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LeeAnne Locken Accuses D’Andra Simmons’ Mother Of Gaslighting Brandi Redmond

This feud between LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons is a case of “she said, she said.” Yes, there are cameras recording most of the conversations, but there still seems to be a lot of missing and miscommunicated information. These two have a different version of the story when it comes to every plot point this season.

The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3 reunion is shaping up to be a LeeAnne vs. D’Andra battle with some LeeAnne vs. Brandi Redmond thrown in as per the annual tradition. I can’t wait to see how Andy Cohen handles this sit down with the cast.

During the last RHOD episode, LeeAnne went wedding dress shopping with Stephanie Hollman. That is something no one saw coming based on the show’s first two seasons, yet here they are getting along perfectly. D’Andra was not able to make appointment. D’Andra insisted that she was not invited until the night before and of course LeeAnne has a different version of what happened. Who are we supposed to believe? Can we just say “no one” and move on.

LeeAnne discussed the last episode in a recent Bravo blog post. She claims, “I did invite D’Andra to come dress shopping and 30 minutes before the appointment she sent a text saying she simply couldn’t rearrange her day to accommodate me. I honestly was really fine with her not being there because I want only POSITIVE ENERGY around my wedding.”

At another point in the episode, D’Andra’s mom, aka Mama Dee, (finally) took her own daughter’s side and ran with the story that LeeAnne referred to D’Andra as an “alcoholic.” From what we’ve seen in the episodes, LeeAnne called Brandi an “alcoholic” during a conversation she had with Cary Deuber and Kameron Westcott, but she did not use that word to describe D’Andra. Nevertheless, she did talk about D’Andra’s supposed “drinking habits” plenty of times.

LeeAnne went on the defensive: “Let me CLARIFY THE TRUTH about what Dee Simmons said to her daughter in their office…Dee is LYING! Let’s go back to last week’s footage and watch again. NEVER DID I SAY to Dee ‘I am really worried about D’Andra being an ALCOHOLIC!’ That is a BOLD FACED LIE!” There’s little to no chance that LeeAnne called D’Andra an “alcoholic” and production decided to cut that out of an episode.

LeeAnne continued, “It saddens me to see a woman of this age resorting to lying when she genuinely doesn’t have to! What everyone saw was me expressing my CONCERNS because I was ASKED to give them! Who wanted to go sit down and talk? Dee! Who asked how things were going? Dee! I have used the word ‘alcoholic’ ONE TIME this year, and that is why it is the only flashback you ever see! #TRUTH” And that “one time” was directed at Brandi specifically.

LeeAnne asserted that D’Andra “spent this whole season LOOKING for a reason to fight with me. WHY?? What is it that fighting with me brings you? Happiness? I have not done one thing this year with malicious intent towards you. It is a damn shame that you and your mother can’t say the same!” Does this mean that Mama Dee is going to make a cameo appearance during the Season 3 reunion? She does have her own on-camera interview segments, so a reunion appearance not that much of a stretch.

The fact that LeeAnne included this sentence in her blog made me laugh out loud: “D’Andra’s text was read by me in the tone I knew she sent it. She has told me she thinks Stephanie’s style is not good, so it was easy for me to SEE the insult in her verbiage.”

LeeAnne proclaimed, “I no longer care about D’Andra’s behavior or if she embarrasses the other people in this city who have the last name her mother married into! People ALWAYS TALK in Dallas!” Let’s hope this is true because I am so done with hearing about “Dallas society” and the Simmons family name.

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LeeAnne continued to call out D’Andra’s mother: “Watching Dee GAS LIGHT Brandi is completely sad! I feel bad for Brandi in this situation being used like a pawn!”

She followed up with “Now let me address the truth about the LAW in the state of Texas about adoption. NO MATTER WHAT is said on television, it would NOT affect the adoption process! At the time of this episode airing, Brandi had completed the adoption process and Bruin is peacefully happy in his forever home with his family!” But what about the time period when this episode was filmed?

LeeAnne admitted, “I understand why Cary found it easy to believe what Dee said is true, but it’s also sad to know that letting this word come out of my mouth ONE TIME has cost me so much. Once again, a massive lesson learned and the heartfelt and genuine apology to Brandi is coming!” A “heartfelt and genuine apology” may be coming, but there’s little to no hope for peace between LeeAnne and Brandi.


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