WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15078 -- Pictured: (l-r) Karen Huger, Candiace Dillard -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Karen Huger Admits Ray Huger Told Her About Tax Debt; Karen & Candiace Dillard Doubt Ashley Darby & Gizelle Bryant’s Friendship

Karen Huger Admits Ray Huger Told Her About Tax Debt; Karen & Candiace Dillard Doubt Ashley Darby & Gizelle Bryant’s Friendship

At this point, the Real Housewives of Potomac fans should not expect to get a straight answer from Karen Huger about her previous knowledge of Ray Huger’s tax problems. She has been talking in circles and deflecting all season and she did the same thing during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live last night with Candiace Dillard.

She continued to play up the Grand Dame of Potomac persona and give confusing answers to almost every question that Andy Cohen asked her.

Andy asked, “Did you really not know about Ray’s tax issues?” As per usual, Karen said, “I really did not know, but let’s keep it real ladies.” And then she gave the most confusing follow-up to her initial reply: “Andy, did you ever lay on the pillow for twenty years with the same man? He did mention to me and I didn’t remember because he didn’t hold a press conference with me and he certainly didn’t hold a conversation. He said, ‘I’m handling it,’ but I want to thank you. You made me a better listener as a wife. That’s why he’s still sitting at the front of the audience with me.” So she knew about it, but she also did not know? How does that make any sense? At all.

Andy continued with the hard hitting questions: “Why don’t you and Ray file your taxes together after 21 years of marriage.” One again, Karen didn’t really answer the question. She just told him, “Choice, honey. Choice. Look at me. I don’t blame Ray for not putting me on his checking account. You know me better, baby. I spend a lot of money.” Alright then…

Andy wasn’t done though. He told Karen, “You said Ray has settled on a deal. It’s all done?” Karen said, “Look. This is a business issue. Ray has handled it. It’s in our rear view mirror. I feel fabulous. I’ve moved on. We’re in a great place. We’re good?”

Andy concluded, “You say you didn’t sell your house for less than its listing price because of back taxes. Is that true?” Karen started to say, “I didn’t” before a long pause. She added, “My husband orchestrated it, yes. So I don’t really know what it sold for, but we were happy.” She has no idea how much her house sold for? Really?

Then the conversation turned to the last RHOP episode. Andy asked, “Candiace, were you surprised by the friction you had on the trip tonight? I wasn’t surprised because old bitches are going to scream. They’re going to holler. That’s what they do. I was ready though.”

Andy also asked Candiace about her openness regarding her man Chris Bassett’s penis color (yes, that’s actually a story line this season). Candiace shared, “He’s used to extraness that is Candiace, so it’s just par for the course. He got over it.

Andy asked Karen, “Do you think Gizelle [Bryant] did the t-shirt thing to be nasty or do you see any humor in that? She’s got issues. She’s like Chuckie in drag: running around with a butcher knife, ready to stab everyone she calls a friend in the back. My thing about Gizelle is that we share a unique relationship. Do I love her? No. Do I like her? Yes. Is she in time out? Absolutely.” I think she got a little mixed up there. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Karen to say that she “loves” Gizelle, but doesn’t “like” her instead of the opposite? Candiace chimed in with “She’s got too much time on her hands. She’s bored.”

The Potomac Housewives gave Candiace a lot of shit for letting her mother pay for some of her things, but Candiace made it clear that she really doesn’t regret being so open with her costars. Candiace said, “I don’t because that’s my truth and I live in that. Familial wealth, that’s family wealth. I don’t regret or not want to acknowledge what my mother has done to me because it is what it is.”

Andy called out Karen for her press conference (without the press). He asked, “Can you see, watching the press conference, how it seemed that you didn’t want to answer the questions?” Karen admitted, “In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done the press conference, but it was supposed to be humorous and I did get what I wanted. I threw this press conference to press the hell out of these women to see who really was my friend. Quite honestly, everyone had a question mark over them after this press conference. So, I’m happy I can live in my truth.”

A caller asked Karen, “Do you think Robyn [Dixon] is looking for love in all the wrong places with Juan [Dixon]?” Karen confessed, “You know what, I’ve actually told Robyn this and now I’m going to tell the world this: I like Juan better than I like Robyn. OK? Period. So, I wish them well, but that is my truth. I can’t. I’d be biased, Andy.”

Andy asked, “What do you think about Gizelle and Ashley’s [Darby] new friendship?” Karen gagged and stuck out her tonge before she answered, “I wish them well, but I don’t believe in it.” Cnadiace added, “It’s foolishness.”

A fan asked Candiace, “Why did you say anything to Charrisse [Jackson-Jordan] right away when she made that comment about your mom? Because my mother told me to respect my elders and I wanted to be respectful in the moment.”

Andy clapped back with, “I must say, you’re doing a lot of age shaming.” Candiace explained, “Well, they started it.” Karen added, “Return the serve, Andy.”

Andy asked, “Why did you let Charrisse’s comments get so under your screen when it was clear she was joking?” Candiace explained, “Well, they didn’t ‘get under my skin’ so to speak. It was more so, I needed to establish boundaries early in the relationship and I felt like she was overreaching and I needed to let her know right away ‘madame bitch, sit down.'”

Then Candiace and Karen were asked about Ashley‘s reluctance to cut off her mother financially. Candiace admitted, “It’s very hard. And Having known Ashley before, it’s hard to watch and I try to give her advice and I just… I don’t know. I do think she needs to create boundaries with her mom, but it’s hard because that’s her husband. So, I don’t know.”

Karen shared, “I told Ashley, look, Michael [Darby] has been doing a lot of extra and she needs to meet him halfway. I even told her, I said ‘Slide some money under the table to your mother,’ but she said she did that and she got caught. My thing is it it is and it’s a very difficult situation. I wouldn’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole. Marriage is difficult enough and to be put into this situation , my heart- I can’t believe I’m saying this- goes out to Ashley.”

Nevertheless, Karen is not pleased with Ashley and her on-camera interview comments this season. Karen admitted, “I’m watching with the viewers and I’m just shocked.” That’s what the reunion is for. She can address that (and everything else that went down this season) then.

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