Scheana is obsessed with Rob

We need more of Scheana Marie’s mom Erika van Olphen on Vanderpump Rules. Sure, we’ve seen her and Scheana go for manicures here and there, but based on social media, I would like her to have a recurring role on the show. With the constantly shifting cast dynamic, Scheana seems like the odd girl out these days and she could really use someone in her corner.

Scheana’s mom is livid after Summer House cast member Carl Radke discussed their hookup during a Watch What Happens Live episode. Before Carl’s appearance on the show, his costar Stephen McGee and Vanderpump Rules cast members Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute all claimed that Carl and Scheana had sex. Scheana and her mom denied this on Twitter, of course. After Carl’s Watch What Happens Live episode aired, Scheana’s mom is on the defensive, yet again.

A couple weeks ago Erika tweeted,”So @stephenmcgeeee Because Scheana knew where “cups” were at his apt that means they had sex? So lame…Maybe she can get you a cup…you sound a little thirsty.” After Carl’s hookup confirmation, Stephen added, “Sooooo… about that…” to Erika’s tweet and then she went off.

Erika tweeted, “If kissing is “hooking up” then so be it…But @carlradke Be an honest man & set the record straight that you NEVER had SEX w @scheana like @stephenmcgeeee and you have insinuated..SMH.” Aside from coming to Scheana’s defense, Erika shined the spotlight on Carl and Stephen when she mentioned their Twitter handles in her post.

Carl responded with, “I never said we had sex. I said we hooked up. Sorry for any confusion. Can we all move on with our lives now?” But what does that even mean? “Hook up” is an eternally vague term. Was Carl just trying to get Scheana’s mom out of his mentions or is he just back-tracking?

Someone tweeted Erika, “I’m sure she feels like now this is a little embarrassing….” She fired back with “No shes not all..They kissed..That’s not SEX!”

In response to a tweet that said “Oh even Stephen referenced it! We had to! I think it’s sad you can’t see the truth when stated on national tv LOL,” Erika wrote, “Because you know Scheana and you know the” Maybe she should take some advice from another Erika. Erika Girardi once said, “The more you talk about shit, the worse it gets.” Nevertheless, I don’t blame her for defending her daughter when so many people are talking about her private life in a very public forum.

Someone wondered, “But why do you care about your daughters sex life so much? and who cares if they did or didn’t…Carl’s hot!” That last part is debatable. Nevertheless, Erika insisted, “She’s a grown ass woman at 32 and can do whatever she wants..I don’t care about her ‘sex life’ But I do care about the truth!”

The next move would be to have Scheana, Carl, and Stephen as guests on Watch What Happens Live with Scheana’s mom Erika as the bartender. Now that would make for some must-see TV. Hopefully Andy Cohen (or a Watch What Happens Live intern) is reading this.

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