Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave: “Dorit Kemsley Is Looking To Turn The Blame On Me For The Words She Said”

I hate to admit this, but Dorit Kemsley is carrying this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on her back. If Dorit wasn’t around, we would be subjected to a show about glam squads, home renovations, and endless self-promotion. As irritating as Dorit can be, especially when she’s coming for my beloved Camille Grammer, she is the only one bringing the drama.

Obviously Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is not a fan of Dorit’s and I don’t blame her, but hopefully on some level she is grateful for Dorit giving her a story line and an opportunity to get the viewers on her side.

Teddi discussed the last painfully boring last episode in her Bravo blog post. She wrote, “I wasn’t going to fall into the trap that is the merry-go-round of Dorit’s mind. We discussed it at length in NYC, I absolutely took ownership of what I said, and I have nothing left to add. It’s the same point I’ve made before: Just own what you said, apologize, and move on. Plus, that wind was about to rip the extensions out of my head!”

Teddi even came for Erika Girardi: “As to Erika’s ‘don’t get in the fight, then back up’— I didn’t back up anywhere. I was very direct with everyone, including Dorit, in NYC about what was said. So the only thing that needs to be backed up is the bus she’s trying to throw me under.”

Is Erika really trying to “throw Teddi under the bus”? Erika is just here to show off her outfits and promote her book. I feel like Erika could not care less about Teddi and she’s just trying to keep things copacetic with Dorit after the shit storm of drama they experienced last season.

Teddi continued to discuss Dorit and Erika: “Also, both ladies use the word “bashing,” but it’s a little extreme and hyperbolic (thanks, thesaurus!). It’s also a word I see used to describe my talking heads sometimes. Yes, I can be shady when speaking my truth and insight into a person or situation, but let’s please not confuse that with ‘bashing’ somebody’s character or person. The irony of this is they’re doing exactly what they say I’m doing— making it much bigger than it was.”

Teddi explained, “I told Kyle [Richards] what was said, and when Lisa Vanderpump asked me about it, I specifically made a point that I do not think Dorit was saying anything to be malicious. I’m not Merriam-Webster, but I don’t think that constitutes as saying Dorit was ‘bashing’ anybody. The only reason this is all now a ‘big deal’ is because Dorit refuses to take accountability (this session is free, Dorit) and is looking to turn the blame on me for the words she said. And remember, Erika, you agreed with me that your feelings would be hurt if you were in LVP’s shoes. ‘I would be a little pissed. The truth is, yes,’ as you and I walked up the stairs in NYC.” Fair point. Erika did say that, but made sure not to share her opinion in front of Lisa, Dorit, or Kyle. She knows what she’s doing or at least she did in that moment- it looks like that comment will come back to get her based on the previews in the next episode.

Teddi concluded, “Lisa Vanderpump’s birthday starts with us laughing our glasses off, but, after I wipe the brown off my nose (I mean, that pink bareback pad, come on), quickly devolves into a bunch a ribbing and gags, and Dorit’s out the door. But you know what they say—you can’t continue to poke a Teddi bear or that Teddi bitch may bite back.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]