Brittany Cartwright and Ariana Madix

Watching Brittany Cartwright during her last appearance on Watch What Happens Live made me want to leap through the screen and give her a hug. It really seemed like she was on the verge of tears every single time Andy Cohen brought up Jax Taylor cheating on her with Faith Stowers– which happened for the entire half hour episode.

Thankfully she had Ariana Madix on hand for support. The two of them discussed Jax’s cheating (obviously), the allegations that Tom Schwartz made out with someone that wasn’t his wife Katie Maloney, and get ready for this: Ariana’s friendship with Kristen Doute. It is possible for every person on this show to get along (no matter what issues they have or what mean things they’ve done to each other) and it absolutely amazes me.

Andy told Brittany, “You’re nervous about being here.” She admitted, “I’m very nervous,” but she really didn’t have to say it. It was so clear that she was uncomfortable and upset to discuss this cheating saga months later. Still, Andy asked, “What are you nervous about?” She shared, “Just because it’s been very, very hard this season. I know everybody has their opinions and it’s just a hard thing to deal with everyday.”

Andy asked Brittany about Jax rocking a wedding ring in all of his Instagram videos. Did they get married? Brittany said, “No. He likes to wear it. I think he’s like getting the itch or something. I know that seems crazy right now because of the show.”

Even though Brittany was uncomfortable with the topic, that didn’t stop Andy from going in with the questions. He told her, “Jax successfully changed the narrative from what was on the tape to the fact that you had brought it out. How did you let him do that? Or did I miss something?” Brittany answered, “Everything can’t be shown on the show. We did go out for a long time over that. I was so pissed about him trying to turn it. I thought he was just trying to turn everything around on me and trying to make me feel guilty.” Clearly.

Andy said “I don’t want to go hard on you,” before asking her yet another uncomfortable question. He told Brittany, “He said on the tape that he was not going to settle down with you and there’s no attraction there. So why take him back after hearing him say that? Did he retract what he said on the tape?”

Brittany shared, “Oh, he definitely retracted it. A bunch of times. About everything that he said. Obviously we know that things were said like that. I don’t know how to explain it. I was so confused. I was loving him. I was hating him. I couldn’t stand to be around him. Then, I want to him to be around me all the time. It was just such a confusing time.”

Andy asked Ariana, “When you watched it back, was that really the best time to tell her [about the tape]? Ariana admitted, “No, it wasn’t the best time.” She continued, “When Lala [Kent] brought it up and said ‘do you want to ruin her night or do you want to ruin her life,’ the wheels were set in motion. The only way I could’ve stopped her from playing if that night is if I went after her, grabbed her and pulled her to the side and said ‘don’t do this right now’ and I was not in the mindset to make that kind of move.”

Switching gears to another cheating story line on this show, Andy asked Ariana and Brittany if they think Rob Valletta cheated on Scheana Marie. Ariana said, “I don’t personally. I was with them that night so unless Rob has some sort of make out wizard I don’t understand how he could somehow sneak away from Scheana and I when we were all together and done that.”

Unfortunately for Brittany she wasn’t done getting interrogated about Jax cheating on her. She explained, “I guess that I was just very hopeful and I said that I wanted to use my experiences to judge him. I never ever thought that I would stay with him if he cheated on me. Ever. Whenever you go through situation like that your feelings don’t just go away for somebody that you love as much as I love Jax. I wish they could and I knew in my heart that I should leave him, but I don’t know when you just have that strong of feeling for someone you can’t just wish it away.” Andy twisted the knife even further by asking, “Is this the only time he has cheated?” She said, “Yeah,” followed by, “I would hope so.”

Andy wondered if Brittany talked to Faith since the cheating came to light and she shared, “I sent her a couple texts just trying to get her to admit things because I thought she was my friend and obviously she’s not. She just never said anything to me.” But she had a lot to say in several interviews.

A viewer wanted to know if Ariana would stay with Tom Sandoval if he did the same thing. Ariana admitted, “I personally do not think that I would’ve stayed with Tom. What I admire about her is her strength and maybe a way that maybe people are not seeing. She is so strong that no matter what happens in this world she will always continue to see the good. I feel like that’s such a wonderful quality in a person and that’s part of why I love her so much.” Brittany told her, “I’m gonna cry. That’s really sweet.” She already looked like she was on the verge of tears for the entire episode, so at least this time it was for a good reason.

Andy wondered, “Do both of you not believe that Schwartz hooked up with Lala’s friend?” Ariana said, “No, I think he did.” Brittany said,  “Hooked up? I think he made out with her.” Ariana confirmed, “I think he made out with her.” So many cheating scandals this season.

A fan called in and told Ariana, “I was wondering how close you and Kristen are now.” Ariana shared, “Kristen and I had a really lovely time together in Vegas before Christmas. After World Dog Day last year during Season 5 Tom and I actually went over to her house. We’ve been pretty cool for quite a while. I feel like there’s always going to be things we disagree on, but we know how to have fun.” I’m all for that.

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