Sonja Morgan Says “Karma’s A Bitch” In Response To Housewives Questioning Dorinda Medley’s Drinking

At this point it’s a rite of passage for a Real Housewife to be questioned for her drinking. Sadly, this has become a common story line among the Real Housewives of New York cast members.

For years, Sonja Morgan took a lot of heat from the New York Housewives. Luann de Lesseps went through a drunken arrest and two rehab stints. Now, the ladies are questioning Dorinda Medley’s drinking habits.

During last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen said to Sonja, “The women have talked a lot about your drinking in previous seasons. Now the talk has shifted over to Dorinda. What are your thoughts about that?” Considering that Sonja and Dorinda have been feuding all season over a family crest, it was not likely that Sonja would jump to Dorinda’s defense- which she didn’t.

Dorinda Medley Says Luann Shouldn’t Lecture Anyone About Drinking

Sonja started to say, “You know…. ” After a very long pause, she continued, “They do say karma’s a bitch. Because there’s a time where I wasn’t invited to the Berkshires.” Right. Dorinda has been accused of drinking too much just because she didn’t invite Sonja to one cast trip. Then Sonja added, “I am a lightweight. I have two drinks, I’m drink. Three drinks, I’m yours.” Sonja truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

A caller asked Sonja, “Are you still seeing that Mr. TV guy from tonight’s episode?” Sonja answered, “I won’t be seeing him tonight because I’m going back to the retreat in Costa Rica.” She also revealed, “Yeah, I’ve been seeing him off and on since my divorce.”

It is 2018. Sonja got divorced in 2006. As Andy pointed out, “That’s been a while.” Yes it has, Andy. Yes it has. Sonja told him, “Yeah, friends with benefits are friends.” Fair enough. You do you, girl…. or whoever you want. Get your Netflix and chill on.

On the After Show, one caller asked Sonja about her toaster oven cookbook. Andy wondered if it was something she’d given up on, but Sonja assured them that she IS still planning to release it. She said that her fashion brand had to come first, but we can look forward to it sometime in the future.


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