More Drama From Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Revealed; Kenya Moore Is Back

This season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta has been light on drama, but apparently the reunion more than made up for it. Kenya Moore returned in full form to have arguments with almost everyone. I guess rumors about her job being in jeopardy were true and girl realized she better act fast.

Last week, Bravo released the reunion seating chart, which showed Kenya in the last seat on a the sofa – a place she’s never previously occupied courtesy of her s#*t-starting ways. Kenya’s peach is reportedly about to be smashed over her refusal to film for most of the season and her secret marriage (including her allegedly difficult to deal with husband). However, sources reveal that on the couches Kenya whipped out the trump card by announcing that she’s finally pregnant and is due before the end of the year. Kenya’s husband Marc also may make an appearance. 

Possibly substantiating that she’s expecting in a recent instagram postKenya gushed, “Never Give Up. Not an announcement just encouragement.”

Much of the reunion was dominated by NeNe Leakes arguing with Kim Zolciak over Roachgate – which Kenya also got involved in. It was a heated argument where MANY insults were flung. Kenya piled on due to her own messy moments with Kim about Kenya’s marriage.

Love B Scott reports that Kim tried to ignore Kenya completely so Kenya got up and sat right beside NeNe, in between her and Kim. Kim got so angry she stormed off the set, crying. Kroy was probably waiting right in the wings to whisk her away (and this is likely the end of Kim returning to RHOA).

Brielle hinted that Kim was a major target in a series of tweets she made after the reunion filmed.

Kenya, the busy bee, also got into it with Marlo Hampton over Marlo’s claims that Kenya’s marriage was fake. Kenya used some old drama with NeNe to prop up her anger.

These women are either fighting against NeNe, or they’re fighting over NeNe and for NeNe. Anyway, Kenya disclosed the terrible secret of what Marlo did to NeNe that caused their friendship to [temporarily] end.

Apparently, Marlo tried to blackmail NeNe. Remember when NeNe and Gregg separated and NeNe was “dating” that creepy guy John Kolaj? At the reunion Kenya claimed Marlo got John drunk, invited him over, and gave him a massage, then somehow got into his phone to screenshot explicit text conversations between him and NeNe. Ew and Yuck. Then Marlo allegedly threatened to show Gregg the messages.

During this time Kenya was actually friends with Marlo – but not friends with NeNe – which explains how she knew about it. Marlo’s motives for the betrayal aren’t made clear. Maybe it was so NeNe would put in the word to get Marlo hired on RHOA? Marlo was a bridesmaid in NeNe’s re-wedding… so I’m guessing the alleged blackmail happened AFTER? NeNe did previously send Kenya and Claudia Jordan Cease & Desist letters before quitting the show.

Interesting. (Psst: Kenya has a close relationship with LoveBScott, so the source for this is likely well connected to Mrs. Daly and therefore the scoop pretty legit).

In other news, Eva Marcille made an appearance to deny being a lesbian. Sheree and Cynthia were fairly quiet, and Porsha apologized again for last season and possibly made amends with Kandi.

A major casting shake-up is also rumored to be in the works for next season, but I assume we’ll see most of the major players back with possibly Cynthia leaving and Kenya landing a spinoff of some sorts?


[Photo Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images]