Jax Taylor Says Lady Gaga Asked To See A Photo Of Brittany Cartwright’s Boobs

The fun perk about working at SUR or even “working” at SUR on Vanderpump Rules are the famous customers that come into the restaurant. It gets even cooler when bona fide celebrities are actually super fans of the reality stars that are on the show.

As an OG Vanderpump Rules cast member, Jax Taylor has met plenty of A-list celebrities, but Lady Gaga is the one who had a pretty odd request for him.

During an appearance on The Morning BreathJax shared, “I went to dinner with Lisa [Vanderpump] and Lady Gaga one time.” That is a cool enough story on its own, but it gets even more interesting and it involves Jax’s girlfriend Brittany Cartwright. Jax revealed, “She didn’t even say hi or anything. The first thing she said was, ‘Jax, sit down. I need to see a picture of Brittany’s boobs and who is her doctor?'”

Jax added, “What an ice breaker.” It sure was. Did Jax end up showing Gaga a photo though? I have to assume he did, but he didn’t confirm during the episode.

Moving on, Brittany theorized about why she gets along with the rest of the cast: “I think that with those girls they just have some sort of history where things have happened in the past that they just can’t get over or something. I came later so I didn’t have to go through all those drama years that made them dislike each other. I’m friends with them so they try not to talk badly or do things like that. They’ve all been there for me really hardcore this summer, you will see. I just love them all.”

Brittany truly is the saint of SUR. She even gets along with all of Jax’s exes and former hookups – including Stassi Schroeder. Brittany said, “I don’t think it’s weird at all. Everybody thinks it should be weird for me, but I didn’t know them when they were dating. It’s not like me and Stassi were friends before.” Jax interjected with, “And it was years ago and with Rachael too. They were all getting ready in my room last night.” It’s definitely not common, but props to them to them all for getting along.

When asked if everyone in the cast is friends with Lala Kent at this moment, Jax joked, “As long as she doesn’t talk in third person.” I can’t help agreeing with that suggestion. Brittany admitted, “I’m just glad I got to actually know her because I didn’t get a chance. She came across a lot different this time than everybody myself included thought.”

Then the conversation turned to Scheana Marie’s relationship with Robert Valletta. In unison, Jax and Brittany said, “I love Rob.” They were asked if they think Scheana “moved on a little too fast,” and Jax said, “Me personally, in my opinion: yes. I think she should be single for a little bit. I think sometimes she’s a little co-dependent, but a lot of people are.” Brittany pointed out the obvious hypocrisy there: “He told me to move to LA the first night I met him.” That’s just how this crew works, I guess.

Only two episodes into the season and it’s clear that Scheana is all about her new relationship this season and she’s thrown a lot of shade toward her ex Mike Shay. Brittany and Jax were asked if Shay is going to appear on Season 6, they both awkwardly said “oh” in unison, which sounds like a “yes” to me.

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