think the audience feels that with the kind of people who become a character.” Who is she talking about? I assumed it was Sonja and I was right, but she actually had a lot of nice things to say about her.

“I think you all know I’ve had this ongoing thing with Sonja. This whole ‘Grey gardens, crazy woman in a townhouse’ thing is not really Sonja. Sonja is actually a very smart, accomplished, interesting person. Sometimes I feel like role she’s playing on the Housewives – or not the role, but just who she is portraying – is not really who she is. She’s actually a very smart, clever woman. When you see Sonja off-camera, she’s actually well-read, has had incredible experiences, and is very intelligent.”

Dorinda also talked about what it’s like to be a reality TV star on the network. Dorinda shared, “It’s like a Bravo family. We’re in it together. We’re in it to win it. We know what we’re doing and it makes you sort of a special group of people.” She continued, “It’s so funny, when I see the girls from Vanderpump Rules, they always refer to me as ‘Mrs. Medley’ and I’m like ‘Stassi [Schroeder], I’m not that old.'”

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Claudia asked which Bravo show she would want to join or make a guest appearance on. Dorinda revealed, “I would love to be on Southern Charm.” I can’t see that, but I would love to see her in a “fish out of water” situation. She would straighten them all out. That’s for sure. Her other response, which made a lot more sense to me, was, “I like the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I like a little gangster and Gucci. I think I would be good on it.” Yes, she would. I feel like Dorinda is the hero that the New Jersey series desperately needs.

Of course, Dorinda was asked about her iconic one-liners and whether or not she knows that she is delivering great material in the moment. “No. I have no idea until I see them on TV. Who would have thought that ‘not well, bitch’ would have been iconic?” Everyone. I loved it (and rewound and replayed) that moment in the trailer before I ever had any idea of the context she said it in.

What else do we have to look forward to this season?

Dorinda revealed, “There’s sort of a gangster lunch coming up. In the Bronx. The setting is perfect.” Claudia asked, “Do you throw it down?” Dorinda admitted, “I go gangster. I think it’s the environment.” I don’t care what it is. I live for all of the scenes that involve Dorinda getting angry. As a fan, I feel bad that she’s upset, but I also can’t help being entertained by her rage.

She also talked about an upcoming cast trip to Mexico. She didn’t say a lot, but she did say, “What doesn’t go down in Mexico? We have so much fun.” I hope that vacation includes the scene of Luann de Lesseps taking that pitcher away from Sonja – another scene I loved before knowing any related context.


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