Melissa Gorga Wants To Collaborate With Erika Jayne; Shares Where She Stands With Former Cast Mates Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, & Amber Marchese

There are few things that I love more than a Real Housewife attempting a music career. If the song is great, then that gives me another bop to listen to. If the song is terrible, it’s entertaining for a totally different reason. I will listen to it just as much (if not more). It’s really a win-win for the super fans like myself.

That’s why I miss Melissa Gorga’s early days on Real Housewives of New Jersey when she wanted to be a pop star and her husband built a recording studio in their basement. These days she is caught up with her clothing story Envy and all of that restaurant drama, but if she ever wanted to record another song, I would be all for it.

During her appearance on The Morning Breath, Melissa named Erika Jayne when she was asked who she would want to collaborate with. She said, “We would just put on a g-string and rock it somewhere with like diamonds and furs.”

Still, Melissa did seem pretty hesitant to get back into the music. She admitted, “I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t. It would only be for fun. I don’t take myself seriously with that at all. I know there’s a couple that do and I won’t mention any names that are very serious and think it’s like a real thing. I don’t. I do it truly for fun.”

Reflecting on the most recent Real Housewives of New Jersey season, Melissa addressed that memorial controversy from episode one. Margaret Josephs planned a memorial for Teresa Giudice (who she met the day before) to commemorate her mother (who she never met) and Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania were not included.

Melissa explained, “I think the reason [Siggy] wasn’t invited to the wreath thing is that it was pretty bad the night before. It was to a point where no one was speaking. She was calling us ‘this Jersey trash’ and we were all like, where are you from? Cherry Hill. We were all pissed off.”

The Morning Breath host Claudia Oshry said, “As far as things people should do in social situations, Margaret should have probably given a heads up.” Melissa admitted, “I agree. I actually said in that situation should Dolores and Siggy have been there? Yes. I think Margaret has apologized over and over.”

Later in the interview, Melissa said, “Jersey is the hardest franchise to cast,” which we all saw during Season 6 when Amber Marchese and those twins were cast as Housewives. Amber joined the show as “a friend of Melissa’s,” but that connection was highly exaggerated on the show. Melissa explained, “We knew each other back in the day, not even high school, but we like went clubbing together. It was like those friends that you didn’t grow up with, but you went out with for years, we went to every night club.”

Melissa continued, “So she just popped up on the show and she was like ‘Hey so you never called me when I was sick.’ And it’s like I haven’t seen you in ten years. I am confused. It was a lot of change at once.” Thankfully that only lasted for one season.

Melissa was asked if she’s in contact with any of the Manzos or Jacqueline Laurita. Melissa shared, “No. I don’t not like the Manzos. I actually love them all.” She didn’t comment on Jacqueline specifically, but that lack of comment really does say a lot.

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