Dorinda Medley Defends Ramona Singer For Posting Photo After Luann de Lesseps Returned From Rehab

Even though I never want Season 10 of Real Housewives of New York to end, I cannot help looking forward to the reunion episodes. It is going to be a total blood bath with Bethenny Frankel vs. the rest of the cast. The only person that Bethenny seems to be on good terms with is Sonja Morgan, which is somewhat surprising given their past tension, but also not at all given how quickly relationships change in this reality TV franchise.

One person who is definitely not on Bethenny’s side is Dorinda Medley– who also happens to be beefing with Sonja. How does that old phrase go? “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is very much applicable here- in many regards.

Dorinda addressed her issues with Bethenny and Sonja during last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. She told host Andy Cohen, “Let me just say something.” She claimed, “Everything gets twisted.” Dorinda clarified, “I never said I was confused by why she was still using ‘Mrs. Morgan,’ but I thought your family crest… I didn’t know you got a family crest by injection. I thought a family crest is from your family.” This is one of the most random arguments in Real Housewives of New York history, but it is not really about the crest. There are many layers to this Dorinda vs. Sonja beef.

Speaking of Dorinda beef, Andy polled the audience, “Whose side are you on: Dorinda’s or Bethenny’s?” 70% of the audience side with Bethenny, which is pretty surprising since the polls usually favor the Watch What Happens Live guests.

Dorinda commented, “We are never allowed to get involved in any of Bethenny’s arguments, but she wants to get involved in all of ours. Now Sonja is her new best friend- the person that was ‘dead’ to her a couple years ago.”

Andy asked Dorinda if she was surprised by Bethenny and Sonja’s alliance friendship. Dorinda theorized, “She’s in default mode at this point.”

It goes without saying that Dorinda is on Carole Radziwill’s side when it comes to Carole’s feud with Bethenny. Even so, she admitted, “It’s difficult. I’m unhappy that they’re not getting along. I think it was really a true friendship and I think feelings are hurt. I think it’s a communication problem. Also too, I think Carole feels betrayed because she was really a loyal and good friend- not only on air, but off air. They had a very solid friendship and I think she was blindsided.” Blindsided by what though? I feel like there is a major chunk of the story missing and I would love to see a detailed and accurate timeline of this (former) friendship.

A caller stoked the flames by asking, “It seems pretty passive aggressive that Bethenny just unfollowed everybody but Sonja on Instagram. What’s up with that?”

Apparently this was news to Andy who looked visibly stunned and asked, “She unfollowed everybody but Sonja!?” Dorinda told him, “Everybody. And she never tags any of us. It’s her thing.” Still shocked, Andy asked, “Oh really?” Dorinda concluded, “Who cares? That’s what I think about it.” She does seem to care- at least a little bit. Then again, almost everyone has an issue with Bethenny, so she has nothing to worry about.

A viewer asked Dorinda, “Did you really think that it was a big deal that Ramona [Singer] posted the group picture online?” During the episode, Luann de Lesseps was upset that Ramona posted a photo with her (and some wine glasses) in it right after she came out of rehab.

Dorinda said, “Absolutely not and I’ll tell you why. I understand it from both sides, but someone should have told us. I could have even made the mistake. Remember, we’re not in that world so we don’t understand all the idiosyncrasies of getting arrested. I just wish she told us all to say ‘Just little favor here. Don’t post anything.’ Thank god it wasn’t me.”

And just to stir the pot even more, Andy asked, “How do you feel about keeping the ‘Countess’ name?” After an audible “Ummmm,” Dorinda answered, “I don’t want to comment” – which really says a lot. Doesn’t it? I’m just waiting for Luann to shade her back in 5…4…3…2…1….

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