Scheana Marie Says She Is The “Most Selfless Person Ever” & Reveals What She Did With Her Giant Wedding Photos

Once again, Scheana Marie is on the outs with Kristen Doute, Stassi Schroeder, and Katie Maloney on Vanderpump Rules. The cycle really never ends: Scheana wants to be friends with the trio and when she’s friends with them, she can’t take it, and then they start feuding- but will they become friends again? Only time will tell, but based on past history, it is likely. No matter how ugly things get within this cast, they all manage to find forgiveness somehow.

Aside from power tripping and uninviting Katie and Stassi from events, Scheana’s other focus this season is her relationship with Robert Valletta. So of course she made some decor changes to her apartment that she shared with her ex husband Mike Shay. Yes, that includes those notoriously large wedding photos that were plastered on the walls.

Scheana dished on the new season and shared some life updates during an appearance on The Morning Breath. When asked if Shay will be on this season, Scheana said, “Not with me, possibly with other cast members.” That sounds like a “yes” to me.

Pretty much no one is surprised to learn that Scheana kept the solo shots from her wedding. Scheana said, “You see the one of me still hanging in my bedroom because at this point it’s like a joke.” Even so, she did defend herself, asking, “Lisa Vanderpump has pictures of herself all over her house and that’s not weird? And hers are like ten times the size of mine. But that’s OK?”

What about the wedding photos that included Shay? Scheana revealed, “There was one donated to the Museum of Broken Relationships.”

And it wouldn’t be an interview with Scheana if she didn’t talk shit about Katie, Kristen, and Stassi. Scheana said, “No one speaks to me the way you do and you say I was when your best friend I was one of your bridesmaids yet, you’re constantly insulting me judging me and critiquing everything I do. Even if I try to explain myself, it’s like I was always in the wrong.” She continued, “No one coaches me. I’m being a friend other than you three girls. I am very good friend. I am the most selfless person ever, but they think I’m selfish.”

Scheana said, “We don’t talk a lot but when I see them we’re fine we’re cordial were cool. We have Brittany [Cartwright] who kind of keeps us all together, but I just felt like there were three people I didn’t need to be close and best friends with anymore. It just wasn’t bringing any positivity into my life. It was just frustrating more than anything and Rob was sick of me being like ‘Stassi this’ and ‘Kristin that.’ It was just like annoying.”

When discussing her move to Las Vegas to star in the play Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, Scheana said, “I got this opportunity and it’s the first time going to be doing something for myself in years. I’m really excited.” The first time in years? I don’t know about that one, but it definitely sounds like a good idea for Scheana to get away from Los Angeles if she’s at odds with people in the cast.

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