NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes was on top of the world, but on last night’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta it all came tumbling down. Can NeNe ever be put back together again after her great fall?

NeNe is officially in a twitter war (and every other kind of war) with Kim Zolciak and Brielle Biermann. It’s gone beyond nasty into libel territory and Orkin definitely needs to exterminate this mess. It’s actually making me think less of two women, whom I’ve never managed to muster a decent opinion of in the first place. This is the magic of Bravo: nasty people behaving more badly. You can read all the details here.

Sadly this twitter insanity is probably the crowning achievement of Brielle’s young life – a momentous rise to attention and spotlight, and a chance to eke out of Kim’s shadow into her own Housewives drama. Kim pretends she is ‘protecting her daughter’ by lashing out, but like always Kim is propelling Brielle to be involved. Is it wrong for NeNe to come at Kim’s daughter, even though Brielle A) provoked it; and B) Is an adult?

Kim and Brielle manufactured the situation when they not only took a video in NeNe’s home without permission, but then shared it with everyone else on RHOA – during filming – and claimed it was evidence that NeNe lives a filthy life with cockroaches. NeNe is devastated that her beautiful, new home is being dragged through the muddy backyard of a renovated foreclosure for Kim’s gain. Of course NeNe then shared the video on social media to use as an example that Kim is racist for calling “water bugs” roaches, thus comparing her house to the projects.

It’s been very unclear to me how Brielle even got into NeNe’s house, but it turns out BRENTT invited her! Kinda. Teenage rebellion is a helluva thing.

While NeNe was hosting her Clams and Their Salamis Pure Viginal Snow In Sadistic Humidity party (which Kim also came uninvited to), Brielle texted Brentt to say she was in the neighborhood and wanted to drop by. That’s when she stole into NeNe’s bathroom, James Bond-style, and took a video featuring the bugs. They aren’t roaches of the gross brown cockroaches prolific in city apartments, but giant black beetle things, yet Brielle and Kim keep referring to them as “roaches,” implying that NeNe’s filthy house caused their presence.

Kim Zolciak

NeNe decides Brielle and Kim are therefore “racist” because she’s done some things before “that make you go hmmmm…” and it gets heated and awful on twitter. While NeNe is discussing this humiliation with Gregg and Brentt, Kim is over at Sheree Whitfield‘s house going IN on NeNe the “devil bitch.” Kim again accuses NeNe of being “on something”. Also, she hired an attorney and security because NeNe’s racism accusations led to death threats.

Instead of spending thousands to get yet another new face and wig to use as a disguise, Kim’s attorney sent NeNe a “sis and deceased” or maybe it’s a “cyst and diseased” letter. You know, a CEASE AND DESIST. Why can no housewives pronounce this correctly?


Now NeNe said some pretty unforgivable things to Brielle. Like: “We don’t have roaches! If you found 1, u brought it with u or it fell outta yo funky pu$$y! Go somewhere and let the air outta those fake lips, fake titties and fake ass because you will never be @kyliejenner. Yo trashy mama should have taught you better! My home is Brand New but you guys were so jealous of it, you couldn’t even give a compliment. You had to stoop so low and be so disgusting #racisttrash.”

NeNe since deleted this, but I have the power of “pause” on my DVR so I typed it out word-for-word for all you lucky people to enjoy for time infinitum. (Cockroaches and this quote will both survive a nuclear holocaust). By the time the new RHOA confessional taped, NeNe had apparently paid attention to that cease and desist amended her stance because she called Brielle a “beautiful girl” and blamed Kim for her fall from grace. Or maybe NeNe is just on a redemption tour after being kicked off the Xscape tour?

Here’s where I stand on the issue: NeNe’s reaction was unwarrantedly over-the-top, but Brielle and Kim purposely did this this, knowing the reaction it would provoke. They came for NeNe, and now they’re trying to play victim. Also, I do not believe Kim was receiving death threats and feared for the lives of her “SIX BAAAAAAABIES”. Can’t Kroy’s [former] NFL arms protect them?

Sheree Whitfield

Sheree pretends to be scandalized by all Kim’s accusations about NeNe as she hides her smirks. She does, tepidly, tell Kim she shouldn’t have sent the video or involved Brielle, but Sheree is certainly pleased to see NeNe being trashed. More than a racist, I think Kim is a roach; a scuttling bug slithering underneath everyone’s skirts desperately looking for some drama to nibble on to give everyone the scares.

After meeting with Kim, Sheree puts on a new personality to have a civilized lunch with Kandi Burruss. By this time NeNe is in the second stage of life-ruining drama. Still reeling and emotionally raw from her issues with Kim, she got into a heated exchange with an audience member during one of her comedy shows and NeNe told the woman she hoped she’d get raped by her Uber driver. Ostensibly, NeNe was making a joke about Uber, one which warned women to watch out for drivers taking them to “Hello Kitty” when the audience member (an Uber employee?) told NeNe to go “kill yourself.” NeNe snapped, and as a result has been removed from Kandi’s Xscape reunion tour.

Kandi is finding herself in an interesting predicament. Last year, Porsha Williams accused Kandi of trying to drug and rape her, and Kandi is STILL mad (not even Mama Joyce can convince Kandi into forgiving Porsha – and Mama Joyce is the evil dictator of Atlanta), yet Kandi advocated for NeNe to stay on the tour despite her rape comment. Sheree is shocked as Kandi defends NeNe’s outburst as just a lapse in judgement. Kandi actually wanted NeNe to remain a part of the tour, but the promoter and other group members out-voted her to have NeNe removed because of negative publicity. And also she might bring roaches water bugs on the tour bus. Kandi also doesn’t believe Kim’s racist, but that the video went way too far and towed a narrow line that brings up sensitive racial stereotypes. Since Kim invited Kandi to a reunion lunch, Sheree encourages her to be honest about how she’s feeling about all the drama.

I too am surprised by how calm Kandi is being about this, especially considering her experiences last season. I mean, huh? Why is Kandi being so ‘understanding’? Does she just not want NeNe to dig up any ‘roaches’ she may have scuttling around?

Furthermore, Kim’s invitation to Kandi is more transparent than most of Marlo Hampton‘s wardrobe. As soon as NeNe is looking oh-so-bad, and in another potential falling out with Kandi, Kim wants to make amends? Again, Kim’s not a racist – she’s a roach.

Porsha Williams

Well at least Porsha no longer has issues with NeNe! After Barcelona they’re once again friendly. Ish. Queen peach or not, Porsha has decided against taking NeNe’s advice to beg everyone’s forgiveness for “royally” f–king up.

NeNe Leakes admits she made mistakes

Since NeNe is really feeling so blue (and wearing it too), Marlo and Cynthia Bailey visit to cheer her up. This is a way for NeNe to publicly apologize and explain her behavior, all glammed up and professionally coordinated by the Bravo PR team. NeNe already offered a tearful apology on instagram, but in front of her friends while Cynthia eats a cupcake, then slurps watermelon, and everything else in front of her, NeNe eats her words.

NeNe cries about how she over-reacted and let anger get the better of her and now, even worse, she’s potentially let petty drama with Kim undermine and ruin her career. So she basically let KIM get the best of her! While comforting her, Cynthia also lectures NeNe on how she must go see Porsha’s anger management coach for some tips. But NeNe is correct – why can’t Kim just be nice and supportive of her achievements? What happened?

Cynthia & Will

In other Cynthia news, she’s giving Will yet another opportunity since she doesn’t believe any of the warnings Eva Marcille or Porsha gave her. In fact, Cynthia is overjoyed to continue being his date/non-date, occasional plus one for the cameras and personal uber airport driver. Let’s just hope Cynthia doesn’t succumb to any of NeNe’s comedy act behaviors.

Kim is over an hour late to meet Kandi in a dark, gloomy restaurant. Foreshadowing! As Kroy drops her off, Kim tells him to go to Costco because hopefully she won’t be long. Then she waltzes in with florid excuses and demands wine. Kandi has had it with Kim’s tardy for the party attitude.

Kim & Kandi meet for drinks

Kandi tries to point out that Kim always has Kroy drive her as a ‘get out of jail free card’ – if she wants to leave someplace quick, or bail on the activity, he’s ready and waiting outside, the hovering chauffeur always at her beck and call. Kim insists that it’s because she likes to drink (and doesn’t trust Uber drivers? Or Bravo cars?), and also that Kandi shouldn’t care how she’s getting and going places. Kim intentionally misses Kandi’s point – she also won’t let Kandi even finish a sentence.

Kandi confronts Kim

I’m shocked Kandi kept her cool cause the second Wigs N Cigs rolled in the door, barking excuses, she would’ve been tardy for the party of only one – herself (two if you count the wine). Instead Kandi keeps patiently trying to explain why Kim is SO VERY RUDE AND ANNOYING. Maybe Kim’s wig prevents her from hearing clearly? Or wig glue rotted her brain? Whatever it was she was NOT able to engage in a conversation. Once Kim starts cussing, Kandi shuts her down by suggesting that Kim take her potty mouth back to the trailer Kroy has waiting outside.

At least they make a decision to put the Tardy For the Party lawsuit behind them, although Kim tries to dredge it up and get Kandi roused up again. Kandi also manages to give Kim her two-cents on the NeNe situation and makes it clear that she feels Brielle – encouraged by Kim – were out of line. Obviously Kim did not get that message either, because the only messages she cares about are the ones from Kroy about the industrial-sized toilet paper he’s purchasing.

Also, where is Kenya Moore? Did Marc Daly kidnap her? #FreeKenya

Kim Is In the VERY Hot Seat At The RHOA Reunion; Brielle Once Again In Twitter Wars


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