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James Kennedy Says Kristen Doute “Was Loving The Attention” From The Hookup Rumors On Vanderpump Rules

For years Kristen Doute was at the epicenter of the biggest story lines on Vanderpump Rules, but that’s just not the case this season. Then all of a sudden, rumors spread that Kristen hooked up with her ex-boyfriend James Kennedy just because some outdoor pillows were out of place during a cast trip in Mexico.

It’s a true Catch 22- Kristen is back in the spotlight, but now there are rumors that she and James both stepped out on their relationships to hook up in Mexico. They’ve both adamantly denied the rumors, but there are still plenty of cast members wondering what really happened.

James shared an interesting theory during his appearance on Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. He said, “I must say Kristen was loving it. She was loving the attention because I know you both have noticed, there hasn’t been much of her this year.” I wouldn’t say that she was “loving” the accusations that she cheated on her boyfriend, but were the rumors worth the spotlight that came with them?

James explained, “She’s like a vampire. She’ll just go for any blood she can and she saw some fucking opportunity in Mexico. Jax [Taylor], yeah, I did end up crying a couple of times because it was just like ‘What the fuck, dude? I can’t believe that you of all people, when I was sticking up for you, you’re going to do that to me?’” Later in the podcast, James shared that he’s not upset with Jax at this point.

After years of feuding and almost brawling at SUR, James admitted, “I like Jax. We’re mates. It’s definitely come to a point where we are just not hating on each other anymore. We’re both comfortable with where we are in life. It’s great being friends with Jax now. We go out for drinks, absinthe dates, it’s cute.” This newfound friendship is reality TV gold.

James was asked, “Do you think he cheated with Faith [Stowers] more than once?” He answered, “If he says no, then no. I don’t know. Faith says yes. He says no. I haven’t gotten proof.” And Faith just disappeared for the show without blessing us with any receipts.

James is cool with Jax these days, but the same can’t be said for his former best friends Lala Kent and Logan Noh. He was asked, “Where are you at now with Lala?” He responded, “Leave that to Lala. She’s the one that makes the rules apparently. One minute she’s up and the next minute she’s down. I’m not talking to her right now. I’m not talking to Logan either. I’ve just had enough of checking my phone in the morning to find out who’s telling me to go fuck myself that day.” James added, “She’s always up and down.”

James continued, “Having to film the show and having to makeup and then having to re-watch it again, people just don’t know how to handle it.” He even admitted, “I can see how it’s hard for Lala. I was very disrespectful  toward Randall [Emmett].” He confessed, “Obviously everyone says things. Real things come out. Sometimes I regret what I say and wish I could take things back, but at the end of the day it’s like [I’m] sorry about it, but get over it. If you aren’t over it then don’t say you are.”

As for Logan, James stated the obvious: “He’s causing drama that I don’t need”- i.e. thirsting for screen time. James also stated that Logan was “making waves in a pool that doesn’t need to have waves in it. Just let it chill.”

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[Photo Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo]