LeeAnne confronts D'Andra about drinking with Brandi

LeeAnne Locken Thinks Dallas Housewives Are Afraid To Be On Brandi Redmond’s Bad Side

A lot can change from one season of a show to the next. Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas started with LeeAnne Locken and Brandi Redmond on good terms.  LeeAnne’s BFF D’Andra Simmons also joined the cast. Just one season later, LeeAnne and Brandi are back to being rivals while LeeAnne and D’Andra’s relationship is disintegrating.

And you know how that old saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” D’Andra and Brandi are close friends these days, even though Brandi was furious with D’Andra for insinuating that she abused Adderall on a podcast at the beginning of Season 3.

LeeAnne shared her take on the last episode in a Bravo blog post. This isn’t the first time that she explained her conversation with Brandi at the 80’s prom themed party and it won’t be the last. This is sure to be a hot topic at the reunion.

LeeAnne wrote, “Now let me address the BOLD LIE that Brandi is spewing! What I said at No Tie to Brandi was a SIMILE (i.e., a figure of speech that directly compares two things). I was tired of being badgered for 20 minutes about how I was miserable, jealous of D’Andra, hiding the truth about my relationship, etc. …so I asked her to just stop! She refused, so I said, ‘HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF I said…?’ Because that is what she was doing to me!” How does no one see this? LeeAnne was not saying that Brandi adopted a baby to save her marriage. She threw out a hypothetical accusation that she felt was equivalent to the statements that Brandi was making about her life.

LeeAnne continued, “Now she has gone off into left field and is saying that I actually said it to hurt her. WRONG! I wanted the badgering to stop! I just made Brandi FACE what she was doing to me by using a METAPHOR! Clearly, one that went over her head.” Maybe Brandi feels differently now that she has seen the video footage of the conversation?

LeeAnne added. “Now let me address this incredibly unkind comment about me ‘being sad’  because I ‘have no family.’ I do have family. In fact, Brandi and all the girls met my mother at last year’s engagement party.”

She theorized, “Brandi is trying to convince the group to turn against me by lying about what was said at No Tie. Thank goodness for Kameron [Westcott] NOT believing in the story Brandi is peddling right now! She is the only one in that circle who questioned the intent behind what Brandi was spreading. I feel like in this group, some people are very afraid of being on Brandi’s bad side; therefore, they don’t question her when she lies about me. I am grateful that Kameron is strong enough not to be one of those people!”

LeeAnne tried to explain her conversation with D’Andra at Cary Deuber’s laser center opening. LeeAnne wrote, “My intent was to make sure she was OK with me attending the cooking class and to make sure she was aware I was not OK with her sharing my wedding information with Brandi, which D’Andra thinks is DEFLECTING. How is that deflecting? You literally just keep throwing that word out there whether it fits the situation or not!”

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LeeAnne insisted, “My conversation with D’Andra about drinking came from a place of concern. I was well aware of her father’s suicide and have spent many an hour wiping her tears when she talked about it.”

She added, “At that point, I did NOT see Brandi and D’Andra do something together that did not involve drinking, and that concerned me! I knew how important the timing was with taking over the responsibility of the company from her mother, and I saw the day drinking as a bad distraction from the hard work she ultimately needed to do.”

LeeAnne even admitted, “WAS THIS MY BUSINESS? NOPE! And I sure learned my lesson from it!”

LeeAnne declared, “Let me make two things VERY clear: I NEVER said, nor implied, that D’Andra had a drinking problem. SHE DID! And I never called her, nor implied, that she was an ALCOHOLIC. SHE SAID IT!”

LeeAnne theorized, “This is where D’Andra’s DRAMA comes in to play. D’Andra WANTS ME to imply or call her any of those things so badly so that she has something, once again, to fight with me about. I am starting to see a pattern between Brandi and D’Andra, desperately wanting to FIGHT with me. I have no desire to fight with either of them!” LeeAnne asked, “WHY DO THEY WANT TO FIGHT ME SOOOOO BADLY?????” For a storyline, perhaps.

Surprisingly enough, LeeAnne’s two season nemesis Cary came to LeeAnne’s defense when D’Andra told the cast about the alcoholic accusations. LeeAnne wrote, “Let me explain why Cary led D’Andra down this line of questioning. It’s because Cary has been thrown under the bus by D’Andra before and she knows this is her favorite tactic. Talking sh– about sh– that never happened!” She added, “Thank you, Cary, for saying, ‘I don’t think LeeAnne would sink this low.’ Because I didn’t!”

On the way home from yet another disastrous group gathering, Brandi told her best friend Stephanie Hollman that LeeAnne was just using Stephanie to get a rise out of Brandi. As expected, this hurt Stephanie’s feelings. LeeAnne admitted, “Listening to Brandi try to tell Stephanie that everything I am doing is because of her is nauseating!”

She wrote, “My life doesn’t revolve around Brandi at all, not for even a microsecond. Maybe that is what bothers her the most, that I simply just don’t think about her at all unless she is spreading her usual BS about me. So Brandi trying to convince Stephanie that my new friendship with her is just to get at Brandi is a below-the-belt move! And the biggest example of why I am AFRAID to have a friendship with Stephanie. Because I don’t want to cause Stephanie any problems. Ever again!”


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