NeNe Leakes Thinks Kim Zolciak Wanted A Reaction Out Of Kenya Moore

The best part of the last Real Housewives of Atlanta episode was when Marlo Hampton calmly fixed NeNe Leakes’ hair while she was in the middle of yelling at Porsha Williams.

Porsha cannot get over NeNe answering a hypothetical question about who she would fire during a Watch What Happens Live appearance. NeNe will not own up to what she said and now she’s going in on Porsha on behalf of Kandi Burruss. I’m really just waiting for Kandi to blow up at Porsha since Porsha did spread rumors that Kandi wanted to date rape her, but Kandi refuses to acknowledge her existence… except for those Porsha shit talking sessions during her staff meetings.

That last episode had not one, but two screaming matches. The first one was between Kim Zolciak and Kenya Moore who got into a major fight at NeNe’s party. Kim questioned Kenya’s marriage to Marc Daly and Kenya accused Kim for “pimping out” her daughter Brielle Biermann for some John Legend tickets. And then Kroy Biermann appeared out of nowhere to remove Kim from the party. Was he just lurking behind the camera crew the whole time? Am I the only one who had no idea Kroy was there? Why was he wearing a grey shirt at an all white party?

Anyway, NeNe kept it cool for the beginning of the episode, even though the fight did go down at her home. She discussed the situation in her Bravo blog. NeNe admitted, “After Kim and Kenya’s blow up, I was thinking, ‘Stay calm, NeNe.'”

I was truthfully surprised when NeNe didn’t step into the argument after Kim broke some glasses en route to charging toward Kenya, but she really did keep her cool. NeNe wrote, “Now, I know for sure had I broke anything in any of these girls’ home, I would have been called every name in the book!” Absolutely. She also theorized, “Kim wanted a reaction out of Kenya, and she got one — just not the one she wanted.” Of course she did. She’s earning those paychecks.

NeNe saved her voice to scream at Porsha during the group trip to San Francisco. She admitted, “I wasn’t surprised things went left between me and Porsha — we hadn’t been on the same page in over two years!” Why is Porsha so offended that NeNe doesn’t like her when she hasn’t liked her for YEARS? Oh right, NeNe wasn’t a main cast member for the past couple seasons. Now that NeNe is front and center again, Porsha is super offended.

NeNe added, “But what I am surprised about is the fact that she’s making the fallout about my appearance on #WWHL, which is far from the truth.” Callers ask hypothetical questions all the time on that show. Porsha has been a guest on the show. She knows how it works. Porsha wasn’t fired or demoted (again). She is really reaching for story lines this year. From becoming a “baby vegan” to living with her sister to beefing with NeNe over this one random comment, it’s just a little too much, yet not enough at the same time.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]