Carl Radke Admits To Hook Up With Scheana Marie; Lala Kent Refuses To Acknowledge Faith Stowers’ Existence

Carl Radke Admits To Hook Up With Scheana Marie; Lala Kent Refuses To Acknowledge Faith Stowers’ Existence

I have been waiting for this moment forever. Well, it actually hasn’t been too long. Truthfully, I have only been waiting for this moment for about a month: Summer House cast member Carl Radke finally showed up to the clubhouse to discuss those rumors that he hooked up with Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie. This has been discussed on many episodes of Watch What Happens Live and during podcast interviews by Stephen McGee, Kristen Doute, and Stassi Schroeder. Obviously Scheana (and her mom) denied the claims, but Carl showed up to share his version of events. Spoiler alert: it is very different than Scheana’s.

Joining Carl and Andy Cohen in the clubhouse was Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent. She discussed her newfound friendships with Katie Maloney, Kristen, and Stassi. She even commented on the speculation about James Kennedy and Logan Noh being more than just friends, and all of the other hot topics this season.

Andy not-so-subtly said, “Carl and Scheana have been a hot topic in the clubhouse lately. Did you know that?” Carl admitted, “I heard actually.” Andy pushed, “So this is true? You and Scheana hooked up.” Without hesitation, Carl confessed, “Scheana and I hooked up. Yes.” And at that very moment, I’m sure Carl’s phone was blowing up with messages from Scheana.

As angry as that admission (most likely) made Scheana, Andy was eating it up. He even referred to it as “very exciting,” and I could not agree more. Carl hypothesized, “I think what she was upset about was that other people were talking about it on our behalf which is frustrating because Kristen was not there, Stassi was not there, and Stephen was not there either.” Well yeah, duh. It disrupts her attempt to steer the narrative about her perfect relationship/non-relationship with Super Man, I mean Rob Valletta.

Andy asked what we all wanted to know: “How many times did it happen?” After a long hesitation and an audible “uhhhhh,” Carl confessed, “two times.” Andy was living for this and said, “Two times? Wow. Will it happen again?” Carl teased, “You’ve got to watch this episode coming up next week.” Andy was taken aback and said, “Oh wow.” Carl admitted, “I’m just kidding.” I figured Andy, of all people, would know what’s coming up on a Bravo show, but maybe he’s behind on Summer House?

Andy was up-to-date enough to share, “Tonight on Summer House, you revealed that you have three balls.” Carl clarified, “I don’t have three stand-alone balls. It’s a common condition for some men when they’re eighteen and hitting puberty. I developed a little side growth.” Ummmmm. Carl added, “No girl has ever noticed. I just open up about it.” But, why?

Then Andy polled the viewers to ask, “Do you think James and Lala are actually meant to be together?”95% of viewers answered “no” to that question and Lala was nothing short of ecstatic. She got up, gave the voters a standing ovation, and declared, “That’s right.”

Andy pointed out, “You both refer to [yourselves] in the third person, which is interesting.” Thankfully Lala admitted, “I’ve tried to stop.” It was hard to tell if Andy was lying or not, but he told her, “I like it.” Really? If he really liked it that much, wouldn’t he have said “Andy likes it”?

Thanks to Andy’s encouragement, Carl continued to spill some tea. Andy said, “Stephen said that you said that the best head you’ve gotten was from a guy. What can you tell me about this?”

Carl provided a very lengthy explanation: “I can tell you this, Andy. I am a straight man. I am very confident in my sexuality. Stephen is actually one of my first gay friends. I told him something. Yeah, I didn’t really know how to communicate it to him, but I made more of a joke than I should have. I told him very private information about something that happened to me when I was 22. It took me ten years to come to grips with that and share it with someone. I shared with one of my gay friends, somehow that permeated to other people finding out, and here I am having a conversation. Honestly, I feel like he betrayed my trust. You guys have to tune in next week. It’s gonna unfold, but I’m a straight guy. I’m confident in myself. Unfortunately, crazy shit happens.”

A viewer asked Carl, “Did you really think that you and Lauren [Wirkus] weren’t in an exclusive relationship?” Carl kept it real and admitted, “Listen, guys are dumb. Throw rocks at them.” Then he backtracked and claimed, “We never had that conversation.” Alright, Carl. Even if that is the case, it is very obvious that Lauren was under a different impression and he just lead her on.

A caller asked Lala, “What’s your friendship status with Faith [Stowers]? Was she mad when you played the recording of Jax [Taylor] for Brittany [Cartwright]?” Lala channeled her inner Mariah Carey when she replied with, “Who’s Faith?”

Then, Lala shared her perspective on James and Logan’s relationship. She said, “I have never seen anything that would lead me to believe that they hook up. I think they have a great friendship. I think that Logan is very much down for the cause as far as James goes. You know what, whatever happens between them behind closed doors is their business. It doesn’t affect my life.”

A fan called in and said, “I wonder what James adds to [Lala’s] life that she puts up with all his nonsense?” Lala admitted, “You know what, my love, that is a great question. I just recently realized: nothing. And that’s what it is.” So are they still friends? That is abundantly unclear. Or are they beefing? Again.

One thing that is very clear is that Lala is actually on very good terms with Stassi, Kristen, and Katie these days. She shared, “Honestly, at the beginning I felt that maybe there was a motive behind it and then I think they saw that I’m not so bad. We have a genuine friendship now. I have nothing bad to say about those girls. Katie was born in Utah. I’m sorry, we don’t breed bad people in Utah, do we mama?” She directed that last part at her adorable mother who was sitting in the audience- wearing a shirt with Lala’s face plastered all over it.

Lala’s mom wasn’t the only one on hand for support. Lala’s man Randall Emmett was in the clubhouse (but away from the cameras) as well. Before the episode ended, Andy shared, “And by the way, he’s here with you tonight, which is really nice.”

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Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo