LeeAnne Locken Wants Brandi Redmond To “Get Her Own Damn Storyline”; Claims D’Andra Simmons Tried To Get Her Fired From Other Reality TV Show

The first two seasons of Real Housewives of Dallas centered around LeeAnne Locken’s beef with Brandi Redmond. In Season 3, LeeAnne’s ex-best friend D’Andra Simmons joined Brandi’s side and the two of them have argued with LeeAnne in almost every episode.

D’Andra questioned LeeAnne’s fiance’s fidelity. Brandi accused LeeAnne of being jealous of D’Andra. They both wondered if LeeAnne and Rich Emberlin were actually getting married, as if it was somehow offensive or remotely affected their lives. LeeAnne has called them both out for drinking and she even used the word “alcoholic” to describe Brandi. Needless to say, the reunion is bound to get messy. Then again, the past two seasons of this show have truly delivered so that’s not at all surprising.

LeeAnne shared her take on all the drama during her recent appearance on the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast. After talking about how much she’s evolved throughout the seasons, LeeAnne declared, “I think there is one in particular who is identical to her Season 1 character.” Since D’Andra joined the show during Season 2, it’s clear that she’s talking about Brandi. Of course.

LeeAnne explained her comments about Brandi and D’Andra having some drinks together: “Do I think that Brandi is influencing D’Andra? No, I don’t think that she’s influencing D’Andra. I think she’s distracting D’Andra from the job she should be focused on, which is building a company. Guess what? D’Andra has never built a company. Mama Dee built that company.” Mama Dee also handed over those company keys and unceremoniously took them back.

LeeAnne addressed the dig Brandi made about her “not having a family.” She declared, “You are right, Brandi. I don’t have a family. My grandmother and my grandfather are dead. My mother and I have a very difficult relationship. If you would like to bring up all that pain and hurt and just toss it out there like it’s nothing more than a piece of trash, go right ahead, Brandi because I’m sure Stephanie [Hollman] remembers what it was like when you did this to her.” And now I can’t help wondering if Stephanie and LeeAnne ever mention Brandi in conversations or if their friendship has some sort of strict “no mention of Brandi” policy.

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LeeAnne called Brandi out: “Here’s where I have my issue. You adopted a baby. You’re building your own company, but all you can do is find words that don’t exist to start fights with me. Get your own damn storyline. I’m tired of being the target.” Unfortunately for LeeAnne, this show centers around LeeAnne being the target. Fortunately for LeeAnne, she is the center of attention, a constant topic of conversation, and the cast members with the most followers on social media.

LeeAnne revereted to talking in the third person. She explained, “Brandi is not a fan of LeeAnne and Brandi doesn’t want to be a fan of LeeAnne. You even saw when she told Stephanie that I was using my friendship with Stephanie to get back at her. I bonded with Stephanie over depression and wanting to kill ourselves so that I could get even with Brandi? I mean, I think it’s a little ridiculous, but you know, some people are just not smart enough to come up with really great arguments.” She concluded, “I get it, but it’s not an argument I’m entertaining.”

LeeAnne may go off the rails here and there, but at least she owns her shit. The same cannot be said for every Housewife. LeeAnne remarked, “D’Andra has always felt that being ‘royalty in Dallas,’ which are her own words, meant that she could say and do whatever she wanted and she was never going to be held accountable for it. Well, in the reality television world, you get held accountable for everything you do and everything you don’t do.”

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Even though D’Andra was introduced during Season 2 as “LeeAnne’s best friend,” there is actually a longer history of reality TV tension. They were both on a reality TV show that did not take off. D’Andra supposedly tried to sabotage LeeAnne’s spot on the show.

LeeAnne explained that D’Andra was texting a producer to get LeeAnne off of this show. This was just days before her wedding. She claims that D’Andra said something to the effect of  “Saying ‘Absolutely not. I will not do anything with her.'”

LeeAnne continued, “As a matter of fact, the person who showed me the text messages was at her reception. When she saw me walk in as her maid of honor, she was so disgusted that she left the reception.” Wow. LeeAnne says she didn’t find out about this until years later.

Clearly these two are not going to end Season 3 as best friends, but what about the future? LeeAnne shared, “A lot of people are like ‘I hope you and D’Andra get back together,’ but I think D’Andra has a lot of things to answer for.” Will these two be able to channel the Orange County Housewives from last season and make up at the reunion taping? It doesn’t seem likely, but never say never.


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