Cynthia Bailey Is Hurt That Kenya Moore Didn’t Invite Her To The Wedding;

It is still so hard to believe that Kenya Moore is actually married and apparently I’m not the only one who was (and is still) shocked by the news. Kenya’s girl Cynthia Bailey was caught off guard, but she did play along when Kenya asked her to refer to Kenya’s man by “Baby” instead of his actual name – which is very reminiscent to the Big Poppa era of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

As expected, NeNe Leakes wasn’t here for that nonsense. She went out of her way asking the questions the viewers want to know about Kenya’s mysterious marriage. Kenya maintained that it was a small ceremony and she didn’t even invite her own dad to walk her down the aisle, but Kandi Burruss pointed out that there was a good amount of people in the pictures. So why wasn’t Kenya’s “best friend” Cynthia included? SMH.

Cynthia discussed the Season 8 premiere episode in her Bravo blog. She admitted, “When I first heard that Kenya eloped, I honestly didn’t believe it — I thought it was a crazy rumor!” Didn’t we all?

Cynthia continued, “I knew that she was happily involved with someone, but I assumed that if she was that happy and was running off to St. Lucia to get married, I would have gotten a phone call! Once I spoke to Kenya, and she confirmed that it was true, of course I was beyond happy for her. However, I was a little hurt that I was not invited. I would have loved to have been there to support my beautiful friend for such a momentous and special occasion.” Poor, Cynthia.

The main event of the episode was Cynthia’s birthday party. Interestingly enough, she was super sad that her ex husband Peter Thomas was unable to attend. Cynthia shared, “Peter and I are in a great place. We are officially divorced, and we are friends. Once our marriage ended, it meant a lot to me to try to maintain a friendship. I pray that we will always be loving and respectful towards each other as friends. ”

Peter missed out on the shade fest between NeNe and Porsha Williams at Cynthia’s birthday party. Cynthia wrote, “I think Nene’s and Porsha’s argument at my birthday party was uncomfortable for both of them. When they were friends, I was not friends with either of them, so I have no idea how deep and how far back their issues stem.”

I don’t know how “deep” it goes either. It just seems like Porsha is challenging NeNe‘s position as the OG in this cast and NeNe is not here for it.

Cynthia continued, “Only they know the true value of the friendship they shared. I have had my own fair share of ups and downs in my friendships amongst our circle, and I have been able to at least be cordial with all the ladies regardless of our differences. Hopefully, these ladies will make up or be able to do the same in time.”

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[Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]

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