Stassi Schroeder Sounds Off On Scheana Marie’s Podcast, Her Relationship With Patrick Meagher & More

Even though the dynamics of the Vanderpump Rules cast are constantly changing, some things just never will. There will always be tension and shade thrown between Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Marie. Even if they do get along here and there, they have never truly been friends and it doesn’t seem like something that will ever happen.

Plus it’s really not sitting too well with Stassi that Scheana jumped on the podcast wagon and got her own show. In Scheana’s defense, almost every reality TV star has their own podcast. Nevertheless, when you are constantly annoyed by someone, it’s just too easy to add another grievance to the list.

In an interview with Bravo’s Daily Dish podcast, Stassi didn’t spew some bull shit about how there’s “room for everyone” to have podcast. Instead she continued to slam her frienemy. Stassi said, “I only have so many hours in a day. Do you really think I’m going to set aside one of them to listen to Scheana’s podcast? Are you serious?”

And what about Scheana in general? Stassi explained, “I can be in the same room and small talk, I guess. We just don’t have anything in common.” Other than being cast members on the same reality TV show and hosting their own podcasts.

Another thing that they have in common is that they both had cringe-worthy relationships during the last Vanderpump Rules season. Stassi admitted, “I was in my bed cringing. This is so embarrassing. I can’t even string a sentence together. Patrick [Meagher] looks like the biggest douche. I don’t remember any of this. What was I thinking in that moment? I don’t remember him saying all that stuff about Lisa’s [Vanderpump] butt. Was I zoned out? Did I check out?” Stassi emphasized, “I don’t remember that.” In contrast, I will never forget that. So. Uncomfortable.

Stassi confessed, “It’s crazy. If I didn’t see that on TV, I would have remembered my relationship very differently.” She admitted, “I couldn’t see it for what it was.”

It’s safe to say that Stassi and Patrick are not friends these days, but she does seem to be getting along with her most infamous ex Jax Taylor– whose father recently passed away. Stassi admitted, “I think that after going through what he went through, we all have noticed a change in him. He’s way more calm. I haven’t seen or heard of any tantrums from him. I hope that it sticks.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]